What Might Be The Post-Corona Era?

What Might Be The Post-Corona Era?

Adventures and celebrations can become an era of luxury and social misconduct

According to Nicholas Christakis, a researcher at Yale University, historically, the era of freedom or the post-corona era has followed the eradication of epidemics.

Nicholas Christakis, professor of economics, medicine, social and natural sciences at Yale University in the United States, said that by 2024, we may enter the post-pandemic period.

He wrote in his new book “Apollo Arrow: The Profound Impact of Coronavirus on the Road to Love”: Discussing its impact and pointing out what might happen in the next few years.


What Might Be The Post-Corona Era?

Revolution in Fashion industry: post-corona era thing


“Time” magazine named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world, and “Foreign Policy” magazine described him as one of the 100 best thinkers in the world. Therefore, Kristakis is a much-respected figure in academia and research.

Therefore, they accept predictions about social change and the future of mankind. Although the White House warned that a group of people will not be immune, because the White House is angry about the treatment of corona disease, researchers hope that the vaccine will help us out of the crisis.

Their research led us to say that after experiencing the biological effects of the 2021 pandemic and before entering the post-pandemic era, we must face the social, psychological, and economic consequences of the virus. We will get it.

Are we prepared to deal with issues other than vaccination?

Things will go wrong after a while. We have discovered a vaccine, which is a miracle because we are the first human species to deal with the challenge of disease in such a short period of time. It has never happened in history.

In just 10 months, we can get the vaccine in near future or post-corona era. Millions of doses were prepared and distributed .

Christakis said that when a person gains immunity, society will face the social, psychological and economic impact of the pandemic.


What Might Be The Post-Corona Era?

Corona vaccine is a must


Krastakis believes that at least half of the population should be vaccinated, which will take at least a year, not soon. The virus is currently spreading.

Therefore, at least in 2021, we will continue to spend time with masks and spaceships in this strange way of life. Then, of course, we will see that many people are immune-the virus has harmed many people because many people have been vaccinated.

This is just the first step of a long and practical journey, what will happen next?

Millions of people are unemployed or closed businesses. The education of many school children has been severely affected. Many of them will experience miserable lives, especially those whose loved ones have died. All these problems will not be overcome soon.


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Has this happened in previous epidemics in history?

If you look at the history of the epidemic, you will have to go back thousands of years and find that it takes some time to improve the situation. I think the current stage of the epidemic will last at least until the end of 2021, and then a mid-term. By around 2024, we will enter the final stage of the epidemic.

Why is the search for the origin of the virus so slow?

This is not because of science, but because of politics. I think we have not ended this epidemic yet. I think we have just started.

What lessons can we learn from another epidemic experienced in human history?

There are many things to learn. The first is to realize that our current lifestyle seems unnatural as if we are living in an unfamiliar era. But epidemics are not new to humans, they are new to us today. We think it’s crazy, it’s crazy to live in this era. But this is not the case.

What Might Be The Post-Corona Era?

Mask is new normal in post-corona era


Christakis’ latest book, “Apollos Aero: The Deep and Lasting Impact of Coronavirus on Our Lifestyle” (Apollo’s “Arrow: The Profound and Long-Term Impact of Coronavirus on Our Lifestyle”).

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So the fact is, it happens about once every 100 years. Therefore, it is important to review history and not to ignore the historical background.

The other thing is that although this virus is indeed deadly because it kills about 1% of the infected people, it is no worse than the previous virus when it kills 10% to 30% of the infected people.

In the movie “Infectious Diseases,” this virus killed one-third of people. We may be at this point, but it is not.

However, I (the United States) is furious at the White House because other experts working on these issues I know that the virus will become a serious problem at the end of January, and we know that President Trump has been notified in advance and has not taken any action.

Yale University professors believe that despite this information, the Donald Trump administration has not taken the necessary measures to combat the epidemic.


What Might Be The Post-Corona Era?

The flue is not a normal thing in Post-Corona Era


President Trump should tell us that something strange is happening, our world has changed, and a new deadly disease is spreading. This is something that happens every few centuries, and we must deal with it wisely.

We are not children, they said it for no reason. We must not deny the facts like the president. We cannot lie about the virus, nor can we blame others.

In fact, blaming others is a typical epidemic. For example, in the Middle Ages, Jews were accused. Homosexuals are accused of an HIV outbreak. There has always been a desire to blame others. This is stupid, it is just a virus that affects us.

The basic lesson of epidemics in history is that this is a necessary human experience, which is rare but requires social and psychological maturity to deal with it. We cannot lie to ourselves and say that this did not happen.

According to your research, what are the most common symptoms during infectious diseases?

Viruses are not only biological phenomenon but also social phenomenon. In this pandemic, what we are seeing is the death of medical staff. For example, the plague in Athens in 430 BC. The doctor died. In the cloth plague of 1347, Catholic nurses and monks who cared for patients died, just as they are now.

Repeat one of the things I mentioned above and blame it on the epidemic. For example, the Greeks thought it was the Spartan’s fault.

According to the researchers, this pattern has repeated itself throughout history and blamed others for the pandemic.


What Might Be The Post-Corona Era?

What Might Be The Post-Corona Era?


Denial, lies, intolerance, they are always there. Things such as false information have happened, for example, all stupid ideas are circulating, and for example, viruses are part of the plot, and so on.

Another feature of an epidemic is the pain it causes. People lose their loved ones in the family, lose their income, and lose their way of life. This is a time of sadness and pain.

When a pandemic occurs, people will find meaning in life, and they will think more about the moral meaning of life.

It’s like going to church-making your mind more thoughtful.

What will life be like after the epidemic?

When we have herd immunity, although the virus still exists, its intensity will decrease, but as the biological impact of the epidemic is left behind, it will end, but we will still have economic and social impacts. You will have to fight.

By around 2024, we will enter the post-pandemic era. Usually, in the days of a pandemic, people become more religious, save money, wait for the danger to pass, social activities decrease, and most people stay at home. Don’t look at your friend’s position anymore.

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Christakis said: “The disease epidemic may be accompanied by sexual misconduct and economic collapse.”

But after the pandemic, everything will bother us like the 1920s, and people will try to become more social.

People will go to discos, restaurants, political parties and sports games. Religious activities will be reduced, risks will be encouraged, and people will spend more money even if they cannot afford it.

After the pandemic, there may be moments of sexual misconduct and luxury. If you take a closer look at the eradication of epidemics in the past two millennia, it is more like a celebration. Similar things may happen in the 21st century.

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