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List of Naran Kaghan Tour Packages, 2022

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Standard Naran Kaghan Tour Packages 3 – 7 Days Rs. 59,000*
Luxury Naran Kaghan Tour Packages 3 – 7 Days Rs. 79,000*
Honeymoon Naran Kaghan Tour Packages 3 – 10 Days Rs. 79,000*
Naran Kaghan Family Tour Packages 3 – 7 Days Rs. 79,000*
Naran Kaghan Couple Tour Packages 3 – 7 Days Rs. 79,000*

Explore the Best places during the Naran Kaghan tour packages

If you plan a tour with your friend or family, the first thing that clicks your mind is the northern areas of Pakistan. North Pakistan is full of heavenly tourist spots, yet Naran and Kaghan successfully seek visitors’ attention. Naran is a valley full of beautiful lakes that runs alongside a gushing river named Kunhar river.

It is undeniable that Naran Kaghan tours have the most beautiful tourist spots in Pakistan and are worth visiting. You’ll learn about the top places and the best Naran Kaghan tour packages here. Let us start with some information about the top spot in the Naran and Kaghan valleys.

What is the best time for Naran Kaghan Tours?

Naran is a beautiful valley full of charm and lakes with an unmatchable natural landscape. The sacred valley is located above an altitude of 2,500 meters. The weather remains pleasant throughout the year. A few spots, such as Malika Parbat, remain covered with snow throughout the year. The Naran Kaghan tour packages and their scenery will make you love it.

If you want to see the blue emerald water lakes, you can visit Naran from September to October, and if you are a lover of snowy lakes and snow-filled mountains, you must visit them in the winter. It depends on you what season you prefer. Although if you visit the valley in spring, you can see mother nature in its full bloom with our Naran Kaghan Tour packages.

Naran Kaghan tour packages In March

Due to heavy snowfall, Naran Kaghan tours in March are cut. The March weather in Naran Kaghan becomes very unpleasant. This dramatic valley can be found under white snow if one is lucky during a trip to Naran Kaghan. With Pakistan tour packages, Naran Kaghan tours packages are more easily accessible. Naran Kaghan’s March temperature ranges between 8 and 0 degrees. It usually averages 4 degrees Celsius. Adventure lovers will find Naran Kaghan’s March visit to be breathtaking.

Naran Kaghan Tours in April

In April, Naran valley receives more degrees in temperature. It can reach a maximum and minimum temperature of 15 degrees and a minimum of 5 degrees. It usually has a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius. April is the first month of Naran Kaghan tours. Be a early bird to take the Naran Kaghan Tour. There are many tour packages that include Naran Kaghan for both local and international travelers.

Naran Kaghan Tours in May

Most of the Naran Kaghan tour locations are open for wanderers in May. Averagely, Naran experiences 14 degrees Celsius with an average temperature of 9 and 19. Tourists love Naran Kaghan tours in April. Pakistan Tours & Travel offers a range of Naran Kaghan tours for tourists from Pakistan and beyond.

Naran Kaghan tour packages in June

It is a bit warmer in June than other months, with an average temperature 19 degrees. The maximum and minimum temperatures are respectively 24 and 13 degrees Celsius. The peak season for Naran Kaghan tours is in June. Because of the warm weather in Pakistan, a visit to Naran kaghan in June is very popular with Pakistanis. Tourists from all over the world can book affordable Naran Kaghan Tour Packages with Pakistan Tours in 2022.

Naran Kaghan Tours in July

July is the hottest month in the valley. It averages 25 degrees, with a minimum of fourteen degrees. The average temperature is 20 degrees Celsius, which is still a good note. Tourists from all over the country love to book Naran Kaghan tours in July. Usually, hotels in Naran Kaghan are overbooked in these months. You can now book Naran Kaghan tours with Pakistan tour packages and make all arrangements for a Naran kaghan trip.

Naran Kaghan Tours in August

The valley drops back to its original form in August. It has an average temperature of between 14 and 24 degrees. It averages 19 degrees Celsius. The visitors show a low interest in Naran Kaghan’s visits at the end of August. From August, the Naran Kaghan Tour ratio begins to drop. There are many options for Naran Kaghan tour packages available to foreign and local travelers.

Naran Kaghan Tour packages in September

It changes the season in Pakistan’s northern regions from summer to fall in September. Similar to Naran valley, the temperature drops to 10 degrees and 21 degrees respectively. It drops to 16 degrees Celsius on average. People book fewer Naran Kaghan tours in September because the Naran Kaghan tour density drops. We offer a range of Naran Kaghan tours packages for travelers coming from Pakistan and beyond.

Naran Kaghan Tours in October

October is the most likely month that travelers will not travel to Naran Kaghan’s site. Sometimes, it gets heavy snowfalls and roads can get blocked. The temperature ranges between 6 and 17 degrees in October, with the maximum being at least 18 degrees. This month’s average temperature is around 11 degrees. Nature lovers can still book Naran Kaghan tours in this month. For tourists coming from all over the world, Pakistan tour & travel offers affordable Naran Kaghan Tour Packages in 2022.

Naran Kaghan Tours in November

This month, Naran Kaghan Tours is closed due to snowfall. The temperature drops to 0 at night, and sometimes even below zero at night. The maximum temperature is 8 degrees, and the average is 4 degrees Celsius.

Naran Valley remains at minus temperatures after November and is closed to any Naran Kaghan tours through March. Tourists could get Naran Kaghan Tour Packages from March onwards.

Some Of The Breathtaking Spots To Visit In Naran Kaghan Tour Packages

Some of the beautiful breathtaking spots of Naran and Kaghan are discussed below that should be on your list of must-watch if you visit Naran and Kaghan valley. We cover them all in our Naran Kaghan tour packages.

Lake Saif Ul Malook

A 9 kilometers long and 50 feet deep lake about 3224 high on the surface is the famous lake “Saif Ul Malook.” Saif ul Malook is the epitome of immense beauty; it has been the most popular spot for years. Many old stories relate to the lake, and the native people believed it was a spot of fairies. The beauty of Saif ul Malook enhances during winter due to snow-covered mountains and glaciers. Naran Kaghan tour packages during winter are breathtaking.

Lulusar Lake

The highest point in the Kaghan valley is the home of this beautiful lake named Lulusar Lake. It is surrounded by the magnificent mountains of Kaghan valley and gives a panoramic view of about 3410 meters above sea level. It is approximately 48 kilometers away from Naran valley. People can enjoy different activities such as fishing, rafting, and hiking.

Ansoo Lake

High in the Himalayan mountains is a beautiful lake shaped by a teardrop called Ansoo Lake. The exquisite teardrop lake is situated above an elevation of 4,250m. No vehicles can reach the lake. It would be best if you took a 2-hour trek to get to the lake. If you want to ride a horse and walk to a mesmerizing spot, you must visit Ansoo Lake during the Naran Kaghan tour packages once in your life.


You can’t come back without paying a visit to the Shogran meadow in the Naran Valley. The perfect weather has made Shogran a favorite spot for thousands of people around the globe. If you want to enjoy a cup of hot coffee with a panoramic view and a peaceful environment, then Shogran is your thing. The place is visited by thousands of people every year and has beautiful resorts and motels between the mountains.

Siri Paye

Six kilometers away from Shogran is another beautiful place known as Siri Paye. There is a small yet beautiful lake in Siri Paye, which is why the valley was named before the lake. It is filled with lush green meadows that make the spot worth a visit. It is a favorite spot for visitors to ride horses in the mesmerizing meadow. The pure and fresh air of the meadow will make you feel in love with the place.

Babusar Top

The widely visited place within Saif ul Malook is the beautiful tourist spot, “Babusar Top .”It is 4,173 meters above sea level, making it the most versatile area in the Naran Kaghan tour packages. There are small food setups for people where you can enjoy hot coffee and soups while watching the beautiful snow falling on the green grassy ground. It is always filled with snow and is ranked as the best spot to take pictures.


Babusar top is connected to the magnificent magical garden ranked as the best spot to have a picnic in Naran, known as Lalazar. It is high above sea level, about 3,123 meters, and is located in Kaghan valley. Lalazar is a spot where you can enjoy your snack on the green ground around beautiful mountains covered with trees.

Malika Parbat

The beautiful mountain known as Malika Parbat is the epitome of pure beauty. It is the highest elevation in the Naran Valley. It is about 5290 meters above sea level. The mountain remains covered with snow throughout the year, and its beauty and charm are unmatchable. That is why it is called Malika, which means Queen of Mountains. The scenery of Saif ul Malook and Malika Parbat behind the lake is worth watching.


Gittidas is a spot that comes on the way to Naran Kaghan Valley. The Gittidas is situated in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Gittidas is at an altitude of 3,678 meters, approximately 12,067 ft above sea level. Gittidas also gives way to the Kashmir valley. You can visit there after your Naran Kaghan tour packages end.

Kunhar River

Kunhar River is another beautiful thing that you get in Naran. The beautiful Kunhar with chilling blue water is a 166 kilometers long river in Kyber Pakhtunkhwa. Lulusar Lake is the primary source of the river and is about 48 kilometers from Naran valley. Moreover, the Kunhar River runs throughout the valley and is the symbolic spot of Naran valley. Plus, it adds to the beauty of Naran Kaghan tour packages.

Languages of Naran Kaghan 

  • Hindko
  • Gojri

Top Food Of Naran Kaghan; You Can Taste on a Naran Kaghan Tour 

Here is the most famous Naran Kaghan you can try on your next Naran Kaghan Tour with us.

  • Trout Fish
  • Chicken/Mutton Karahi
  • Chicken/Mutton Biryani
  • Chicken Roast
  • Chicken/Mutton Handi

Popular Events and Festivals of Naran Kaghan

  • Naran Festival

See the highlights of the Naran Festival here.

Best Yet Affordable Naran Kaghan Tour Packages 2022

Thousands of people from Pakistan and foreign countries get Naran Kaghan tour packages yearly. It has become the most favorite and loved spot in Pakistan. Nowadays, it has become easier to plan a tour of Naran and Kaghan valley compared to the past.

Pakistan Tour And Travel provide you with their services and plan for your tour. They offer special Naran Kaghan tour packages for families, students, groups of friends, and couples. Here are a few exclusive Naran Kaghan tours packages.

Pakistan tours by SPT provide you with various Naran Kaghan Tour Packages that are pocket friendly and worth your money. Here is a list of tours you can visit if you book your tour with Pakistan.

Complete List of Naran Kaghan family tour package 2022

  • 3 day trip to Naran Kaghan
  • 2 days trip to Naran Kaghan
  • family trip to Naran Kaghan
  • Naran Kaghan has a couple of packages
  • 4 days trip to Naran Kaghan

To have luxury Naran Kaghan tour packages, you can get the best services of Pakistan tours. An expert tour guide will guide you throughout your tour. However, you can enjoy three days and two nights in the valley by booking yourself for Naran Kaghan Tour Packages.

We have complete Naran Kaghan Family Tour Packages.

From April to late December, Pakistan tours offer family tours in Naran Kaghan tour packages. You can book your private tour and get excellent benefits from the expert team. You can enjoy your time according to your tour package. Naran Kaghan tour packages for families vary; it is up to you to get a basic or standard Naran Kaghan tour package. You get the best services, including luxury hotel stays and authentic Pakistani food.

Plan A Couple Naran Kaghan Tour Packages

New couples are trying to make new memories, and what better way to do so than having a tour together? Pakistan tours offer special packages for couples to enjoy themselves in the beautiful valleys of Naran and Kaghan. You can get Naran Kaghan tour packages from Islamabad or Karachi. Furthermore, if you are on budget control, you can get an economy or basic couple package and enjoy your days in Naran.

Some Prefer Naran And Shogran Basic Tour Packages

Shogran meadow is a spot worth watching, and it would be unfair if you visit Naran valley and don’t go to Shogran; that is why Pakistan tour offers special Naran Kaghan tour packages for their clients.

Let’s start with the basic tour package of Naran and Shogran. You can get a chance to spend three days and two nights in Naran and Shogran in the basic packages. Here are a few spots that the introductory tour of Naran and Shogran covers.

  • Babusar Top
  • Kaghan
  • Basel
  • Lulusar Lake
  • Shogran Meadow

Our Top Selling Naran and Shogran Economic Tour Package

Naran and Shogran Economic tour packages are specially designed for people on a low or strict budget, such as students. Being on a budget doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun.

With our economic Naran Kaghan tour packages, you can get a four-day and three-night tour of the beautiful Naran and Shogran valleys. Following is a list of spots that Naran and Shogran economic tour packages cover.

  • Gatidas Meadow
  • Shogran Lake
  • Saif ul Malook Lake
  • Lulusar Lake
  • Jharkhand
  • Siri Paye Meadow

Why should you opt for Naran Shogran Luxury Tour Package?

It is the best and most luxurious package in Naran Kaghan tour packages. You’ll get a luxurious hotel stay and food service; moreover, a tour guide will always be available to bring you an excellent tour of the valley. With our luxury Naran Kaghan tour packages, you can spend five days and four-night in Naran and Shogran Valley. Here is a list of top spots that the Naran and Shogran luxury tour packages cover.

  • Naran Valley
  • Shogran meadow
  • Siri Paye
  • Lulusar Lake
  • Babusar Top
  • Saif ul Malook
  • Kunhar River
  • Lalazar

You will also get to stay in the most comfortable and luxurious hotels and motels of Naran and Shogran and enjoy your chilly nights in resorts like Greywell Cottages, Arcadian Shogran, and The One Hotel by PC at Naran.

Also, you can book Naran and Neelum Valley Tour Packages.

The luxurious tour packages cover many valleys, including Naran valley, Kaghan valley, Shogran valley, and Neelum Valley. The seven-day and six-night tours in our Naran Kaghan tour packages can be a once-in-a-lifetime tour opportunity for you at such an affordable price. You’ll experience jeep rides to the mountains, visit gushing rivers and waterfalls, and have a fantastic hiking experience.

The panoramic scenery of the Neelum Valley will be worth spending money on the luxurious Naran Kaghan tour package. So what are you waiting for? Book your seats today and enjoy a wonderful tour of 4 valleys in just a single package. Isn’t it wonderful?

Quality & Standards of our Naran Kaghan Tour packages

Pakistan Tours and Travel never compromises on the quality of our Naran Kaghan tour packages. With a portfolio of thousands of happy customers from Pakistan and the world, we are striving for excellence in our travel services. We have a fleet of standard luxurious cars with professional drivers and tour guides for the Naran Kaghan tour. We are one of the few travel agencies aligned with the Ministry of tourism’s standards and protocols.

Therefore, with the excellent tour services in Pakistan, we stand alone in gaining local and foreign tourists’ trust for our exquisite Naran Kaghan tour packages.

Our customers rate us as the Best Travel Agency in Pakistan for the Naran Kaghan tour.

With the quality of cars, hotels, travel guidance, and security, we rate ourselves as the best travel agency for the Naran Kaghan tour packages throughout Pakistan. We provide all the luxury and comfort to our customers in our Naran Kaghan tour packages, which are unmatched. We ensure our customer’s requirements get fulfilled at any cost. Whether traveling with your family or alone, we provide the best travel services at an affordable price.

How To Book the Naran Kaghan tour packages 2022 with us?

Our Naran Kaghan tour packages cover all the major tourist spots in Naran Kaghan, like Lake Saif ul Malook, Shogran, Ansu Lake, and Babusar Top. However, if you want to make a custom Naran Kaghan tour, you can fill out the form, and our representative will contact you or directly call us to get the information.

Our booking procedure for the Naran Kaghan tour packages is quick and easy. Call our managing director at +92335 5577 443, and we will get back to you earliest. With ultimate professional guidance and experience, we will make the design a perfect plan for you.

Contact us today for Naran Kaghan tour info.

Get your favorite Naran Kaghan Tour package today.

We are working hard to get you the best Naran Kaghan tour packages experience covering all the major and minor tour attractions. We offer the best deals for couple tours and family and honeymoon tour packages for Naran Kaghan. So contact us today and get early discounts on your favorite Naran Kaghan tour packages.

Why Should You Choose Pakistan Tour And Travel For Naran Kaghan Tour?

Pakistan tours provide you with the best services for tours throughout Pakistan. The Naran Kaghan tour packages that Pakistan tours offer are unmatchable. You won’t get these facilities at such a reasonable price. We guarantee that you’ll remember the tour for your life.

Although many agencies offer different packages, what makes Pakistan tours n travels better than others is their primary, economical, and standard packages to Naran and Kaghan valley. Moreover, you’ll get the following benefits. You can enjoy authentic Pashtoon food in the best traditional hotels in Naran valley.

  • An expert tour guide
  • Personalized Tour
  • Complete privacy
  • Luxury stay at the best hotels
  • Lunches and Dinners
  • Visit the top places

Haven’t convinced yet? Call us now and witness every single word by yourself. 

Tourism is a way to promote the beauty of Northern Pakistan. Once you discover the beauty of the northern areas of Pakistan, you’ll forget Europe. Pakistan is full of hidden valleys and is worth watching, but unfortunately, some spots are still undiscovered. It doesn’t matter if you are on a low or high budget.

To enjoy your holidays, consider visiting Naran and Kaghan valley with your friends. You can still enjoy the tour of the heavenly valley Naran regardless of a strict budget. We aim to let people explore the beauty of Pakistan, and we are always open to helping you discover heaven on Earth. Book your seats today and get benefits from our Naran Kaghan tour packages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Naran Kaghan Valley?

Naran Kaghan Valley is a small town high in the Kaghan Valley. The Naran Valley is 119 km away from the City of Mansehra. As we know, The city is one of the most amazing and famous tourist attractions in Pakistan.

We are a professional travel agency for Naran Kaghan tour packages. Not far from the Naran Kaghan Valley. Since we are professional guides, we plan to take you to Naran Kaghan within a day. Our Islamabad Naran Kaghan travel package is by far the most popular flight package.

Is it necessary to Explore Lulusar Lake in Naran Kaghan Tour Package?

When going to Naran Valley, there is also Lulusar Lake. Lulusar Lake hides in the giant Malika Parbat.

The essential experience is the green grassland of Lalazar and the cool breeze of Babsar Top. You will love to explore the charming beauty of Kaghan Valley.

How much will it cost for Naran Kaghan Tour Package from Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore?

Pakistan Tour and Travel offers Naran Kaghan Package Tours from Islamabad, “Naran Kaghan Tour Package from Karachi,” and “Naran Kaghan Tour Package from Lahore.” Travel cost varies with different packages.

Don't miss the opportunity! Book your tour package now in Naran Kaghan?

Book the Naran Kaghan travel package now from the Pakistan Tour and Travel website. You can also book flights on the Kaghan Naran Tours list from the list provided. Choose the Naran Kaghan travel package that suits you and have fun.

How To Get To Naran From Islamabad, Lahore And Karachi?

In recent years, many travellers visiting Naran Kaghan are from Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. To reach Naran Kaghan from Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi, travellers from Lahore and Karachi must first arrive in Islamabad.

From Islamabad, it takes 7 to 8 hours to reach Mansehra-Naran-Jalkhad-Chilas highway via Mansehra. After passing through Naran Kaghan, this road will also take you to Karakorum Highway to the Gilgit-Baltistan area of ​​Pakistan.

Why does the Kaghan Naran Tour attract millions of tourists every year?

One of the most advanced travel plans is Naran Kaghan Tour. Kaghan Naran Tour 2020 attracted millions of tourists. Start with a pleasant atmosphere and scenic spots—Valley of Naran centres in the Mansehra region.

Tour the beautiful Saif ul Malook Lake through 2020 Naran Kaghan. Some of the most touristic places in Naran Kaghan are Saif ul Malook Lake, which is one of the world-famous lakes.

An Opportunity to see Shogran and Siri Paye on Kaghan Naran Valley tour?

The main picnic area is 6 km from Naran Valley, where Shogran and Siri Paye. Green carpet garden, tourists like to rest here. Also, please take a deep breath in a calm atmosphere.

A guide from Naran Kaghan will guide you in the best way. Tourism in northern Pakistan is developing.

All services feature in Naran Kaghan 2020 travel package.

Naran Kaghan Tour Package provides all our services at a reasonable price. Stay at the Naran Kaghan luxury hotel belonging to our group. Some of the Awesome hotels in Naran Kaghan offer luxury services in paradise on earth.

What are the best season to plan a trip to Naran Kaghan?

The best time to visit Naran Kaghan is from March to October. The valley has a panoramic view. But adventure lovers love to visit the valley in the severe winter.

What is the cost of Naran Kaghan Tour?

When it comes to the cost of the Naran Kaghan trip, each package has a different travel route and various accommodation options, so more tourists can benefit from our service. Besides, everything from booking air tickets to hotel rooms includes the cost of a trip to Naran Kaghan.

How Much Distance From Naran Valley To Kaghan Valley?

The distance between Naran and Kaghan is not very long. It takes 35 minutes from Kaghan Valley to Naran Valley, so it is 22 kilometres. The road from Kaghan Valley to Naran Valley is full of minerals, beautiful scenery, with green mountains and magnificent Kunhar River.

Weather Update of Naran Kaghan

What is the best month to visit Naran Kaghan?

The Naran Valley is open for 7 to 8 months in April, October and November each year. The best month to visit Naran Kaghan is May and July. You can enjoy the cold weather outside the high-temperature areas of the city.

How is the Siri Paye Weather?

Shogran is famous for its green lawns and green lawns, while Siri Paye is famous for its weather and panoramic views. Tourists like to embrace the cold of Siri Paye. However, it is delightful in the hot summer, also fantastic to ride along Siri Lake.

How is the weather at Babusar Top?

Located at an altitude of 4,173 m, Babusar Top is one of Naran Kaghan main tourist attractions. In summer, the climate in the upper part of Babusar is indeed freezing, mainly because the temperature stays close to zero and sometimes drops below zero. Usually, even in summer, visitors can see snowfall.

How is The Climate Of Naran Kaghan Attracts Tourists?

In summer, it is usually open for 6 to 7 months every year for tourists to enjoy and spend adventure time in natural beauty. Summers are always very  cold in Naran Kaghan, which is the main reason that attracts tourists to visit Naran Kaghan from the warm city life and enjoy the cool breeze of Kaghan Naran.

How is Shogran weather?

Shogran is about 66 kilometres away from Naran, Naran is another beautiful mountain station of Naran Kaghan. Even in the snow with pockets, Shogran is worth Visiting every year. The climate of Shogran is still freezing every year. Night haze is everywhere, and the weather is pleasant. In winter, the temperature drops down to negative.

How is the Saif Ul Malook Weather?

Saif Ul Malook Lake is a fairy lake at an altitude of 10,500 feet. Due to the height and snow-covered mountains, the climate near the lake is always frigid. Sometimes the temperature drops to negative numbers. The lake freezes in winter and is impassable.

How is the weather in Balakot?

If the climate of Balakot is said, the atmosphere there is very mild compared to other northern regions. Balakot is a small area located near the Kunhar River. Besides, precipitation is as high as in other parts of Pakistan. The Balakot climate is still pleasant in spring and warm in summer, but if it rains, the environment will change completely.

Pack your bags, prepare your backpack, and call your friends this year to spend a better and more adventurous Naran Kaghan 2020 trip. Beautiful memories of your life with your best friends and family will make you unforgettable for life.

How is weather in Naran Kaghan in June 2022?

Many inquiries came to the mailbox about Naran Kaghan’s weather in June 2022 so for them, the weather in June and July becomes the most pleasant and relaxing. If you want to visit Naran Kaghan in June, it will be warmer than Naran Kaghan today, but it will rain regularly in July.

It is best to go to Naran Kaghan in the summer. Because southern Pakistan has a tropical climate, it is always a good idea to bring a school bag with you and spend a beautiful day in paradise on earth. For more information about the weather in Naran Kaghan in June 2022, you can contact us at any time.

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