Winters in Northern Areas of Pakistan And COVID 19


Winters in Northern Areas of Pakistan And COVID 19


The northern areas of Pakistan are full of tourists, and you can enjoy the snowfall without standard operating procedures.

Ignoring the standard operating procedures (SOP) adopted by the government in response to the coronavirus pandemic, We have seen crowds of tourists in Murree and Galliyat enjoying the snow and spending happy time with family and friends. When the Pakistan Meteorological Agency predicts snowfall in the forest and surrounding areas, tourists flock to these stunning landscapes to witness the abnormal weather.

Thousands of tourists from all over the country came to Murree to enjoy winter snowfall at Pindi Point, Kashmir Point, The Mall and Ayubia.


Tourists Flock To Swat's Snowy Peak At The 2020 Winter Sports Festival


In this season, when corona is spreading all over the world. The hotel business has reached its peak. Almost all hotels, large and small, have been booked. In this cold climate, the shopping mall road, considered the centre of Murree, was flooded by tourists. There was a lot of buzzing in restaurants and cafes, and people had to wait hours to sit down, drink tea, and eat.

Even in restaurants and hotels where it is difficult for the owners to provide services to many customers, masks or social isolation are not used. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have suffered heavy losses, but it is great to see tourists come to this mountainous area to enjoy the snow.

Swat Valley Became Favourite Tourist Destination In 2020

Traffic jams found on Jhika Gali, GPO Chowk, Kashmir point, Malam Jabba, Swat and other routes have caused endless difficulties for tourists. Tourists enjoy snowfall despite coronavirus threats; Northern Areas, especially Murree and Swat Malam Jabba, provide an excellent environment for you to enjoy peace and beauty. Trembling and trembling, but enjoying this snowy weather with your family is an extraordinary experience. Many tourists have seen the city traffic police order drivers to avoid improper parking on the road, which may prevent the smooth flow of vehicle traffic.

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