Islamabad Tourism Festival 2021

So many events are happening in Islamabad for the past few years. Before that, Islamabad was considered a ''silent city in Pakistan''. Now, Cutting Edge Group will cooperate with the NTCB National Tourism Coordinating Committee and PHPA (Pakistan Outstanding Paraglider and Paraglider Association) […]

Tourist Attractions In Cuba-Republica de Cuba

Republica de Cuba-  Best Place You Can Visit Here Tourist Attractions In Cuba: Cuba is an island that periodically swings back and then retreats. Since the revolution of 1959 stopped business hours and turned everything upside down, it has stagnated for the past sixty years. When travelling to Cub […]

Muhammad Ali Sadpara: A True Gem

Muhammad Ali Sadpara: A Family Man, As Mighty as a Mountaineer. Muhammad Ali Sadpara is the only Pakistani who has climbed 8 of the 14 peaks that are 8,000 meters high. When the happy Muhammad Ali Sadpara asked me what it took to become a climber in 2016, Aap ki village hone charidee paharoon kay s […]

Hindu Kush Snow Sports Festival Ends With A Bang

The Hindu Kush Snow Sports Festival jointly organized by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Tourism and Cultural Bureau, Chitral Province Administration and the Hindu Kush Snow Sports Club has come to a successful conclusion, full of fun and enthusiasm. Canadian High Commissioner to Pakistan Gilmore Wend […]

COVID 19 Vaccine Is Next World’s Most Powerful Passport 2021

The COVID-19 Vaccine Will Become the World’s Most Powerful “Passport” In 2021 COVID-19 Vaccines: Nearly a month after the EU approved the first safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine developed by BioNTech and Pfizer, thousands of Europeans have taken at least the first vaccine for the COVID-19 v […]

Totkas of Pakistanis Mother That Actually Works

If you have ever been to Pakistan and never heard of these Totkas, you have missed something big. Every culture is unique about itself, and it becomes its identity. The food and culture of the Subcontinent, the advancement of Europe, the harmony and zealousness of the Chinese and much more. If yo […]

What Might Be The Post-Corona Era?

Adventures and celebrations can become an era of luxury and social misconduct According to Nicholas Christakis, a researcher at Yale University, historically, the era of freedom or the post-corona era has followed the eradication of epidemics. Nicholas Christakis, professor of economics, medicin […]

Sherpa Nepal Breaks Record When Climbing K2 In Winters

In winter, Nepalese Sherpas have reached the highest point of all K2 climbers. The seven summit teams plan to arrive at the summit on Saturday. Four Nepalese Sherpas broke their previous record in the winter of Friday when they tried to climb K2 to 26,000 feet. According to the Alpine Club of […]

Pakistan 10th Most Powerful Military In World

The Pakistani Army is one of the ten most powerful military in the world. The Pakistani army ranks among the most powerful Military in the world. Pakistan's military ranks among the top ten in the world in terms of capabilities and performance. According to detailed information, the ranking of […]

New Cars For Tour to Northern Pakistan

Northern Pakistan is full of surprises. When one visits Pakistan, the northern areas are one of the main attractions. Although you can visit Pakistan with the whole family, another reason that attracts foreigners and others is the northern region, the beautiful side of Kashmir or the Gilgit-Baltista […]

What Pakistan can learn from Turkey in the Tourism Sector?

Reforms in Turkey Tourism Industry Turkey is breaking records in the tourism sector and is in line with the goal of achieving its 2023 target. All travel lovers should know what they are. The combination of outstanding natural scenery, historical and cultural attractions and high-quality cuisine […]

Lahore In ’52 Places To Love In 2021′ By NY Times

Lahore Made It To The List Of '52 Places To Love In 2021' By NY Times. The New York Times lists Lahore as one of 52 attractions in 2021. 29-year-old freelance writer Haneen Iqbal from Toronto, Canada, wrote the article about Lahore. Zulfi Bukhari, Special Assistant for Tourism to Prime Minister Imr […]

Planning For A Pakistan K2 Base Camp Tour After COVID Ends?

Are You Planning For A Pakistan K2 Base Camp Tour After COVID Ends? Under a new tourism movement, Pakistan is finally ready to become one of the world’s leading tourist destinations K2 is located on the border between China and Pakistan and is one of the most difficult climbing areas in the wo […]

Swat Valley Became Favourite Tourist Destination

How Swat Valley Became a Famous Tourist Destination? With better infrastructure, Swat tourism is increasing daily. Swat will become one of the famous tourist destinations in all northern areas of Pakistan. With the Swat motorway, the distance from Islamabad to Swat is reduced to 131 km, which […]

What To Expect In Tourism During 2021

What To Expect In Tourism During 2021 There is a travel trend every year, but 2021 will be one of the most important years in the tourism industry so far. As the world gradually recovers from COVID-19 and the borders gradually open, we hope that travel will be different from what it was before the […]

Top 10 Countries to Visit in 2021

Where To Travel In 2021: Travel After Covid-19 Here are ten countries you should travel to in 2021. 2020 does not include international travel; it is time to look into the future. I promise the blue sky is coming soon! If you have canceled or postponed a trip initially scheduled for this year, you […]

Must Have Honeymoon Tours in 2024

Must-Have Honeymoon Tours in 2024 There is no doubt that the honeymoon destination should be the most memorable moment in your life and the perfect end to the happiest day in your life. After accumulating stress and excitement during a busy day, you relax for a week or two in one of the world's fav […]

Best Parks In Karachi You Need To Visit

It's a fact that there are fewer parks in Karachi, but there are some of the best parks in Karachi we have listed here; check it out: Karachi has some picturesque green spaces and beautiful parks, which are the largest source of entertainment for Karachi residents. Facing Karachi's dry and dus […]

Egypt Travel Guide: Top 10 Places to Visit in Egypt

The history of civilization in Egypt can be traced back to the dawn of civilization. It is the oldest travel destination on earth. The stunning temples and pyramids of this African country have attracted the imagination of travellers for thousands of years. Although most people visit Egypt to see an […]

Pakistanis Will Face A Long and Severe Winter

The severe cold puts millions of people who are completely unprepared into trouble. Every winter, the northern part of Pakistan announces cold, icy temperatures, making the plains of the alpine region shudder. The cold experience in Pakistan at the end of the year is a normal experience. This time t […]

Istanbul-Tehran-Islamabad Train (ITI) Will Soon Resume Operations

The authorities stated at the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) meeting that the Istanbul-Tehran-Islamabad (ITI) train may resume operations soon. The national railway companies of Turkey, Iran and Pakistan have agreed to resume normal operations of container trains between Istanbul, Tehran […]

Best Places to Visit in Palestine & Israel

Top Tourist Attractions In Palestinian and Israel Palestine and Israel territories are home to some of the most famous historical tourist attractions in the world and are often regarded as pilgrimage destinations. After all, this is the place where some major events of the Muslim, Jewish, and Chris […]

10 Famous Shrines of Pakistan- Religious Tourism in Pakistan

The Shrines of Pakistan often follow religious tourism in Pakistan. Pakistan is a country with unique places to explore. In addition to the dizzying areas, its most notable feature is how the population inherits culture, traditions, and customs from generation to generation without forgetting the va […]

Winters in Northern Areas of Pakistan And COVID 19

Winters in Northern Areas of Pakistan And COVID 19   The northern areas of Pakistan are full of tourists, and you can enjoy the snowfall without standard operating procedures. Ignoring the standard operating procedures (SOP) adopted by the government in response to the coronavirus pandem […]

How Are PC Malam Jabba Activities Attracting Tourist In Swat?

How are Malam Jabba Pearl Continental Activities Attracting Tourist In Swat? Malam Jabba PC (Pearl Continental Hotel) the snow peaks, an ultimate winter gifts for tourists. In winter, the picturesque canyon turns into a white wonderland, providing tourists with many adventure opportunities. Snow […]

Travel Restrictions for UAE and Dubai; As Dubai is Open for Tourism

During the pandemic, travel rules and official government instructions will change rapidly, and this article may not be updated within a few hours. Therefore, you should always check the information carefully with your local authorities or embassy in a particular destination. The Travel Lifestyle Pl […]

Mount Everest Is Two Feet Taller: China And Nepal

China And Nepal Declare That Mount Everest Is Over Two Feet Than The Previous Measured Height Based on parallel surveys in these countries, as scientists and cartographers prepare to analyze the results, new altimeter measurements have not yet been determined. The altitude of the highest point o […]

Climbers Try To Make “Impossible-Possible” Climbs On K2

First Time In Winter, Climbers Try To Make "Impossible-Possible" Climbs On K2 Members of the climbing team led by Spanish climber Alex Txikon boarded K2. There are two trips to the mountains this winter. There are many Sherpas from Nepal and Poland in Txikon's house. Does the Karakorum summit re […]

TDAP Conducting A Webinar On Pakistan Tourism Industry

TDAP Prepares to Explore the Pakistani Tourism Market through Friday’s Webinar The Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) hosted a webinar on Friday on "The New Normal in Pakistan's Tourism: Exploring the Tourism Market with Foreign Missions". TDAP general manager Islamabad Shahzad Ahm […]

Updates of Reopening Tourism in COVID 19 Times Around The World

Which Countries/Regions Are Open For Travel? When Will International Flights Resume? Here are some of the latest development in the Tour and Travel sector around the world. You will find the updated news about the international travel restriction you must follow before entering any particular coun […]

Spend New Year’s Eve 2023 With Full Zest

Which Places Should You Visit In 2023?   The New Year celebration begins right after 25 December in Pakistan. Pakistanis love to visit a place full of natural beauty and fantastic weather. The New Year celebrations 2021 will start soon, with the hope and blessings of the Almighty God. Ho […]

Things To Do In New Years Eve 2023

Ways To Spend New Years Eve New Years eve comes once a year. In the spirit of decision-making and a new beginning, what is the best way to enter the new calendar year by setting the first holiday? With the development of this year, seize the opportunity to take an open trip, and travel abroad, mayb […]

Travelling Helps In Good Health And Well Being

Reasons Why Travelling Helps In Good Health And Well-Being Travelling is essential: Science proves that travel can improve overall health and well-being. If you can improve your overall health and well-being (and the health of your loved ones), you will accept it, right? Many studies have found […]

Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine And Pakistan Tourism Industry

Better late than never: Incredible milestone for science. Pfizer and BioNTech update their promising COVID-19 vaccine result.   According to the latest analysis provided by the company, the effective rate of Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 filtered vaccine is 95%. Bionic "An amazing science tea […]

Will Gilgit Baltistan Elections Out-Turn Tourism Industry?

PTI Wins The Gilgit Baltistan Election: Can it Change the Dynamics of the GB Tourism Industry? Gilgit Baltistan Election: Pakistan is the dream of nature lovers. Now, thanks to better security and government efforts, the world has finally realized this. Pakistan is a country with diverse culture […]

Complete Schengen Visa Process from Pakistan

Complete Schengen Visa Process from Pakistan; Introduction to Schengen Visa The Schengen visa process is simple and intended for a short stay or transit through the Schengen area within 180 days, not exceeding 90 days. Visas issued by Schengen countries/regions can travel in any Schengen country/r […]

Complete Information About US Visa From Pakistan

Complete US Visa Process From Pakistan- United States Visa Detailed Information: The United States of America is the top destination for travelers worldwide, including those from Pakistan. More than one million foreign Pakistanis live and work in the United States. If you want to visit family or f […]

Complete Guide Of Canadian Immigration From Pakistan

Canada-Are You Looking For Canadian Immigration? Here is the complete guide for Canadian Immigration from Pakistan Going to another country is an undeniable act of intimidation. It will be a wonderful moment if you obtain permanent or temporary residency in the country where you dream of living. […]

Malaysia Visa Process from Pakistan

Malaysia Visa Process for Pakistani Citizens Malaysia's E-Visa system for Pakistani citizens With a diverse natural beauty and vibrant culture, Malaysia is one of the top tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. In this beautiful country, visitors can spend time discovering wildlife in the dense tr […]

Visa Guide: Vietnam Visa Process From Pakistan

Vietnam Visa Process For Pakistani Citizens Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries in South Asia. The country attracts tourists with its majestic mountains, vibrant cities and golden beaches. Pakistanis wishing to travel to Vietnam need an entry visa. Pakistanis or residents of other countr […]

Complete Guide of Singapore Visa from Pakistan

Singapore Visa For Pakistani Citizen-Visa Requirements 2023, Process and Documents   Singapore is a beautiful small country in Asia, bordering Thailand and Malaysia, and is a popular destination for Pakistani tourists. The process of obtaining a Singapore visa is a bit time-consuming. If yo […]

Turkey Visa Process from Pakistan – Complete Visa Guide

Here you will find the information about how you can apply for a Turkey Visa from Pakistan. Also what you need to travel from Pakistan to Turkey. Have you ever wanted to travel from Pakistan to Turkey, but not sure where to start? If so, this comprehensive guide is for you. Turkey has always been […]

15 Best Guest House in Islamabad

15 Best Guest Houses in Islamabad Looking for a perfect guest house in Islamabad? Then, your search is over; we have come up with the best guest house in Islamabad for families. Initially, Islamabad was a planned city, and its main goal was to replace Karachi as the capital of Pakistan. The city […]

Most Common Taboos of Pakistani Society

Taboos are extreme social prohibitions directly related to human activities and are considered prohibitions. These sacred and forbidden human activities are based on moral judgment and religious beliefs. Anyone who tries to break the taboo is regarded as a heretic or hater by society. Taboos are […]

Top Vehicles to Visit in Northern Pakistan

The Best Vehicles That Are Suitable For A Trip To Northern Pakistan The northern region is the main attraction when visiting Pakistan. Although you can visit Pakistan with the whole family, another reason that attracts foreigners and others is the north region, the beautiful side of Kashmir or the […]

Famous Motorways & Highways of Pakistan

Everything You Need To Know About Pakistan's National Highways & Motorways In certain aspects, such as traffic conditions, you can see the difference between Motorways and Highways of Pakistan. National Highways and Motorways are the names used for different types of roads that provide fas […]

Best Places to Visit in Autumn in Northern Pakistan

Autumn in Northern Pakistan is full of wonderful autumn colors. The shades of autumn include gold, yellow, red and green. However, gold and red are the most common. However, it is considered to be the second-best waterfall in the world after William Town in the United States. The overall effect of t […]

20 Powerful Business Ladies Of Pakistan

20 Pakistani Powerful Business Ladies Who Excel In Business And Technology Never underestimate the power of women because people who can bring life back to earth after God can change their destiny. Women are undoubtedly compassionate, but they should not be confused with vulnerability or disability […]

Fort Munro Steel Bridge Pakistan

The Changes To The Fort Munro Bridge Will Surprise You! Munro Fort Steel Bridge DG Khan is a 33 km long mountainous area of ​​N-70. The famous Fort Munro station in southern Punjab may change the country. A new CPEC road has replaced the old Rahim Yar Khan road with DG Khan. Munro Fort is one o […]

Chabahar-Gwadar Ports Cooperative Will Bring Prosperity

Chabahar-Gwadar Ports Cooperative; It Can Bring Prosperity To The Region The ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Pakistan said that connecting Iran’s Chabahar port and Pakistan’s Gwadar port will promote bilateral trade and bring prosperity to the region. In an interview with Pakis […]

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