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We offer the most exclusive Pakistan Tour Packages 2022 with all the services one can ask for. From flight booking to excellent commutes, accommodation with tour guides to all your favorite places in Northern Areas of Pakistan. Select a perfect tour plan to Pakistan with the exceptional services you ever wished for at the most reasonable price to explore and visit the beautiful areas of Pakistan. Explore the latest Pakistan tours below.

Pakistan Tour Packages Price 2022

Best Selling Pakistan Tour Packages 2022

No. of Days

Prices From*

Hunza Pakistan Tour Packages 5 – 10 Days Rs. 120,000*
Swat Pakistan Tour Packages 3 – 7 Days Rs. 65,000*
Neelum Valley Pakistan Tour Packages 3 – 7 Days Rs. 55,000*
Naran Kaghan Pakistan Tour Packages 3 – 7 Days Rs. 79,000*
Skardu Pakistan Tour Packages by Air 3 – 10 Days Rs. 195,000*
Murree Pakistan Tour Packages 3 – 5 Days Rs. 30,000*

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An Overview of Pakistan Tour Packages

Pakistan is a land of nature and high adventures with countless unexplored yet fascinating spots, remarkable blessings, and unique landscapes. From the vast alluvial delta of the Indus River to the highest peaks of mountains, and great deserts to lush green coniferous forests, Pakistan is endowed with every kind of natural beauty, which is why many people search for the best Pakistan tour packages. On top of it, its diverse food, language, and culture attract and lure all adventure lovers and tourists to visit and have a lifetime experience.

We offer its top-notch Pakistan tour packages 2022 at quite a reasonable price to explore and visit the fascinating areas of Pakistan. We choose the best tourist spots, which are not only safe and secure, but also impress the tourists with their eye-catching natural beauty, pleasant weather, and adventurous vibes. Thanks to the diverse climate, our top Pakistan tour packages are available to all our clients throughout the year. But, overall we prefer summer trips to northern areas for families. For those looking for adventure, we have Pakistan tour packages to northern areas of Pakistan in winter as well.

Looking for weekend trips, one-day trips, summer trips, or winter Pakistan tours, Pakistan Tour and Travel has got your back!

Our Pakistan Tour Services

We offer many facilities to ensure our clients get the utmost comfort and joy throughout their Pakistan tour packages. Following tour services are part of Pakistan Tour Packages 2022:

  • Tour Guide
  • Luxury Car
  • Accommodation Facilities
  • Sightseeing Places Visit

Pakistan Tour Packages 2022 for Northern Areas

In Pakistan tour packages 2022, we aim to let every Pakistani and foreigner explore the most beautiful and awe-inspiring areas of Pakistan with every facility and utmost comfort. We have pleased many foreign tourists and local adventure enthusiasts with our excellent services, receiving 100% satisfaction in exploring the northern areas and other famous spots of Pakistan. We know all the weather conditions, traffic situations, road constructions, and other possible hurdles beforehand. We plan for the most suitable Pakistan tour packages to make them successful and adventurous.

Pakistan Tour and Travel have a wide range of Pakistan tour packages for you at relatively affordable prices. Whether you want to travel from which city, you can choose any of our travel packages, including Pakistan tour packages from Lahore, Pakistan tour packages from Karachi, and Northern areas of Pakistan Tour packages. Our marketing team and highly skilled team guide you about the best and most appropriate tour package for you according to your requirements. Among more than 100 Pakistan Tour Packages, now you can choose your favorite one in any season to have a never-forgetting vacation with your loved ones.

Most Reasonable Yet Top Of Pakistan Tour Packages

Whether you are looking for family Pakistan tour packages, couple tour packages, or packages for friends to enjoy the heavenly areas of Pakistan, Pakistan Tour and travel have everything to offer you. The Pakistan tour packages for northern areas are best in summer, but you can choose any weather which suits you the best.

These travel destinations in Pakistan tour packages, full of adventure and beauty, include

  • Gurez Valley,
  • Neelum Valley,
  • Skardu Valley,
  • Nagar Valley,
  • Phandar Valley,
  • Hunza Valley.

Enjoy and explore the natural habitat of Pakistan amongst the majestic Karakoram and Himalaya mountain ranges with Pakistan Tour and Travel.

Top Holiday Couple Tour Packages

Pakistan Tour and Travel have introduced the best couple tour packages for them to enjoy the scenery, shopping, exemplary hospitality, luxury living, and everything that you can ask for. We will guide you to choose the perfect package for your partner to spend quality time with and, more vital, the eternal bond.

We rank among the top travel operators who deal in Pakistan tour packages when it comes to couple tour packages. Thanks to our core expert team members, who understand every bit of requirements for a perfect tour and make us offer an ultimate yet reasonable package.

Best Family Pakistan Tour Packages

Now travel with your entire family and loved ones with our Pakistan tour packages to the striking beauty spots of Pakistan. You can book the most suitable and affordable family tour packages to Pakistan from the wide range of Pakistan Tours and Travel packages. Planning a trip with your family could be a massive mistake without the best services and affordable prices. Pakistan Tour and Travel have it all! So, don’t miss out on our best family tour packages and have a great fun time with your nearest and dearest.

From Murree to Naran Kaghan and Swat to Kashmir, experience the most thrilling, comfortable, influential, and loved journey with your relatives. We cover the maximum northern areas for Family Pakistan tours and are working further to expand our services.

In our family Pakistan tour packages. the most visited spots are Hunza valley, Swat Valley, Kalam Valley, and Malam Jabba. Enjoy the breathtaking views, new environment, and cozy weather of these exhilarating spots by booking the best Pakistan tour packages.

Azad Kashmir Tour And Travel Services with Complete Tour Guide

Are you looking for a travel operator who offers the best services for traveling to explore the glorious beauty of Azad Kashmir at affordable prices? Look no further because Pakistan Tour and Travel have got the best Pakistan tour packages for you. Now you can make your vacation even more remarkable by opting for Kashmir Tour Package, which includes beautiful areas like Sharda, Kutton, Kieran, and none other than Neelum and Shogran.

Make your tour exciting and bold with Pakistan Tour and Travel. For foreigners, we have a communicator who lets them interact with the local people and know more about the place. Don’t miss the chance to have a great experience of Pakistan tours with us.

Naran Kaghan Pakistan Tour Packages

When it comes to the Northern areas of Pakistan, Naran Kaghan comes to mind for every person. We also prefer Naran and Kaghan Valley for Pakistan tours because every facility is easily accessible. And tourists can enjoy a modernized and comfortable tour with their family and friends.

We have different packages for Naran and Kaghan valley, including beautiful natural spots like Lulusar Lake and Saif ul Malaook Jheel, which never fail to impress the tourists, especially in summer. We offer plenty of entertainment to tourists with horse rides, hiking, trekking, Jeep tracks, and whatnot. Furthermore, Naran Kaghan Tours showers landscape like no other.

Moreover, we recommend the best resorts and hotels in our top Pakistan tour Packages for the tourists to stay in. They can enjoy the splendid views of the beautiful valleys and rest after a long tiring day with utmost comfort. Most clients are delighted with all the services leaving the highest reviews for us, which we are grateful for.

Why Choose Us?

Pakistan tour and travel is one the pioneer travel companies in Pakistan which holds a valid license from the Ministry of tourism. Under license number DTS 8135, we have served hundreds of local and foreign tourists. We welcome the portfolio of the happiest customers from significant countries for the best Pakistan tour packages.

Our top-of-list tour packages for Pakistan include super luxury cars, experienced drivers, travel guides, and coverage of the leading tourist destinations during the trip. Here are some of the qualities of Pakistan Tour and Travel which make us unique from other tour operators.

Safety Of Tourists

The safety and security of our tourists are our topmost priority. We never compromise in any way to make our tourists feel secure. For safety purposes, we are always in reach to local law enforcement. We can contact them right away whenever needed. Moreover, the disaster management authorities are also updated with everything to handle the situation if any lousy luck happens.

Affordable Tours

We know that not all people afford luxurious Pakistan tour packages. So we have introduced more than 100 packages for you to choose the most appropriate one according to your budget. Most of our tour packages are pocket-friendly yet include the maximum possible services to make a trip memorable. Moreover, we offer multiple discounts, special offers, and deals for our clients to help them explore Pakistan’s beauty even when they can’t afford it.

Offers Top Pakistan Tour Packages

There isn’t any spot in Pakistan that isn’t worth visiting. But being one of the top travel companies in Pakistan, we opt for all the most wanted and loved tourist spots for you to explore and have a great experience. These top areas are demanded by most of our customers, and people like to travel there due to excellent availability of facilities and course, never-ending beauty.

Luxurious And Comfortable Pakistan Tours

Who doesn’t want to prioritize comfort and luxury when it comes off once in lifetime experiences like Pakistan tours? Well, Pakistan Tour and Travel take care of this demand and need of the customers. We suggest to our customers the most satisfying resorts and hotels for a comfortable stay and try our best to fill the entire journey with ease and coziness.

Tour Guide

Foreigners who visit Pakistan for the first time, or even the local Pakistanis who don’t know much about these tourist spots of Pakistan, indeed require someone to lead them throughout the journey. We have our Tourist Guides who help all the visitors explore more and enjoy the fascinating scenes of the northern areas with every bit of knowledge. So, there isn’t any chance of unsatisfactory views or Pakistan tour packages.

Reliable And Trustworthy

We promise our customers a great experience and never fail to keep it. All our services are reliable and help us gain more people’s trust. Luckily, we have already gained a lot of it, which has given us popularity all over Pakistan and other countries. So, if you are looking for the best Holiday or Vacation Planner for Pakistan Tours and affordable Pakistan tour packages, Pakistan Tour and Travel is at your service.

Best Time to Visit Pakistan

Just like food and culture, Pakistan’s weather is quite diverse. It has all four seasons, including winters, summers, autumn, and spring, which is no less than a great blessing for Pakistanis. We know that it depends on your mood when you want to travel and explore the beauty of Pakistan, but let us tell you that seasons also play a significant role in these tours.

Generally, the best time to visit the northern areas of Pakistan is between March and November, so maximum clients book our top Pakistan tour packages during these months. Just because there is little or no snow in this period, tourists can enjoy every adventure and explore all the spots without hindrance. A calm atmosphere yet a lively environment makes your trip memorable. Whereas, months like April to November are usually preferred to visit areas like Balochistan, Sindh, and Punjab. So we can say that the best time for Pakistan tours entirely depends on the site you are traveling to.

Valleys of Gilgit Baltistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ( Chitral, Naran Kaghan, Swat ), Azad Kashmir ( Neelum Valley, Jhelum Valley, Rawalakot ), and Murree/Galya are considered as Nothern areas of Pakistan. Every tourist spot is characterized according to the weather conditions. Some of these are best to visit in summer, while others are more suitable in winter. On top of it, some even glow more in the autumn and spring. We offer Pakistan tour packages for all seasons.

Although most northern areas are summer destinations, Gilgit Baltistan is unique and can be visited anytime. Tourists are encouraged to visit this beautiful piece of Earth in any season, whether winters, summers, autumn, or spring. Are they wondering why this is so? Let us tell you! Spring comes with all the ripe fruits and fresh aura everywhere; summers don’t feel like summers with their cool, breezy, and moderate temperatures. Winters let the tourists witness the beauty of snow, whereas; autumn makes Gilgit Baltistan look like heaven with unique colors. Our Pakistan tour packages offer the best opportunity to explore this beauty!

Just like traditional Northern areas, the tour to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KPK is preferred in summer. Tourists can easily enjoy the forests, valleys, water streams, springs, and other heavenly places, which might get a little harsh in winter due to snow. So, the best time to visit this province is between May and October. However, some people book our Pakistan tour packages in winter to enjoy snow which is also refined yet adventurous.

Azad Kashmir is the Pakistan’s top spot, conjoined almost entirely with the Indin Border. This factor makes the tourists even more excited to travel to Azad Kashmir, but in what season? Azad Kashmir is well-known for its many water bodies, including glaciers, water streams, lakes, waterfalls, and many more. Tourists can enjoy these blissful beauties of Kashmir more in summer, so the preferred time is May to October.

What are you waiting for? Book our Pakistan tour packages and explore the wonders of Pakistan!

Geography of Pakistan

The geography of Pakistan is a combination and fusion of multiple lands, including deserts, landscapes, forests, beaches, mountains, hills, grounds, and many more. In a nutshell, the land is everything you want to witness, from clouds to underwater. Pakistan is a country where Highways like the GT road, Motorway, and Karakoram connect different cities and areas. Located in Asia, the government is famous for its attractions, whether China Border or Northern Areas o KPK. It has five provinces, including Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, KPK, and Gilgit Baltistan, each of which has unique beauty and tourist spots.

This 36th largest country in the world has neighboring countries like India, Afghanistan, China, and Iran with connecting borders. Geographically, nothing is missing in Pakistan that could hold the tourists back from booking Pakistan tour packages and visiting its beautiful tourist attractions. In the southern areas, the plains and plateaus attract tourists to explore more of them, whereas; the hills, lakes, and mountain ranges of Karakoram are no less than heaven. K2, the world’s second-highest peak of 8000 meters, is located in the long 500KM Karakoram mountain ranges.

Pakistan has been an underrated travel destination for many years. But, now it has gained popularity worldwide, and we are there for all foreigners and Pakistanis with the best Pakistan tour packages to make their travel experience worth it.

Are you interested in visiting the top tourist attractions of Pakistan? Reach out to us, and we will make your dream destination tour come true.

Are you looking to have Pakistan tour packages in 2022? Look no further; Pakistan tour and travel offers the best Pakistan tours with matchless travel guiding services. Our premium tours include the mighty northern areas tour packages whether you are visiting from abroad or having Pakistan tour packages from Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and from all over Pakistan.

Why should you get Pakistan tours?

Besides the geographic locality, Pakistan is diverse in culture, food, and languages. Pakistan tours can be available any time of the year because of the weather diversity. Northern areas of Pakistan can be visited best in summer for regular tourists, and the winter tours to northern regions of Pakistan are for adventure lovers.

The current federal government is highly motivated to increase tourism in Pakistan and take necessary steps to promote the soft image of Pakistan through tourism. Along with the federal government. Provincial governments in Pakistan are also mobilizing the tourism sectors in their respective provinces.

These steps include infrastructure development, building and upgrading roads, motels, new tourist destinations, and up-gradation of the existing travel destinations in Pakistan.

Pakistan Tour Packages From Karachi 2022

Pakistan Tour Packages Price From Karachi

Pakistan Tour Package From Karachi 2022

No. of Days

Prices From*

Hunza Pakistan Tour Packages 5 – 10 Days Rs. 120,000*
Swat Pakistan Tour Packages 3 – 7 Days Rs. 65,000*
Neelum Valley Pakistan Tour Packages 3 – 7 Days Rs. 55,000*
Naran Kaghan Pakistan Tour Packages 3 – 7 Days Rs. 79,000*
Skardu Pakistan Tour Packages by Air 3 – 10 Days Rs. 195,000*
Murree Pakistan Tour Packages 3 – 5 Days Rs. 30,000*


From Karachi, you may choose from a variety of customized Pakistan tours to fit the needs of every type of visitor. We offer many choices for Pakistan tour packages from Karachi, where you take advantage of incredible prices and discounts here from Pakistan tour travel.

Whether you are looking for family tour packages, honeymoon tour packages, or just a weekend getaway to Pakistan with your family and friends, Pakistan tour packages offer tour packages from Karachi to Pakistan’s northern areas.

Exquisite Pakistan tours are now available for tourists from Karachi. Additionally, we offer excellent travel and tour services for the northern areas of Pakistan From Karachi. Plus, we provide upgraded cars, tour guides, and stay at the best hotels. Also, a visit to the remote sites during your trip is included in our tour packages to the northern areas From Karachi.

Pakistan Tour Packages From Lahore

Do you want to travel to Pakistan from Lahore? You don’t need to look any further since Pakistan tour packages from Lahore are ideal for you. You may choose various customized tour packages from Lahore for all of Pakistan.

Lahore is another important city in Pakistan that serves as the country’s cultural capital and attracts the most significant number of tourists. Apart from its gorgeous gardens, the city’s constructions, which are a mix of colonial and Mughal architecture, as well as its bustling streets and bazaars, should be noted.

The Walled City of Lahore, also known as the Inner City, is a densely populated area of around one square kilometer that acts as the city’s beating heart. Lahore has a variety of attractions to keep tourists entertained during their visit, in addition to being a historical and cultural hub for over a thousand years.

The Lahore Fort, Badshahi Mosque, and Gurdwara are still reminders of Mughal and Sikh sovereignty; colonial-Gothic buildings from the British Raj surround the Mall, and the suburbs of Gulberg and Defense are home to beautiful mansions and trendy shopping districts.

Northern Areas of Pakistan Tour Packages

Tourists flock to Pakistan’s northern areas, known for being tourist hotspots. Pakistan has a diverse culture as well as a diverse climate. It’s a well-known location for its streams, snow-capped hills, lush green valleys, and revered social meeting locations.

The northern part of Pakistan is a famous tourist destination; trip packages to this region are available here. Northern Pakistan tour packages for 2022 include natural habitat, culture, tourist locations, and honeymoon vacations to the area.

Trekking, for example, is famous in northern Pakistan due to the availability of hilly areas such as Naran Kaghan, Swat, Hunza, Chitral, and Skardu, among others. In addition, in the northern districts of Pakistan, you will find lakes and rivers that are excellent for an extended Tour. Also, there are summer festivals in Chitral and sports events like the polo festival at the world’s highest polo ground. Also, a skiing festival happens in Malam Jabba, Swat, where you can enjoy these kinds of activities in the northern areas of Pakistan tour packages.

Camping is also a viral activity during northern areas of Pakistan tours. With friends and family, camping becomes more exciting, especially in Swat, where Mahodand Lake offers such training.

So the verdict is, you must get northern areas of Pakistan tour packages once in your life because you can’t afford to visit these areas if you are a nature lover.

Historical Pakistan Tour packages

When you visit a new region, it goes without saying that you want to learn everything you can about it as a valuable form of education. Learning is intriguing, as we all know, which is why we built a historical Pakistan tour travel to provide you with an authentic glimpse of Pakistan’s historical sites.

Visit some of Pakistan’s historical sites, such as Shalimar Gardens in Lahore; the Faisal Mosque, a beautiful architectural piece that dates back to 1976. Pakistan Monument serves as an artistic reference; Tomb of Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Mazar-e-Quaid), the tomb of a great leader and father in Pakistan; and Hiran Minar, a place of remembrance in Pakistan.

The historical roots of this country are deep, and learning about them while on one of your historical tour packages will be a lot of fun.

Adventure Tour Packages For Pakistan

Do you want to take on a daring adventure or something more exciting? From rock climbing to rafting, diving, skiing, skydiving, horse riding, and cycling, we’ll keep everyone entertained and interested throughout your stay.

Given that adventure Pakistan tours are designed to push you beyond your comfort zone while exposing you to some risks in your life, we give you a chance to do this in our packages.

Adventure tours help you capture the essence of road trips while allowing you to partake in various activities. Pakistan tour travel offers terrific adventure Pakistan tour packages that are flexible enough to fit into your budget while providing the fun and excitement you deserve.

Pakistan Cultural Tour packages

Pakistan’s lively culture reflects its people’s varied experiences throughout history. Pakistan Tour and Travel offers various itineraries for visiting Pakistan’s historical places. Discover Sindh, Harappa, Mohenjo Daro, the Gandhara dynasty monasteries, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, all of which have much to teach you about Pakistan’s culture and history

Pakistan tour packages offer you to experience the cultural diversity of Pakistan. Traveling to these historical places in Pakistan will remind you of the influence of different civilizations on this region.

In addition, you can experience mouth-watering foods influenced by diverse civilizations worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pakistan Tours & Packages

Question: How much does the Pakistan tour cost?

Ans: Pakistan tour packages do not cost much as compared to other international tour packages. Here are the prices from Pakistan tour & Travel.

Best Selling Pakistan Tour Package in 2022 No. of Days Prices From*
Hunza Pakistan Tour Packages 5 – 10 Days Rs. 120,000*
Swat Pakistan Tour Packages 3 – 7 Days Rs. 65,000*
Neelum Valley Pakistan Tour Packages 3 – 7 Days Rs. 55,000*
Naran Kaghan Pakistan Tour Packages 3 – 7 Days Rs. 79,000*
Skardu Pakistan Tour Packages by Air 3 – 10 Days Rs. 195,000*
Murree Pakistan Tour Packages 3 – 5 Days Rs. 30,000*

Question: Is Pakistan cheap to travel to?

Ans: Absolutely yes. Pakistan is way cheaper in terms of travel as compared to other countries. Food is very cheap, you can literally buy food for a few bucks in Pakistan. Also, the accommodation is very affordable anywhere in Pakistan.

Question: Which month is best for the Pakistan tour?

Ans: This is debatable. Pakistan has four seasons and every month is suitable for traveling depending upon your choice.

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