Planning For A Pakistan K2 Base Camp Tour After COVID Ends?

Planning For A Pakistan K2 Base Camp Tour After COVID Ends?

Are You Planning For A Pakistan K2 Base Camp Tour After COVID Ends?

Under a new tourism movement, Pakistan is finally ready to become one of the world’s leading tourist destinations

K2 is located on the border between China and Pakistan and is one of the most difficult climbing areas in the world.

This is the autumn of 2019, and the world knows nothing about Covid-19 or the number of R. You stand at the Concordia camp in the Karakoram Mountains of Pakistan. Tomorrow, we will complete a two-week trek to K2 base camp at the foot of the second-highest mountain on earth.

Concordia is located at the confluence of the Baltoro River and the Godwin-Austin Glacier at an altitude of approximately 4,600 meters (15,091 feet), second only to the summit of Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Western Europe. The blessed landscape makes the Alps look very different from the Lilliputian, providing a sense of scale and perspective that can only be seen in large areas of Asia. Indeed, the huge rock amphitheatre surrounding Concordia contains the densest mountain climbing peaks on the earth, including four of the 14 “eight thousand feet”-the only one in the world above 8000 meters (26,000). Feet).

Planning For A Pakistan K2 Base Camp Tour After COVID Ends?


When we turned to the left and caught a glimpse of the mighty Godwin Austin Glacier, the K2 base camp was brilliantly isolated on the adjacent rubble, and its sheer size was incredible. Pakistan’s “Savage Mountain” may be the second-largest mountain after Nepal’s Mount Everest, but we think the mountain has the characteristics of balance and symmetry, making it the most impressive of all the mountains on earth. However, although Nepal attracts more than one million tourists every year, Pakistan’s tourism industry has been stagnant since 9/11. However, all these possibilities will change.

After winning the 2018 election, Imran Khan listed tourism and national security as his two main goals in the first 100 days. Initiatives include increasing the number of tourist visas, developing an online electronic visa system, conducting official visits to the royal family and resuming direct flights to Islamabad. This trip has allowed a moderate increase in the number of tourists, especially adventurers.

Climbers and hikers enter some remote areas, including K2. At an altitude of 8,611 meters (28,251 feet), it is the only peak of 8,000 meters in winter. There are currently a large number of foreign climbers gathered in the base camp, ready to try on the slopes, so the mountain has experienced the busiest winter climbing season ever. According to previous regulations, this number of climbing channels is not available. In addition, the K2 base camp is supported by extending the route from the city gateway Skardu to the Karakoram. This extension reduces the days of arduous travel to base camp.

Why Pakistan Should Be A Risky Choice After Lock-In?

It’s not just adventurers who use Khan’s ambitions. In 2021, Pakistan will usher in its first English cricket team in 16 years. Since 9/11, security issues have been plagued by Pakistani cricket. With the terrorist attack on the Sri Lanka cricket team in 2009, Pakistani cricket reached a climax. As a result, since Pakistan played “at home” in the United Arab Emirates, the country did not participate in test cricket matches between 2009 and 2019.

Hopefully, cricket fans will follow England to Pakistan, where ideally they can still enjoy the beauty of the country. Of course, the best view is on the mountain. we went there before the pandemic and participated in the K2 base campany.


Planning For A Pakistan K2 Base Camp Tour After COVID Ends?

It should be noted that life on the road is difficult, but its a lifetime experience you can have. Forget the cafes, monasteries and souvenir shops decorated with prayer flags in Nepal, The Karakorum is a veritable wilderness. Pakistan hospitability is unmatchable. Anyone who chooses to visit K2 Base Camp will camp for several nights on the frozen Baltoro Glacier. Facilities are few and far apart. Pakistan’s tourism industry lacks Nepal’s infrastructure.

However, Pakistan has much more trekking than K2 base camp. Pakistan has endless mountain peaks, panoramic mountain trails and idyllic meadows. Pakistan has many hiking options that can rival the Himalayan neighbours. There are more comfortable cabin-to-hut routes than the Baltoro Glacier, excursions with campsites, and countless daily hiking options.

Pakistan may be on the cusp of a tourism boom, but the pandemic has stopped Khan’s plan. If you plan to go on a trek in 2021, consider giving up the Bali trail in the Alps or Annapurna and heading to the towering peaks and empty alleys to the beautiful Karakoram. High mountains are imperative, and Pakistan is finally ready to become one of the world’s leading hiking destinations.

Planning For A Pakistan K2 Base Camp Tour After COVID Ends?


One of the best points in northern Pakistan is to visit the K2 base camp. The base camp elevation is approximately 5,150 m (16,896 ft) with a maximum flying altitude of 560 m (18,241 ft) can be completed in 14 days and cover a distance of 160 kilometres. If you are interested in visiting then the best time is to go from mid-June to mid-September

Cost: 2000-3000 GBP for organized trekking to K2 base camp; 500 GBP for a round trip to Islamabad; 45 GBP for one entry tourist visa.

Entry (non-Covid): Most tourists from Pakistan require a visa. For more information, please visit the Pakistan Visa Portal. To travel to Pakistan, foreigners must be accompanied by a licensed guide.

Entry (Covid restriction): Due to the new response to Covid-19, Pakistan has expanded its ban on entry to the UK. According to the new ban, the British people are not encouraged to travel except for basic requirements.



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