Will Gilgit Baltistan Elections Out-Turn Tourism Industry?

Will Gilgit Baltistan Elections Out-Turn Tourism Industry

PTI Wins The Gilgit Baltistan Election: Can it Change the Dynamics of the GB Tourism Industry?

Gilgit Baltistan Election: Pakistan is the dream of nature lovers. Now, thanks to better security and government efforts, the world has finally realized this.

Pakistan is a country with diverse cultures and natural beauty, and it is a paradise for tourists. From snow-capped peaks and frozen lakes to peaceful valleys and beautiful coastlines, ancient civilizations and Mughal monuments are everywhere. Pakistan is full of fascinating scenery.

Religious sites for Hindus and Sikhs also attract pilgrims. Religious tourism plays a vital role in promoting economic activities in the country. Thousands of people visit ancient Hindu and Sikh temples, especially the temple of Nanak. With the opening of Kartarpur Pass, more religious tourists will come to Pakistan.

Most importantly, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is another opportunity that Pakistan should make full use of to increase tourism. Within the framework of the economic corridor, the country is developing various infrastructure and energy projects, which will provide travellers with more facilities. In addition, the Chinese spend most of their income on sightseeing, and a relaxed trip to Pakistan will encourage them to visit Pakistan and take advantage of its natural beauty.

Pakistan has obvious attractions to both locals and foreigners. But in the past, terrorism and lack of facilities paralyzed Pakistan’s tourism industry. The PTI government paid little attention to promoting this potential industry. They have made little effort to highlight the positive image of the country and neglected the basic steps required to improve the tourism industry. Considering that Pakistan is a war-torn, intolerant and extremely conservative country, foreigners have been reluctant to visit Pakistan.

But recently, the tourism industry has made gratifying progress. Better security conditions may be the main reason for the increase in tourist numbers.


Will Gilgit Baltistan Elections Out-Turn Tourism Industry?


Another important development is the new visa policy, which introduces electronic visas and visas for tourists on arrival. Pakistan has also cancelled the National Oil Company’s requirement to visit certain areas of the country. In addition, the government has converted lounges and luxurious buildings into hotels to provide tourists with a charming accommodation environment. The Tourism Coordination Committee is another measure taken to tap the potential of Pakistan’s tourism industry and increase the wealth flowing into Pakistan.

Gilgit Baltistan; A Heaven on Earth

Gilgit is the capital of Gilgit-Baltistan, which is the administrative region of Pakistan. The city is located in a small valley where the Gilgit and Hunza rivers meet. Gilgit is the main tourist destination in northern Pakistan and the centre of mountaineering expeditions in the Karakoram Mountains. This was a very important stop on the ancient Silk Road. Today, it has become the main intersection along the Karakoram Highway, connecting with the highways of China, Skardu, Chitral and Islamabad.

Gilgit is located in the valley formed by the confluence of the Indus, Hunza and Gilgit rivers.

PTI Wins The GB Election: Can it Change the Dynamics of the GB Tourism Industry?


Gilgit Baltistan has a cold desert climate. The climate of Gilgit mainly depends on its geographical location, which is a very mountainous valley in the southwestern Karakoram Mountains. Due to the monsoon blowing towards the southern Himalayas, Gilgit lacks torrents, with an average annual rainfall of 120 to 240 mm. Irrigation for land cultivation is obtained from rivers, and there is a large amount of meltwater in high altitude areas.

Summer is short and hot. Due to such extreme weather conditions, landslides and avalanches often occur in this area.

Jeep is the best means of transportation in Gilgit-Baltistan. Gilgit is one of the two main centres for all mountaineering trips in Gilgit-Baltistan. Most tourists leave Gilgit for hiking in the Karakoram Mountains of the Himalayas.

There are several tourist attractions relatively close to Gilgit: Naltar valley with Naltar Peak, Hunza valley, Nagar valley, Fairy hayfield in Raikot, Shigar town, Skardu valley, Haramosh valley in the Karakoram, Bagrot valley, Deosai Park in Skardu, Astore valley, Phunder village, Ghizer valley, and many more.


Development in Gilgit Baltistan


In addition, Pakistan’s growing Gilgit Baltistan hotel industry is building tourists’ confidence. International hotel chains are expanding their range of services, and entrepreneurs are launching innovative ways to serve guests.

In addition to these developments, international travel bloggers and bloggers are also visiting the country and showcasing the true nature of Pakistan and the hospitality of its people. The revival of sports in Pakistan has also helped alleviate safety hazards.

These developments help to show the soft scene of the country. High-profile royal visits by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge contributed to this trend.

Because of all these factors, some of the world’s most famous magazines and societies encourage people to travel to Pakistan. Forbes described Pakistan as “one of the best places to go in 2019.” In 2017, the British Travelers Association listed Pakistan as “one of the friendliest countries in the world“, and the country listed Pakistan as the world’s best adventure travel destination.


Will Gilgit Baltistan Elections Out-Turn Tourism Industry?


Condé Nast Traveler has listed Pakistan as the number one holiday destination in 2020 because it recognizes its improved safety, relaxation policies, and its beauty.

Final Words

Although more tourists are now coming to Pakistan to travel, there is still a long way to go. Although Pakistan’s tourism industry is growing, many of the problems faced by holidaymakers need to be resolved by the government. A better international description of Pakistan is also needed to help the nascent tourism industry.

Let us hope that we will continue to take positive steps in this direction. If PTI’s can do a little more efforts in Gilgit Baltistan with the local government’s efforts will bear fruit and Pakistan Tourism Industry through Gilgit Baltistan Election will become an ideal destination for all nature lovers.

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