Canadian Immigration From Pakistan

Canada-Are You Looking For Canadian Immigration?

Canada-Are You Looking For Canadian Immigration?

Here is the complete guide for Canadian Immigration from Pakistan

Going to another country is an undeniable act of intimidation. It will be a very beautiful moment if you obtain permanent or temporary residency in the country where you dream of living. If Canada is the land of your dreams and you want to get Canadian immigration, you have come to the right place.

Here, we will explain to you the latest plan provided by Immigration Canada for candidates from all over the world. The Canadian Express Entry Program launched in 2015 is the most popular program for obtaining permanent residency in Canada.

Did you know that while immigrants in Canada are granted permanent residency, you also enjoy similar rights as other Canadian citizens?

Canadian immigration

You should not ignore yourself and you have to show the same obligation to society. After staying in Canada for two years, you can apply for Canadian citizenship after three years. The good news is that you do not have to give up your current citizenship, because the Canadian government accepts dual citizenship.

However, there is a difference between permanent residence and obtaining Canadian citizenship. The first is that you do not have the right to permanent residency. When you become a Canadian citizen, they will not be able to take it back. Whereas, if you commit a felony or such intolerable crime in Canada, the government may deport you.

Canadian immigrants consist of six main classes or groups, which we can call “immigrants.” The main types include:

Canadian Immigration QuickStart, Provincial Nominee Program, Canadian Experience Class, Family Benefits, Federal Skilled Workers, Business Immigration and Quebec Skilled Workers.

Each group targets a group of immigrants and puts forward some specific requirements. You can also come to Canada with a refugee category or temporary foreign worker program. Learn more about each program below:

In this article, you will find all the information related to Canadian immigration, Canadian immigration points, Canadian Express Entry, how to obtain Canadian immigration, etc., so please continue reading…

Before we introduce the Canadian immigration plan in detail, here is the latest information on Canadian immigration in 2017. All information applies to Canadian immigration of Pakistani citizens.

Now, let’s take a look at the Canadian immigration program…

Canada Express Entry Immigration Program

In Pakistan, express entry is usually called “Express Entry for Canadian Immigration”. This is a new selection system introduced by Canadian Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship (IRCC) for selecting skilled immigrants to Canada.

Starting in 2015, he quickly immigrated to Canada. When the state and county governments based their opinions on the immigration system, Canada achieved satisfactory results. The process is completely electronic, which reduces time.

If you meet the Canadian immigration requirements, you will be granted permanent residency in Canada within 6 to 8 months. This process must first create a configuration file on the IRCC website and then fill in all the information. Here is a video on how to choose in the quick start:

Canada Express Entry Immigration Program

After completing your profile, you will get Canadian immigration points, also known as the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). When IRCC conducts a lottery, if you are the number one candidate based on Canadian immigration points, you will be selected.

The good news for choosing Express Entry is that since December 2016, the CRS requirement for each withdrawal has begun to drop. Each point attracted more and more people and broke all records. What does it mean? This means that if you want to move to Canada, this is the best time to apply for Canadian immigration courier.

The target population of the federal skilled worker class is those who may become Canadian residents after arriving in Canada. Federal skilled workers are one of the most popular ways to move to Canada.

Eligibility criteria include:

Candidates must have at least 12 months of full-time or paid work experience in the past ten years to work for a Canadian employer. If so, 38 qualified career opportunities will be offered to candidates; or

The candidate has lived in Canada for 12 months as a temporary resident or international student; or

Qualified candidates are eligible for permanent full-time jobs offered by Canadian employers.

Also, candidates must have other characteristics to be eligible to apply for the skilled worker category. Candidates must have at least one year of experience in similar fields. Similarly, the skill level must be equal to Canadian occupational A and B grades, otherwise, the application is likely to be ignored. Also, the candidate must have gained this experience in the past ten years.

Eligibility criteria include

Financial resources also play an important role for skilled worker applicants. Once border authorities allow them to move to Canada, candidates must be able to provide financial support for themselves and their families for at least six months. However, candidates with qualified job opportunities may not need the required financial resources.

Apart from other elements, we cannot ignore score-based evaluation. Points are awarded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) based on the candidates’ survivability and ability to adapt to Canadian society. Candidates must score 67 points to obtain guaranteed admission. Otherwise, the candidate’s chance of obtaining permanent residency in Canada is very small.

Let’s take a look at the Canadian immigration points provided for you:

Education level (maximum 25 points)

Candidates with a high school diploma can earn 5 more points for immigration to Canada. If you have a master’s or doctoral degree, you can get up to 25 immigration points.

Education level

There are other key points of the business certification.

Experience (up to 21 points)

If a candidate has at least four years of experience at the same professional level, the highest score can be obtained.

Age (maximum 10)

Candidates between the ages of 21 and 49 can earn the highest immigration points in Canada.


Adaptability (up to ten)

The factors brought about by adaptability are directly related to the ability of individuals to become members of Canadian society. If the candidate has worked in Canada before, immigration officials will also assess its suitability.


Language ability (up to 24 points)

French and English are the official languages. Depending on the province, you must obtain several points in French or English.

Speaking, writing, listening and reading are at different levels.

Language ability

Also, candidates must pass safety and medical inspections to qualify for the skilled worker category. If you apply for the “Quebec Skilled Worker” category, the eligibility criteria will change. Read the following to understand the types of skilled workers in Quebec:

Quebec skilled worker-Canadian immigration

Quebec has provided a unique plan after cooperating with the Canadian government. Also, the selection system operates independently without interference from the federal government or other regions. If you apply for the Quebec immigration program, it will be evaluated according to the Quebec selection criteria.



You should remember that the selection criteria will be different from the Canadian immigration and citizenship criteria. Nevertheless, Quebec’s skilled working-class system is similar to the federal system, but not much different.

Canadian immigration

Québec’s points system has a structure that benefits potential immigrants. Unless you get at least 60 points, you cannot get a Quebec selection certificate. However, those who apply for permanent residency for their spouse or common-law partner must earn at least 68 points. If you have sufficient skills and good English language experience, it is not difficult to obtain a Canadian immigration point.

Let us understand the selection factors for immigration to Canada and Quebec:

Training (maximum 29 points)

Single point of education and education training

If you major in multiple areas, you can score higher


Working width (up to ten points)

If you have a job offer from an employer in Quebec, you can earn other points. If the job invitation comes from an employer outside of Montreal, you can earn more points.

Experience (up to nine points)

If you have more than four or five years of experience in the skills field, you can get 9 points from the Quebec Immigration Agency.

Age (maximum 18 points)

If you apply for immigration and are between 18 and 35 years old, you can get up to 18 points.

Language ability (maximum 22 points)

The official language of Quebec is French. Almost 90% of citizens speak French instead of English. You should remember that Quebec values ​​oral communication skills rather than writing. If you speak French, you will get 16 points. On the other hand, if you speak English, you can get 6 points.

Language ability

Status of a family member in Quebec (maximum 9 points)

If your family already lives in Quebec, you can get a maximum of 9 points without difficulty. They can also help you with Canadian immigration.

Spouse or common-law partner (maximum 18 points)

Those who apply for Canadian immigration with their spouse or common-law partner have 18 additional points. Training, age, education, language and work experience will be awarded 18 points.

Children (up to eight points)

If your child is under 12 years old, you can get up to 4 points. If your child is between 13 and 21 years old, each child will receive 2 points.

Financial self-sufficiency (maximum 1 point)

If you are self-sufficient when you arrive in Quebec, you get 1 point. However, if you do not meet this requirement, you may not be able to process the request.

Adaptability (maximum 8 points)

If you are proficient in adopting the Quebec lifestyle, you can score up to 8 points. It is adapted based on evaluation tests.


After you meet the requirements, you will need to obtain a Quebec certificate for Canadian immigration. After that, you will have to pass a security check and a medical examination.

Canadian Regional Nomination Program

The Provincial Nominee Program is another way you can obtain Canadian immigration in any province in Canada. The Canadian Federal Government and the provinces jointly designed the Provincial Nomination Program (PNP).

The authorities of the two countries have common jurisdiction and invite those who are willing to obtain Canadian permanent citizenship. The county has the right to request individuals who are suitable for demanding occupations or who can contribute to the area.



To apply for any Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), candidates must obtain a Provincial Nominee Certificate for Canadian Immigration and Citizenship (CIC). Each province determines the basic requirements based on its needs. You can contact us to learn about the different plans available in different regions.

After obtaining the CIC Provincial Nomination Certificate, you can apply for permanent residency in a specific area. Please keep in mind that compared with other programs, the regional candidate program has priority when obtaining permanent residency. Immigrate to Quebec!

Currently, these counties offer their own regional nomination programs:

  • Saskatchewan
  • Manitoba
  • Yukon
  • Alberta
  • Nova Scotia
  • British Columbia
  • Ontario
  • New Brunswick
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Newfoundland and Labrador

Take care of family

The family category sponsorship category benefits Canadian citizens or permanent residents who wish to sponsor family members or close relatives. Please remember that candidates must be at least 18 years old when applying for sponsorship. If you wish to apply for family sponsorship for any of your family members, you must sign a contract in which the candidate promises the Canadian government that your family members will provide financial support within three to ten years upon arrival.

However, the age of the family members will determine the duration of the contract. Moreover, the nature of this relationship also affects care. To be able to apply for family sponsorship, the candidate must prove that he/she is financially self-sufficient.

Take care of family

Canadian citizens or permanent residents can prove that they have the financial ability to bear the daily expenses of the sponsor, and then can apply for the sponsorship of their family members. Also, the guarantor must be a Canadian resident to apply for a guarantee.

Otherwise, the request will not be processed. However, if the sponsor expresses its intention to stay in Canada after the sponsor arrives in Canada, those who wish to take care of their spouse, common-law partner or children will be affected. This is an excellent solution for obtaining Canadian immigration.

Family members eligible for family class sponsorship:

Parents or grandparents

Dependent children (unless you are financially dependent on you, they must be over 22. They can be full-time students. Or your child has a disability)

Spouse or legal general partner

The orphan of the sibling you want to adopt. They must be under 18 years of age. Also, nephews and nephews of unmarried nephews under the age of 18.

If you do not take care of any of the other family members mentioned above, relatives of any age are fine.

However, Quebec has independent eligibility criteria for family class sponsorship.

Canadian Business Immigration

Business immigration is a program for people who can contribute to the Canadian economy. If you are willing to invest in a Canadian company or have management skills, you can obtain immigration under the business category. Candidates who will invest in Canadian business will create jobs for Canadian citizens. This will definitely promote Canada’s economic development, so the government always welcomes investors to enter Canada.

Canadian Business Immigration

Canadian Business Immigration

Individuals with high net worth and business experience have a great opportunity to obtain permanent residency in Canada through this program. The Canadian business immigration category has three different subcategories.

Immigrant Investor Program:

The Investor Program is specifically aimed at individuals who can contribute to Canadian economic development through investment. Candidates applying for this program must have a net worth of CAD 800,000. Moreover, they must provide evidence that the wealth acquired is legal. Also, candidates must invest half of their net assets in a Canadian company to create jobs for Canadian citizens. The Canadian government is obliged to return the investment capital without interest within five years. If you meet these requirements, you can get Canadian immigration.

Immigrant Investor Program:

Immigrant Investor Program:

Entrepreneur plan:

The entrepreneur plan is similar to the immigrant investor plan, but you need to prove the difference in net worth. The net worth of the entrepreneur applicant must be 400,000 Canadian dollars. However, the candidate must be committed to doing business with the investment. It will create jobs in Canada so that Canadian citizens can apply.

Entrepreneur plan:

Entrepreneur plan:

Self-employment plan:

The target audience of the self-employment program is individuals with different types of work-related experience at the management level. Also, candidates must manage their own expenses and support their families through the income of self-employed persons. Applicants must prove their management skills and their net worth before starting the application process. Also, they must be able to act as the manager of any Canadian business owner.

Self-employment plan:

Self-employment plan:

Canadian Experience Class

The “Canadian Experience” category is for individuals on the temporary foreign worker list or students who graduated from an institution in Canada. Once the applicants have chosen, they can obtain permanent residency. Eligible individuals must have tried the Canadian way of life and must have the ability to integrate into Canadian society.

To immigrate to Canada, international students already working in Canada must have:

He studied in a Canadian university for two years and completed the study plan (College of Post-secondary Education)

You have at least one year of technical, technical or professional work experience. (Make sure to gain this experience within two years from the date of application)

Canadian Experience Class

Canadian Experience Class

According to the occupation, candidates should have intermediate language skills. (French and English)

Temporary foreign workers must have:

Within three years of the application period, you must have at least 24 months of technical, professional or skilled work experience

According to the professional level, candidates should have intermediate language skills.

Candidates who meet the necessary conditions and are still Canadian residents can apply. They can contact the Canadian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (CIC) for more detailed information. For candidates who want to apply for any professional level from outside Canada, they must apply within 12 months of leaving Canada.

Canadian Immigration For Pakistani Citizens 2020

For Pakistanis who wish to obtain Canadian immigration for a better future, you are welcome to contact us at any time. The immigration specialist is an experienced and reliable consulting company based in Pakistan. If you plan to travel abroad, we can assist you in obtaining immigration to Canada.


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