Best Places To Visit In Afghanistan

If Peace Prevails In Afghanistan You Must Visit These Amazing Places Of Afghanistan Afghanistan is a landlocked country, located at the crossroads of South Asia and Central Asia, divided and changed by countless nations. In ancient times, members of the Neolithic tribe came here from the Indus Vall […]

All New Domestic and International Flights To Skardu

Skardu Is Becoming International Tourist Destination Of Pakistan Skardu is becoming famous among local and international tourists. Considerably, new Pakistan airlines including Air Blue making their way to Skardu at the lowest cost possible. Plus, Skardu Airport is becoming recognised international […]

KPL Starts With A Bang: Breathtaking Locations, Massive Strikes

KPL 2021 Kashmir Premier League The Kashmir Premier League is a large-scale cricket tournament that represents the impoverished communities of our country to the world. KPL aims to make T20 a cricket arena by hosting matches in the most beautiful and amazing locations in Pakistan. In addition to […]

14 Best Selling Travel Products from Amazon

Buy Some Of The Amazing Travel Products from Amazon To Make Your Next Tour Smoother  You can't control everything when travelling, but there are many useful products to make travel smoother, orderly, and safer. To ensure you get the best experience in travel products, we checked Amazon’s best-se […]

Best Jeep Models For Your Next Adventure To Northern Pakistan

Best Jeep Models For Your Next Adventure To Northern Pakistan You are thinking about adventure tours and beyond the jeep. This is a good start. Now the hard part begins: deciding which jeep is best for an adventurous tour. We don't want to tell you, but no Jeep is the best for an adventurous tou […]

5 Best-Selling Cars In Pakistan

5 Best-Selling Cars In Pakistan In March 2021 According to data released by the Pakistan Automobile Manufacturers Association (PAMA) yesterday, Pakistan's automobile industry rebounded sharply after the economic recession last year, with car sales increasing by 197% year-on-year in March 2021. L […]

Influx of Tourists in Northern Areas Generates Huge Revenue

6 Flights, 1M Tourists, 4bn Revenue: Eid Was Huge For North  The northern mountainous area of ​​Gilgit-Baltistan is Pakistan’s most popular tourist destination and was listed as one of the top ten "coolest places" in 2018 by Forbes Magazine. We have seen this on Eid Ul Azha Festivals where t […]

22 Interesting Facts About Travel

Are You Stuck At Home Now? Learn About Some Travel Fun Facts Travelers often come out with high expectations. The amazing facts about the world's most exciting places will surprise you as a traveler before you go to these places in person. For example, if you knew that 99% of Libya is desert, how w […]

New traveller’s Guide to Avoiding Traveller’s Diarrhoea

New traveler’s Guide to Avoiding Traveller’s Diarrhoea   Traveler’s diarrhea (TD) is one of the most common problems almost 35% of the people face who travel to foreign countries. TD occurs mainly in underdeveloped countries with less or poor hygienic conditions.  It is an unpleasant d […]

13 Dark Tourist Destinations In 2022

Dark Tourism and Its Reality Most of us are at least some unknown tourists (even if they don't know it). It is not as weird, suspicious, or weird as it may appear at first glance or in some media reports. First of all, the "darkness" here is not a literal meaning, but a figurative meaning, jus […]

List Of Least Visited Country In The World

Why You Should Go To The Least Visited Country In The World There are so many disturbing headlines that record excessive travel, and it's easy to think that the earth is full. But avoid the shabby tourist routes, you will find a completely different travel story. In most parts of the world, some […]

Train Service For Tourists In Balochistan

Provincial Government In Collaboration of Pakistan Railway Launches Two-Day Train Service For Tourists In Balochistan Officials from the Balochistan government and Pakistan Railways opened a special train service in Quetta on July 3, 2021. The shuttle will run on Saturday and Sunday, and the far […]

Tourism In Arkansas, Places To Visit in Arkansas

Top Visited Tourist Attractions In Arkansas, USA Arkansas is rich in culture and natural resources, offering a variety of historical and outdoor attractions. The history of Hot Springs National Park is as steaming as water filled with pools, and visitors to the Crystal Bridge Museum can't help but […]

Did You Ever Visited Any Of These Unique Romantic Places?

Visit These Romantic Places To Regain Your Love Maya Angelou once said, "Love has no obstacles. It crosses obstacles, it crosses obstacles, it breaks through walls, and it reaches its destination with hope." Anyone who has felt this way knows this is true. It may be just the most beautiful, most pr […]

World’s Best Honeymoon Destinations

Best Honeymoon Destinations Around The World Need some inspiration to decide where to go after getting hitched? Our list of the best honeymoon destinations is full of ideas off the beaten track. When we were planning our honeymoon, we took pens and papers and sat around the kitchen table, exci […]

Most Interesting Unexplored Places In The World.

Most Interesting Unexplored Places In The World Discovery is about things that already exist but have not yet been discovered, so probably yes, there are still places on Earth that have not yet been discovered. There are about 8.7 million species on the earth, 80% of which have not been discover […]

Ever Been To Umbrella Waterfall: Masterpiece Of Nature

Most Beautiful Umbrella Waterfall: Sajikot Abbottabad To show the beauty of the umbrella waterfall: Umbrella Waterfall is located in the Sajikot area of Abbottabad District. It has recently emerged as a new tourist attraction in the KPK province of Pakistan. The waterfall is located 27 Kilomet […]

Top Places Of Mexico To Visit This Year

Top Places Of Mexico To Visit This Year For a long time, Mexico has been the most popular holiday destination in North America, and it is becoming more and more popular with European tourists who want to enjoy the country’s endless sun, stunning scenery, and beautiful beaches not to mention its a […]

Here is The List Of New 7 Wonders of the Modern World

List Of The 7 Wonders Of The Modern World In 2000, a Swiss foundation launched a campaign to identify the seven new wonders of the world. Given that the original list of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World was compiled in the second century BC-only one participant still exists (the Pyramids of Gi […]

Do You Know About  The Sevens Wonders of the Ancient World

List Of Sevens Wonders of the Ancient World The stunning works of art and architecture, known as the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, testify to the ingenuity, imagination, and hard work that humans can do. However, they also remind people of the ability to differ, destroy and even beautify huma […]

6 Digital Trends In Tourism Will Change Your Perspective of Travelling

6 Digital Trends In Tourism: A Journey To The Future Even in this weird and complex year, some digital trends in the travel industry deserve attention to understand how companies are transforming and how they need to transform from smart hotel rooms to over-tourism. Undoubtedly, as we will see w […]

Babusar Top Opens Now For Tourist After 6 Months

Babusar Top Opens For Tourists After Six Months Restrictions If you plan to travel north this summer, here is some good news. After six months, the National Highway Administration and the Kaghan Development Agency reopened the Babusar Top to tourists. Frontier Works cleared the glaciers and snow […]

PIA To Resume ‘Sadpara’ Air Safari Service

PIA will resume "Sadpara" Air-Safari service Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has decided to restart the aerial hunting service. The national airline announced the news in a press release on Monday. He said that all preparations have been made in this regard, and added that the first flight wi […]

SOPs That Must Be Followed While Visiting Any Tourist Place

If you plan to take a vacation during the pandemic, please fully understand these SOPs (standard operating procedures) The National Command Operation Center (NCOC) has designed a detailed list of standard operating procedures (SOPs) to reduce the possibility of infection and the spread of Covid-19 […]

Why You Should Need A Degree in Hospitality & Tourism?

Benefits Of Having A Degree In Hospitality And Tourism Hospitality and tourism are the most dynamic and fast-growing industries. Similarly, for you, working in this industry may be the most exciting step. The potential jobs you may be looking for are related to communication, adventure, and many ot […]

Life In Hunza: Some Interesting Facts About Hunza Lifestyle

Learn About the Hunza People, the Healthiest People in the World Life in Hunza gets more interesting when you get to know the Hunza culture. Their culture is indeed thought-provoking for perspicacious. Since the birth of mankind, immortality has always been our obsession. So far, the oldest text we […]

Uchal Festival: Must-See Cultural Festivals Of Kalash

Uchal Festival: Kalash Celebrates this for Shepherds and Farmers The Kalash tribe is one of the tribes with a population of fewer than 3,500 people. They live in the three valleys of Rampur, Bamborit, and Bari. Although over time, they initially spread to the 12 valleys in KPK’s Chitral area, the […]

Enchanting Unseen Places of Pakistan

Pakistan has many fascinating resorts, but to the frustration of tourists, these places are still undeveloped. No matter what path you explore, from crawling weekend bars to hiking through country roads. Hopefully, you will discover the magnificence of hidden gems at some point during your journe […]

EU Opens Broder For Vaccinated Tourist

This is it: The European Union Will Open Its Borders to Immunized Travelers from Third Countries Today, the leaders of EU member states agreed to open their borders to third-country travellers who have already received coronavirus vaccination. The European Council is expected to announce this de […]

Pakistan Reopens Tourism From May 24

As NCOC relaxes restrictions on Covid, Pakistan will open tourism, outdoor dining and bridal salons The National Command and Operations Centre (NCOC) has decided to allow tourism and outdoor dining and relax restrictions imposed to slow the spread of COVID-19 in the country, especially during the E […]

15 Most Mysterious Places In The World

From the active rocks in central Australia to the weird Stephen King-style hotels, iconic vamp houses, to the deformed trees in the depths of Slavic Europe, these most mysterious places in the world are sure to arouse people's interest. Whether it's a conspiracy theorist, a full-time flying object h […]

Top Places To Visit in Paris

Best Tourist Attractions In Paris If this is your first time in Paris, you may want to spend some time at the world-famous Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Notre Dame Cathedral, but don’t miss the other gems of the city, such as Musée d'Orsay, Luxembourg Garden or Le Marais. You can’t do everything: v […]

Youngest Pakistani Summit Everest

19-Year-Old Became the Youngest Pakistani to Reach the Summit of Mount Everest Shehroze Kashif, 19, is the youngest Pakistani climber to reach the highest peak in the world. Lahore native Shehroze Kashif climbed to the top of the 8,849 meters (29,032 feet) mountain on May 11, proudly flying the […]

10 Things About Niagara Falls

10 Things  About Niagara Falls: You Didn't Know Yet Over 12 million tourists flock to Niagara Falls every year. They travel from all over the world to experience dining, shopping and attractions in the area. Read on to find out the top ten things you didn't know about and things to do in Niagara F […]

Famous Gilgit Baltistan Festivals: One Must Attend

Gilgit Baltistan Festivals: You Must Attend  Gilgit Baltistan Festivals are of great importance, especially for the tourist community. It is a way of promoting culture and celebrating their happiness with their own people.  The festival greatly promotes social cohesion. Many of these celebrations […]

Saudi Arabia Reopening Borders on May 17

Saudi Arabia Issues Travel Advisory Before Borders Reopen On May 17 The Ministry of the Interior has set requirements for citizens to travel abroad after May 17. From May 17, 2021, Saudi citizens will be able to travel abroad while reducing restrictions on the coronavirus.  From May 17, Saudi A […]

Japan: Most Powerful Passport In The World

Japan: Most Powerful Passport In The World 2021 The world’s most powerful passport Japan: Henley & Partners, global citizenship and residency consulting firm, released a quarterly report on the world’s most sought-after passport. A new report says that the gap in freedom of travel is the la […]

Top 10 Travel Translation Apps For Abroad Travel

Top 10 Travel Translation Apps For Abroad Travel   Not everyone has the time and energy to learn a new language, especially if this is just a short trip to a foreign country! But thanks to the best translation app, it is now very easy to read and speak the local language. In fact, you […]

The Impact Of Digital Technology On Tourism

The Impact Of Digital Technology On Tourism As the digital age rises to a new level, digital strategies can be applied to almost any industry. The company realizes that to stay competitive. It needs to find meaningful, beneficial business, technological innovations for its customers. This is no dif […]

Top Cities To Visit in Ramadan

There are certain places you should visit in Ramadan. Muslim communities all over the world are celebrating Ramadan. This annual festival is also considered one of the five pillars of the Islamic religion. During Ramadan, Muslims stop drinking from dawn to dusk. The end of this month is called Eid a […]

Pakistan “Safest Place” on Tourist Map

Pakistan is "Safest Place" & Added To The Tourist Map Despite travel restrictions following the coronavirus pandemic, Gann continues to welcome domestic and foreign tourists, mainly because of its good reputation. Muhammad Nasim Rashbouri, an owner of the Ghanche Hotel, said people generally le […]

Two-week Pakistani Cultural Show Held in Belarus

A two-week Pak cultural show begins in Belarus. Although various restrictive measures have been taken in response to this epidemic, there are still guests including senior guests participating in the festival. The Ambassador of Pakistan participated in a large-scale cultural show in Borisov as a […]

Reviving the Glory of Rawalpindi (Ancient City)

Journey of Reviving the Glory of Rawalpindi By Tauseef and His Team The pre-zone building is located in the new store in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The history of Rawalpindi is reflected in the unique and decadent beauty of its buildings and streets, and bears the mark of everyone who has experienced th […]

Deosai Ski Resort To Promote Tourism

Bidding for development of Deosai Plain in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan’s first winter ski resort Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Tuesday that the Pakistani government is studying the feasibility of establishing ski resorts to promote winter tourism in the South Asian country. Pa […]

COVID-19 Vaccinated Qatar Airways First Flight Takes Off

  On the morning of April 6, 2021, Qatar Airways operated the world's first flight completely immune to COVID-19. The QR6421 aircraft took off from Hamad International Airport at 11:00. Only the crew and passengers were vaccinated. In addition, during the check-in process, they were also […]

Silk Road Awaits For World Tourism Industry To Return

When The World Tourism Industry Returns, The Silk Road Is Waiting The Silk Road reminds people of the most valuable ancient commodities in tradition, culture and trade: silk, spices and gems. Today, the area traversed by the ancient route from the People's Republic of China to Western Europe is o […]

Pakistan’s First Expedition To Annapurna 

Pakistan's  Mountaineering Community At Annapurna: No Less Than Anyone Else Saad Munawar takes this opportunity on Facebook to share his experience of venturing at Annapurna. For the first time, he took this venture by himself and with some of his friend, Sirbaz khan, Abdul Joshi, Kamran Ali.  […]

Get Your Coronavirus Vaccine Now In Pakistan

Get Your Coronavirus Vaccine Now In PakistanSo many asking about the corona vaccine and how to get the coronavirus vaccine in Pakistan? NCOC has released an 8-step process for everyone. Pakistan launches the coronavirus vaccine on February 3. The country received the Chinese-made COVID-19 vacc […]

Islamabad Tourism Festival 2021

So many events are happening in Islamabad for the past few years. Before that, Islamabad was considered a ''silent city in Pakistan''. Now, Cutting Edge Group will cooperate with the NTCB National Tourism Coordinating Committee and PHPA (Pakistan Outstanding Paraglider and Paraglider Association) […]

Tourist Attractions In Cuba-Republica de Cuba

Republica de Cuba-  Best Place You Can Visit Here Tourist Attractions In Cuba: Cuba is an island that periodically swings back and then retreats. Since the revolution of 1959 stopped business hours and turned everything upside down, it has stagnated for the past sixty years. When travelling to Cub […]

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