Honeymoon Packages From Pakistan - Book Exclusive Pakistan Honeymoon Tours in 2024

Nothing is better than perfect honeymoon tours with your spouse after your wedding. Take all the hassle out of your wedding and get the perfect honeymoon packages from Pakistan at the best prices. We’ll take care of all your needs for the perfect honeymoon. From luxury cars to exotic locations, comfortable accommodations and delicious food. We are dedicated to providing you and your loved ones with the perfect experience. Explore our exclusive list of honeymoon tours and choose the one that’s right for you.  Discover the perfect way to celebrate your love with our enchanting Honeymoon Couple Packages. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this remarkable country and create unforgettable memories with our specially designed Pakistan Honeymoon Tours Package.

Browse Our Exclusive Honeymoon Packages From Pakistan 2024 For Newly Weds

An Unforgettable Journey To All Serene Location With Our Honeymoon Tours

Embark on a romantic adventure with our cautiously designed honeymoon travel package, featuring six destinations that can be best for newlyweds. Each area offers its precise charm and tranquility, making sure a memorable and intimate getaway for you and your spouse.


Each honeymoon resort in northern Pakistan gives an incredible and enchanting revelation, ensuring your honeymoon is packed with romance, tranquility, and unforgettable moments. Choose the one that resonates with your possibilities and embark on a journey that will create memories that remain for a lifetime.

Escape to the tranquility of the Katpana Desert in Skardu, where you may enjoy the massive expanse of dunes and breathtaking landscapes. This unique destination offers you and your beloved nonviolent and private enjoyment
Indulge in the luxurious journey with a perfect view of Attabad Lake in Hunza. Stay in a pricey-tented lodging amidst the majestic mountains and immerse yourselves in nature’s splendor while enjoying the comforts of a hotel
Experience the intimacy sector amidst the serene splendor of Swat Valley. The steeply-priced cottages at Walnut Heights offer an appropriate mixture of comfort and privateness, allowing you to unwind and create cherished memories.
Nestled in the breathtaking Naran Valley, these fascinating cottages offer a perfect region for a romantic honeymoon. Immerse yourselves inside the herbal splendor of the valley and experience a relaxed and intimate life.
Discover the romantic appeal of NathiaGali in Murree with life at Qubed. This picturesque hill station is known for its cool weather and stunning perspectives, supplying a tranquil place for you and your partner to loosen up and reconnect.
For an actual particular experience, Khoj Resort in Skardu gives a blend of luxury and conventional attraction. Enjoy the stunning perspectives of the encompassing mountains and rivers, and immerse yourselves in the rich subculture and hospitality of Skardu.

Create Eternal Memories With Your Spouse by choosing our Customized Honeymoon Packages From Pakistan With Price

Tour Plan No. of Days Couple Price
Honeymoon Tours Package in Naran Shogran Neelum Valley9 Days/8 Nights Rs. 195,000
Honeymoon in Azad Kashmir & Naran Shogran7 Days/6 Nights Rs. 150,000/-
Naran Shogran Luxury Honeymoon Tour5 Days/4 Nights Rs. 220,000/-
Basic Honeymoon Naran Kaghan Tour3 Days/2 Nights Rs. 72,500/-
Naran Shogran Economy Tour5 Days/4 Nights Rs. 110,000/-
Naran Shogran Standard Honeymoon Tours5 Days/4 Nights Rs. 120,000/-
Honeymoon Trip in Ratti Gali Lake Tour3 Days/2 Nights Rs. 80,000/-
Honeymoon Tours Package of Banjosa Toli Peer Tour3 Days/2 Nights Rs. 67,000/-
Naran Neelum Honeymoon Tours Package 20236-11 Days Rs. 140,000/-
Hot selling Murree Honeymoon Tour3 Days/ 2 Nights Rs. 70,000/-
Honeymoon Hunza Gilgit Tour7 Days/6 Nights Rs. 170,000/-
Hunza Deluxe Honeymoon Tours7 Days/6 Nights Rs. 290,000/-
Skardu Shiger Honeymoon Tours Skardu 6 Days/5 Nights Rs. 190,000/-
Swat Valley Basic Honeymoon Tour5 Days/4 Nights Rs. 130,000/-
Swat Valley Deluxe Honeymoon Tours3 Days/2 Nights Rs. 99,000/-
Swat Valley Deluxe Couple Tour5 Days/4 Nights Rs. 199,000/-
PC Bhurban Muzaffarabad Honeymoon Tour3 Days/2 Nights Rs. 140,000/-
PC Bhurban Couple Tour Honeymoon3 Days/2 Nights Rs.170,000/-
Isloo Bhurban Muzaffarabad Trip package4 Days/3 Nights Rs. 215,000/-
Honeymoon Murree Shogran Couple Economy Tour3 Days/2 Nights Rs. 80,000/-
Basic Honeymoon Naran Shogran Tour4 Days/ 3 Nights Rs. 95,000/-
Honeymoon Standard Neelum Shogran Tour 5 Days/4 Nights Rs. 110,000/-
Honeymoon Neelum Short Tour3 Days/2 Nights Rs. 60,000/-
Honeymoon Murree Swat Tour5 Days/4 Nights Rs. 120,000/-
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List of Best Honeymoon Couple Tours From Pakistan With Price

Spend a beautiful time with your loved ones. Pakistan Tour and Travel provides incredible Honeymoon Packages from Pakistan so you can enjoy your Romantic Time. With the honeymoon, Couple Tours wants the most romantic scenic landscape of Northern Pakistan at a very reasonable price.


Holida Packages from Pakistan are mainly for Honeymoon Couples and married people in areas like:



Honeymoon Tourism Packages covers mostly all the things you would like to have, such as:


  • Secure accommodation 
  • Breakfast 
  • Private Transportation with an experienced Driver
  • Toll taxes
  • Jeep Rides where required.

Honeymoon Tours Package from Pakistan

Discover Amazing Honeymoon Packages from Pakistan with Proficient Pakistan Travel Guides 2024.

No doubt the Northern areas of Pakistan are considered the best as we have:


  • High mountains
  • Waterfalls
  • River
  • Culture
  • Fantastic Landscapes in quiet locations


There comes a time in every loving couple when they get married. After the marriage, almost every couple thinks about the tour for a honeymoon, so they search for different packages for the honeymoon. Pakistan is a country with many beautiful natural destinations; if anyone wants to go on Pakistan tour packages as follows:


Pakistan Honeymoon Tours

  1. Pakistan Group Tours

  2. Combo Tours

  3. Historical Destinations Tours

  4. Hiking and trekking tours

  5. Desert Tours in Pakistan


Honeymoon packages From Pakistan are one of the most famous trips. Pakistan has some of the best honeymoon destinations like:



Along with these destinations, there are a lot more in Pakistan. Pakistan Tour and Travel is the best-leading tourism company providing different cheap holiday packages from Pakistan. Among all Honeymoon Packages, Pakistan is the best.


Romantic Vacations and Best Honeymoon Packages 2024

Pakistan is famous for its many beautiful natural destinations, historical sightseeing locations, and hiking trails. Also, it is known for 5 Eight Thousand of the world in Pakistan. Along with this kind of landscape and nature, there are many romantic places for honeymoon in Pakistan, and now, it is famous for honeymoon packages from Pakistan and international honeymoon packages from Pakistan.

Pakistan Tour and Travel are also working on Cheap honeymoon packages from Pakistan, providing the best honeymoon tours from Islamabad and Honeymoon packages from Karachi along with the best services.


Honeymoon Couple Tours Packages From Pakistan – Book Honeymoon Holiday Tour Packages in 2024

Many Tour operators are working to deliver the best, and most claim to provide the cheapest Honeymoon Packages from Pakistan. As a Pioneer of Honeymoon Packages, we guarantee The Best and the most affordable Honeymoon Packages in your most Romantic Period.

So, Still waiting? Don’t waste time and give Pakistan Tour and Travel a chance to make the most romantic time of your life a splendid one.

Hurry up, book Your Honeymoon Holiday Tour Package, and enjoy the beauty of the Northern Areas of Pakistan with your lovely soulmate.

Honeymoon Getaways & Destination Packages in Pakistan

Most of the best honeymoon sights in the northern areas of Pakistan are surrounded by the three world’s most interminable mountain ranges:

  • Himalaya
  • Karakorum
  • Hindukush

Some of the best destinations for honeymoon packages Pakistan tour are:

  • Khaplu Valley
  • Hunza Valley
  • Shigar Valey
  • Naltar Valley
  • Swat Kalam Valley
  • Naran Kaghan Valley
  • Rama Meadows


Khaplu, Hunza, and Naltar Valley are among the best romantic places for a honeymoon in Pakistan. But Swat Kalam and Naran Kaghan are Pakistan’s most visited and cheap Honeymoon packages.

Special Honeymoon Packages from Pakistan

As unexplored destinations are unique for travel lovers to explore, the honeymoon is something special for newlywed couples. It is the best time for them to spend their romantic and lovely moments of life with their loved ones in spectacular locations surrounded by beautiful natural sights in peace.

Providing the best service on the Tour for the honeymoon is the primary goal of Pakistan tour and travel. Pakistan tour and the trip are based on the best reviews by our customers for the best honeymoon packages from Pakistan, along with different packages for a honeymoon.

Best Honeymoon Couple Package With Complete Facilities and Breathtaking Destinations

There are a lot of destinations for love couples to spend their perfect honeymoon with the desired Romantic goals. Some of them are:


Unique Honeymoon Experiences in Khaplu Valley:

Khaplu Valley lies east of Skardu, about 3 hours from Skardu. This place means to be perfect for the honeymoon for its landscape and peace. Though it has some beautiful romantic sights to spend the loveliest time, like:

  • Khaplu Palace
  • Shyok River

Book your room in the palace of Khaplu to spend your honeymoon like kings. Having a cup of tea and a romantic talk with your soul mate at the bank of the amazing Shyok River will give you the loveliest and most peaceful feelings to spend the best time of your life.


Memorable Honeymoon retreats in Hunza Valley:

Just like Khaplu Valley, Hunza Valley is famous among the people of Pakistan for having a romantic honeymoon package from Pakistan. Hunza Valley is one of Pakistan’s best romantic places for a honeymoon. It has many sightseeing areas for the couple to have some best time like:

  • Eagle Nest
  • Royal Garden of Altit Fort
  • Romantic Walk in Karimabad Bazaar

Many other beautiful honeymoon places have the best honeymoon packages from Pakistan.


Compare Our Tour Package Rates in terms of the Comfort and facilities we provide our Clients.


As taking care of our customer’s level of satisfaction, providing The Cheapest and most Comfortable Honeymoon Packages in Northern Areas is our Mission.

Beautiful Unseen Honeymoon Destinations in Pakistan Feature Hunza Valley as a beautiful place in Pakistan for a honeymoon.


Enjoy the Most Precious Time in Hunza with our Selected Wonderful Places in the Northern Areas

We are presenting the best and most reasonable Honeymoon Couple Tours Travel Trip Packages For Holidays in Pakistan on the most beautiful destinations in Pakistan.

Pakistan Tour Packages 2024 from Karachi are best presented by Pakistan Tour and Travel Service, a leading Tour Operator in Pakistan.

We guarantee that no one can compete with us in our Northern Pakistan Tour Packages 2024 in terms of luxury and the comfort level we provide our valuable customers.


Yes, We are Awarded the Top Tour Operator of Pakistan Through Excellent Customer Reviews

As a Leading Tour Guide and Operator in Pakistan, we are very concerned about the customer’s level of satisfaction.

So, we present many different Personal Honeymoon Vacation Tour Travel Packages to heavenly Areas of Pakistan for young couples.

Many know, but most people have never heard that the Hunza Valley is one of the exotic locations and the best for planning a Calm and Relaxed Honeymoon.


See below the things you will get for our Expert Tourism Services.


Hunza Valley Honeymoon Tours consists of various things, which on top include the following:

  • Historical sites
  • Lakes
  • Touring of Peaks
  • Ancient villages
  • Unusual Romantic Weather coupled with modern facilities.


Pakistan Tour and Travel offers Couple Tours with Highly Professional Tour Guide

Honeymoon Packages from Pakistan are increasing, and we are also considering various aspects to cover.

Pakistan Tour and Travel has an experienced team. All are well equipped and friendly with Honeymoon Couples.


Our Honeymoon Packages rely on the Best and most uncomparable Couple Feedbacks We Get

We ensure that Honeymoon Packages go well and we get entirely satisfied customer feedback.

Pakistan Tour and Travel has compiled various Tour Packages for Hunza Valley. All our packages fall in the category of Cheap Vacation Packages from Pakistan as no one offers them at this low cost.


Hurry Up! Select The Honeymoon Hunza Valley Trip Tours Travel Packages 2024 From the List Below


Now Select the Hunza Valley Honeymoon Tours from our List of Tour Packages 2024 and enjoy the beautiful Trip with your loved ones. Enjoy our Domestic Tour Packages for Couples and Families, updated recently.

Frequently Asked Question About Honeymoon Tours

The average cost of a honeymoon trip in Pakistan can vary depending on various factors such as duration of travel, destinations, type of accommodation chosen, activities planned, etc. The average honeymoon to Pakistan can range from 30,000/- pkr to 2,00,000/- pkr per person. These estimates include costs such as flights, accommodation, meals, travel within Pakistan, tours, any other activities or experiences, etc. It is important to note that this is a rough estimate, and actual costs may vary depending on the couple’s personal preference and choice.

Honeymooners in Pakistan can indulge in various romantic activities such as sunset boat rides on the beautiful Hunza River, a visit to the picturesque Neelum Valley, a romantic dinner at the Monal Restaurant in Islamabad, a tour of the stunning Shalimar Gardens in Lahore, and a visit to the magnificent Badshahi Mosque in Lahore. These are just a few examples of the many romantic activities that honeymooners can enjoy in Pakistan.

  • Glamping at Katpana Desert in Skardu, wherein you may experience the vast dunes and breathtaking landscapes.
  • Indulging inside the luxury of Luxus Hunza at Attabad Lake, in which you can stay in a lavish-tented lodging amidst the majestic mountains and immerse yourselves in nature’s splendor.
  • Experiencing the intimacy of Walnut Heights in Swat Valley, wherein you could live in costly cottages that provide an excellent combo of comfort and privacy.
  • Explore the fairy-tale surroundings of Shangrila Resort in Skardu, where you can respect the serene lake and the colorful cottages.
  • Take a boat trip on the picturesque Saiful Malook Lake in Naran, in which you can witness the reflection of the snow-capped peaks and the plush greenery.

Honeymoon Tours in Pakistan range from other famous honeymoon destinations for several reasons:

  • Pakistan has a diverse variety of landscapes, from the gigantic mountains and glaciers to the fertile plains and deserts, making it a unique vacation spot for honeymooners.
  • Pakistan has a rich and sundry cultural and historical past, prompted by various civilizations and religions, including Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, and more, making it a fascinating vacation spot for history and lifestyle lovers.
  • Pakistan has pleasant and hospitable people who are keen to welcome and help travellers, making it a warm and alluring destination for travellers.
  • Pakistan has an exceedingly low value of living and travelling, as compared to other popular honeymoon destinations, making it a low-cost and financially-friendly vacation spot for honeymooners.

Some of the famous local customs that honeymooners have to revel in for the duration of their visit to Pakistan are:

  • Attending a traditional marriage ceremony, wherein you could witness colourful and festive rituals, which include Mehndi, Barat, nikah, and Walima, and experience the delicious food and music.
  • Go to a qawwali night and have hot tea at the local cafe.
  • Visiting local markets and bazaars, buy some handicrafts, carpets, earrings, clothes, and more. Bargaining is a thing in Pakistan, try to bargain more to get good deals.
  • Try local transportation, along with rickshaws, tongas, buses, and trains, in which you may mingle with the locals and experience the points of interest and sounds of the town.
  • Participating in a cultural festival, together with Basant, Shandur Polo Festival, Lok Mela, Jeep Rally Cholistan, or Sibi Mela, in which you can rejoice in the local traditions, arts, sports activities, and cuisines.

Some of the things that honeymooners can use to make sure they’re sustainable and responsible tourists during their trip to Pakistan are:

  • Respecting the local way of life and religion via dressing modestly, keeping off public presentations of affection, and following the etiquette and norms of the places they visit.
  • Supporting the local economic system by way of staying in domestically-owned inns, eating in locally-run restaurants, and shopping for local artisans and companies.
  • Minimizing their environmental effect by means of lowering their waste, reusing their water bottles, recycling their materials, and keeping off activities that damage the flora and fauna and nature.
  • Contributing to social development with the aid of volunteering in a local network, donating to a charity, or sponsoring a local infant’s training.

Some of the best activities on your honeymoon trip in Pakistan include:

  • Hike and trek in the mountains of Hunza, Skardu, Naran and Chitral, where you can challenge yourself and enjoy the scenery.
  • Skiing and snowboarding are available in winter resorts like Malam Jabba, Naltar and Rattu in Skardu, where you can have fun and enjoy the thrill of the mountains.
  • Camping and bonfires at scenic spots like Shogran, Fairy Meadows and Deosai, where you can have a romantic night under the stars and enjoy a bonfire.
  • Rafting and boating on rivers and lakes like Neelum, Kunhar, Saif ul Malook, Lulusar, and Attabad, where you can have a pleasant and refreshing ride on the water.
  • Sightseeing and museum hopping in historic and cultural cities like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, where you can learn about Pakistan’s heritage and art.

Some of the lesser-known honeymoon destinations in Pakistan are:

  • Gorakh Hill Station: is a cold hill station in Sindh where you can experience the dawn and sunset, the starry nighttime, and the snowfall in winter.
  • Astola Island: a coral island in Balochistan, where you may experience the pristine seashore, the marine life, and the camping centers.
  • Kumrat Valley: a valley of waterfalls and forests in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, in which you could explore the Jahaz Banda meadow, the Katora Lake, and the Badagoi Pass. Book your Kumrat honeymoon tour now.

Some of the popular honeymoon tours in Pakistan include:

  • Hunza Valley: a paradise on earth in Gilgit-Baltistan, where you can marvel at Rakaposhi Mountain, Altit-Baltit Fort and Karimabad Bazaar
  • Swat Valley: Valley of Flowers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, where you can visit Malam Jabba Ski Resort, Kalam Valley and Swat Museum
  • Murree: A hill station near Islamabad, where you can enjoy pleasant weather, shopping street and Patriata Chairlift.
  • Neelum Valley: the blue valley of Azad Kashmir, where you can see the beauty of Neelum River, Arang Kel village and Ratti Gali Lake.
  • Naran Kaghan: a valley of lakes and meadows in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, where you can explore Saiful Malook Lake, Babusar Top and Lulusar Lake
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