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Must-Visit Place of hunza Valley For an Unforgettable Family Trip

At every corner of the Valley, you will find something unique. Further, our blog features’ places to visit in Hunza Valley.”


  1. Altit Fort
  2. Baltit Fort
  3. Karimabad
  4. Borith Lake
  5. Attabad Lake
  6. Khunjerab Pass
  7. Shimshal Pass
  8. Passu Cones
  9. Duiker Eagle Nest
  10. Husseini Suspension Bridge


Altit Fort:

Altit & baltit are two famous forts of Central Valley. This magnificent building sits atop a hill. It is easily accessible from Altit Village. You can see all the Valley beneath your eye line. 

Baltit Fort:

Baltit Fort is a 700-year-old UNESCO World Heritage Site; this majestic fort is a former seat of power of the ruler’s Mirs of Hunza. Dig through its maze-like streets, parade grounds, and tall towers to immerse you in this area’s rich history.


The main town of Hunza Valley, Karimabad, is one of the best places to visit. The streets are narrow but full of activity with rug shops, handicrafts & mouth-watering cuisines. 

Borith Lake:

For an unforgettable sightseeing experience, visit Borith Lake, a quiet, captivating lake near Passu village. It is famous not only for its scenery but for boat rides as well. 

Attabad Lake:

Lake Attabad is where all the splendid turquoise beauty is visible. In recent years, the attached lake has been the most visited place in the region. It is a base camp for Jet skiing, boating & water sports. 

Khunjerab Pass:

The high mountain pass is the borderline between Pakistan and China. Its elevation is 15700 meters. Here, Himalayan ibex, blue sheep & yah flourish as its national park. If you are lucky, you may also witness a herd of ibex. 

Shimshal Pass:

The most famous yet influential pass connects Passu village to the Shimshal Valley. 03-hour jeep ride takes you deep into Wakhai villages with their unique culture & natural beauty. 

Passu Cones:

The Passu Cones, a trio of pyramid-like mountains, is another iconic tourist spot. It is the most fascinating sight on your Gilgit tour; the magnificence of Passu Cons is just like that of the cathedral towers. 

Duiker Eagle Nest:

A lookout that offers an expansive view of the Passu cones and the nearby mountains is what this Duiker Eagle’s nest is all about. You can see all the peaks & glaciers from here. 

Husseini Suspension Bridge:

It is one of the most dangerous bridges in the world. This bridge is a connection between the mainland and a small Husseni community. Many tourists try to cross every day just for a fantastic pass cons view amid the gushing wind of the Hunza River. 

Famous Places of Hunza in Hunza Tour: Altit Fort
Altit Fort
Famous Places of Hunza in Hunza Tour: Baltit Fort
Baltit Fort
Famous Places of Hunza in Hunza Tour: Karimabad
Famous Places of Hunza in Hunza Tour: Borith Lake
Borith Lake
Famous Places of Hunza in Hunza Tour: Attabad Lake
Attabad Lake
Famous Places of Hunza in Hunza Tour: Khunjerab Pass
Khunjerab Pass
Famous Places of Hunza in Hunza Tour: Shimshal Pass
Shimshal Pass
Famous Places of Hunza in Hunza Tour: Passu Cones
Passu Cones
Famous Places of Hunza in Hunza Tour: Duiker Eagle Nest
Duiker Eagle Nest
Famous Places of Hunza in Hunza Tour: Husseini Suspension Bridge
Husseini Suspension Bridge

07 Reasons to book hunza tour packages with Us:

Region isn’t just a place; it’s an experience waiting to be celebrated. Here are quick reasons why you must visit.

07 Reasons to book hunza tour pacakges
  • This heavenly valley enables Pakistan to rank as the #1 Travel destination in 2020 by “Conde Nast Traveller,” a famous US-based travel magazine. 
  • The northern areas of Pakistan are indeed heaven on Earth. But, when it comes to Hunza Valley, it is the ultimate winner with no other competition. It possesses rivers, glaciers, meadows & unique culture. 
  • It is the crown gem of Pakistan, and the significant tourist spots there will undoubtedly knock your socks off and win your love. Magnificent lakes and snap-capped mountains border this fairytale paradise.
  • The central town has a rich history, with the Ganish village old Settlement dating back to 1100 years old, while Altit Fort & Baltit Fort are historical landmarks of Karimabad.
  • Gojjal, Gulmit town, has old Wakhai Houses with solid links with central Asian countries. You would experience different languages, food & culture in the Gojjal district. 
  • Nagar is home to various festivals, whether spring, summer, or winter. Famous for its delicious food, red potatoes & friendly people. Furthermore, gemstones & minerals are well-known products of Nagar Valley. 

Day Tour Package from Karimabad, Hunza

Many visitors opt to explore hunza on their own. They reach the valley by local transport and need sightseeing activities. We have you covered, folks. We are just a call away. 

Whether you are looking for a cultural trip to Ganesh or to touch down the glaciers of Nagar, we have ready-made tours available daily. While many people crave walking trips, we also have few options. 

Walk from Baltit fort to the centre of Altit village is magical, with verandas adorned with flowers & fruit trees. You can sneak a peek into the real Hunzai lifestyle. Here, the Rakaposhi peak shows its full brilliance while the lady finger peak is always in your foreground. 

Our day trip packages from central hunza are as follows. 


  • Nagar – hopper glacier day trip 
  • Ganesh Village & Altit Fort & Village tour 
  • Khunjarab Pass – Pakistan China Border Day tour 
  • Rakaposhi viewpoint tour with zip-line 
  • Attabad Lake boating trip with Hussain Bridge 
  • Naltar Valley & Lake day trip 

Historical background of Hunza Valley:

Undoubtedly, it is a unique, fascinating, historical area of Gilgit Baltistan. Its rich history makes it more attractive to sightseers. The Forts, gorges, and peaks attract tourists. Many other magnificent places reflect the site’s history during the tour.


Each tour plan is a treat for you if you crave history. It has the most significant historical background among all the northern areas of Pakistan. The Royals of Hunza (Mirs of Hunza) and a lot more history are associated with this gorgeous valley, which is more alluring to travellers. Excellence is at the core of culture and is one of the most incredible spots in Gilgit.


There are three distinct parts of Hunza Valley:

  • Upper Hunza Gojal
  • Central Hunza
  • Lower Hunza


Upper Hunza Gojjal 

Each part of the valley has its significance. Let’s start with upper hunza. The people of Gojjal are natives of Pamir. They speak the Wakhai language mostly. Further, Gojjal consists of Shimshal, Passu, Hussaini, and Markhun. 


Here, wildlife flourishes, with a growing number of Himalayan ibex. Attabad Lake, which falls in Shiskat village, attracts thousands of tourists daily. Some of the world’s biggest glaciers are here as well. Passu Glaciers go hand in hand with Batura Glacier, which is 57 km long. At the same time, Passu’s peak stands tall at 7500 m. 


Trekking trails are abundant here. Local villagers take their sheep and herds to higher elevations during summer. There are various camping sites on the Batura and Passu glaciers as well. Apart from passu glacier trekking, people also navigate Baskochi top, just on top of Attabad Lake. 


Central Hunza – Craddle of Rich History 

So, when talking about central hunza, it is all about Karimabad. From here, you can see Rakaposhi Peak in full view. Walking in Karimabad reminds you of olden times. This small town has been the centre of attention for centuries. The location is amazing in so many aspects. Here, Ultar Peak brings all the water the hunza people need. 


Baltit Fort is an iconic structure of the valley. Each day, tourists explore its various chambers. Meanwhile, the royal family still lives in Karimbad in their lavish palace. From here, Altit Fort is not far away. The bazaars of Altit village are full of handicrafts and old fabrics. Further, delicious local foods will surely please your taste buds. 


Just a few meters from Karimabad, the 1100-year-old ‘Ganish’ village is present. As the name suggests, it would have been a Hindu village. Once you walk into this village, it takes you back in time. So, a trip to hunza is only complete if you visit central hunza. 


Lower Hunza Valley – Where Continents shake 

This is where you can see a trail along the old Silk Route. The valley starts from Nasserabad, where PC Legacy has just opened a new 5-star hotel. The most amazing views of Rakaposhi Peak are from here. Interestingly, it is the starting point of the old pony trail that was used by Caarvans in ancient times. The Norwegian government has been helping to restore this old walking trek. 


One more important aspect is the collision point of the Indian and European Asian tectonic plates, due to which the Karakoram is still rising very slowly. Although it does not fall in lower hunza, it’s almost on the brink. 

Booking Gilgit Hunza Tour Packages from the USA in the summer is best.

As we all know, a Hunza tour package from Islamabad is the most popular tour plan in all northern tour packages from Pakistan. So, we have some great offers for custom trips in the region. Come & explore the beauty of Pakistan with a wide range of Northern Areas Of Pakistan Tour Packages 2024 today. 


You can avail yourself of discounted prices in 2024 with all our standard services. However, couples can take our three-day trip to Hunza, which is especially convenient on weekends. If you want a moderate tour plan to northern areas, we recommend a 5-day trip to Hunza, which is best for groups and families. On this 5-day Hunza tour, you will explore major parts of the valley with our experienced Hunza tour guide cum driver.


We have also planned a seven-day Hunza tour at the most affordable rate for couples, families, and groups. Undoubtedly, Hunza tours by air are becoming more famous because they reduce travel time, giving travellers more time to explore this enchanting valley.

Top Selling Islamabad to Skardu Hunza Tour Packages by Road:

Every year, infrastructure is improving. At the same time, Skardu has been exceptional due to direct flights from various cities. Valley of hunza has kept its touch. Domestic & foreign tourist still claim hunza at the top of their bucket list. 


Road tours to Hunza from Islamabad are increasing. Due to the motorway, you can reach Besham in only 4 hours. From there, arriving in Gilgit City takes eight to 8 hours. So it’s just one day, you are at the doors of a most beautiful part of the world. 


Tourism has become a significant trend in Pakistan since these magnificent beauties of land have attracted people worldwide. There are still many unknown treasures of beauty in Pakistan that can take your breath away with their highly mesmerizing views.


If you plan to visit this year, we are the best travel company you can find. With our expert tour guide and world-class services, we ensure your trip goes well, and you make some unforgettable memories, leaving all the stress away. Book your favourite tour plan and enjoy the beautiful scenes of nature.


What are you waiting for now? Just Take the best Hunza Valley Tour Packages from our list and witness the beautiful heavenly valley yourself. Get a free quote from our agile staff within 24 hours. 


Hunza tour Packages from Karachi by Air

Are you tired of the heat in Karachi? Shall we take off and change the city lights to the magic of mountains? Or Do you need some fresh mountain air and simply stunning views? The exciting news is that we have designed a customized Hunza tour package by air from Karachi!


Now, you no longer drive on busy roads and fly to the magnificent Himalayas. In a few hours, you will be covered by the snow-covered summits of Rakaposhi and Nanga Parbat, a scene that will make you spellbound.


We have customized tours from Karachi to match any adventurer’s soul. Whether you are tight on budget or looking for something luxurious, we have your cover.


Uncover the beauty of ancient forts like Altit and Baltit, immerse yourself in the turquoise waters of Attabad Lake, or experience the thrill of jeep rides to the highest border crossing in the world, the Khunjerab Pass.


The best part is that this tour plan is designed for your convenience. We will swiftly transport you to the Hunza, where you can immerse yourself in the glorious valley. So, this time, skip Clifton Beach and opt for the breathtaking mountains, rich culture, and warm Hunzai hospitality.

You will cherish a trip by air from Karachi to Hunza Valley.

Famous Local Foods

  • Chapshuro ( Local pizza )
  • Molida
  • Gyaling/Gral
  • Buroshapik/Ghilmindi
  • Diram Pitti  ( Local Bread )
  • Tumoro Tea
  • Hoilo Garma & Doudo

Top Festivals of Region

  • Nowruz – Spring festival
  • Thukhum Rezi festival
  • Baba Ghundi festival in Chupurson
  • Shimshal Kuch festival
  • Ginani – Harvesting festival

Famous Languages:

  • Burushaski
  • Wakhi
  • Shina
  • Urdu
  • English

Travelers Love Pakistan Tours

I didn’t know what to expect, but Pakistan simply blew me away. Breathtaking nature, astonishing views, genuinely nice people, and amazing food. I would suggest anyone to visit this beautiful country.

And Hussain was so kind to us and tried to show us so many things, while also trying to help us understand cultural differences between regions. He planned everything but was also very flexible. And it was a great pleasure to talk to him about anything.

And even after the rest of my group went home, my friend and I decided to stay one more week to visit some other parts of the country, and Hussain helped us a lot in terms of logistics and advice. It was like we didn’t have a guide anymore, but a friend we could rely on.

I would recommend him as a guide to anyone who comes to Pakistan for the first time

Nikola J – nis, Serbia, April 2021

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Some Travel Stories

In the last 10 years, we have offered 1000+ tours, and some of the best reviews from
our valuable guests are listed below

Nagar’s charm, Gulmit’s traditions, and the grandeur of the peaks all come together to make Hunza Valley Tour Packages travellers top choice during the summer season.


Details on hunza valley tour packages while planing private trip to hunza & nearby places.


Hunza Or Nagar & why do people think it’s the same?

Many people name Hunza Nagar together, but they are unique, have a long history, and have a unique culture. Here, a Small river dissects Hunza to Nagar Valley, and the language differs. Nagar is a separate district; back then, Nagar Valley was part of the hunza district. If we scout through history, we come to know about their rivalry. 


There are various treks in Nagar Valley—Rakaposhi and Rush Lake Trek are ideal for adventure lovers in the Nagar tour plan. We have been offering 07-day honeymoon trips to Hunza and Nagar Valley for a few years. Nagar is ideal for weight loss and fitness tours as you can stay in central Hunza, but consider walking to Hooper Valley in Nagar. The next day, you can trek to Rakaposhi in Minapin village.


There are various viewing sites in Nagar Valley, which is an opposite valley. You can only see a full view of Ultar Peak, 7000 meters from Nagar. Furthermore, natives extract precious stones from different locations in Nagar Valley.

People Also Ask

Hunza is famous for the following reasons.

  • Exclusive place in the world to have 04 Peaks over a 7000-meter elevation
  • Rich History
  • Diverse culture
  • The only Border between Pakistan & China at Khunjerab Pass is 15700 Feet High
  • Starting place of CPEC 
  • Unique Culinary Experiences
  • 100% literacy Ratio
  • Friendly People
  • Full woman empowerment
  • Heaven for trekking

Well, anytime to explore Valley is awesome.  Each weather presents its beauty & challenges as well. Though, spring & summer seasons are ideal for all age groups. Meanwhile, autumn has a unique audience from all over the world. Meanwhile, winters are ideal for trophy hunting in the Hunza region.

Yes,  SCO  “Special communication organization ” state-driven telecom provider is offering fast-speed internet in the valley along with telephonic services.  As we know, mountain regions are challenging still SCO maintains good coverage in populated towns of Gilgit Baltistan. Further, you can visit shops & kiosks offering Sim & Data Connections to have a pleasant experience during travel.

Well, there are various ways, and the easiest is by booking a Hunza tour with us. If you want to plan hunza nagar valley tour yourself then you can always use public transport.

Various bus services, such as Natco, Faisal movers & private cars are operating on a daily basis from Lahore & Islamabad.

Let us divide the cost of Hunza Travel for you:

  • Air tickets To Gilgit From Islamabad: 20,000/- on average.
  • Hotel booking for Two Persons: 15,000/- per day.
  • Fuel for Car + Tour Guide expense: 10000/- per day.
  • So, an average day spent in Hunza Valley is around 50,000/- per day. Now it’s up to you how many days you want to spend there.

There are two travel routes to Hunza by road: 

  • One is the Karakoram Highway via the KPK, and the other, shorter, is from the Naran Valley via the Babusar Pass. If you choose this route, consider visiting in the summer, as it is open only during the summer (June to September).
  • The second one is from Besham – Chilas Road. This route is open year-round but is long and somewhat busy.

If you are unaware of the routes we recommend to book your tour with us by calling @ + 92 312 5120 590 

Undoubetly, we are the best tour operator in Hunza valley, working more a decade now. There are many reasons to choose us, but here we listed a few of them.


  • Experience – It has no alternative as we have been serving for more than a decade
  • Custom options to have a relaxing tour
  • Wide range of services with 24/7 support on the ongoing tour
  • Registered with local & international companies
  • Flexible terms & conditions
  • Proven track record
  • Number 01!  Choice of foreigners
  • Own a fleet of vehicles
  • Dedicated drivers
  • Licensed guides with DTS services
  • Over 500 Facebook reviews with amazing 5-star ratings
  • Well, there are two different narrations of Hunza water. A few years ago, research experts, took samples of various glaciers around the world. Further, it was concluded that Hunza water descending from Ultar peak is the purest & richest with great alkaline values. Unfortunately, over the last few years, these waters are polluted due to the growth in population. Interestingly, a few years ago Hunza water was used as drinking water. Sadly, it’s not used as a drinking source anymore.


  • A local drink fermented from cherry pulp is also named Hunza water. In older days, grapes & mulberry was used for producing Hunza water. Currently, you can still get Hunza Water but it’s often China smuggled as ” Laffafa ” or a ripped product.

Yes, Hunza is completely safe for everyone. FYI: Gilgit Baltistan has the lowest crime rate in all of Pakistan. Further, Hunza Nagar is a unique place in Pakistan that can be explored by solo female travelers as well without any issues. People are friendly & hospitable.

Depending on your itinerary, you can stay in Hunza for as long as possible. As Hunza offers numerous places to stay, you can explore the ancient city with a long history on foot. Our 7-Day Hunza trip is one of the best in terms of visiting various locations such as those below.

  1. China-Pakistan Border,
  2. Gulmit Village Walking Tour
  3. Hussaini bridge, central
  4. Altit Fort in Karimabad region
  5. Khyber & Gulkin Town
  6. Ganish 1000-year settlement

Luxus near Attabad Lake is the most trending hotel in the valley that gives you complete lavish vibes with top-class amenities.

No, Hunza is in Gilgit, Baltistan province of Pakistan. The estimated driving distance from Kashmir, Pakistan to Hunza, Pakistan is 780.63 miles (1256.3 kilometers). The estimated travel time from Kashmir, Pakistan to Hunza, Pakistan is 14 hours and 11 minutes.

  • 04 hours from Naran Valley  to Chilas Valley, Diamir District
  • 03 hours from Chilas City to Gilgit City on a newly built Road starting from Roykot Bridge with scenic Views
  • 02 hours from Gilgit to Hunza which is also called the road to heaven by National Geographics. 
  • 04 hours from Hunza to Khunjerab pass on Karakorum Road

Yes!  We are offering various packages from Karachi & Lahore at amazingly cheap prices. Tour prices for the Hunza family/group and couple tour packages range from Rs 55,000 to Rs 58,000 (Hunza tour packages), and group prices range from Rs 75,000 to Rs 85,000 (luxury tour packages). 

Private family tour packages to Hunza Valley and Gilgit from Lahore are priced at Rs 95,000, Rs 135,000, Rs 155,000, Rs 175,000, and Rs 190,000 (for 2-3 persons). All our tour plans include breakfast, tour guides, car, and hotel booking.

If you want to compare Hunza and Skardu, we vote for Hunza Valley as it has more places to visit. But Skardu has an international airport so that you can fly directly. Hunza is more suitable for families & children, and Skardu is a paradise for hikers. 

Undoubtedly, beauty can never compare to human scale; Skardu has more magnificent views, an even greater treat for hikers. We recommend booking a combo tour to Skardu & Hunza to witness the beauty and compare.

"Great company. Take good care of their customers and go above and beyond. Highly recommended. Would repeat a trip with them 10/10." May 19, 2024 - Sebastiaan Boonstra Read 47 reviews of Pakistan Tour and Travel
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