Where To Spend New Year’s Eve 2021 In Times of COVID?

Where To Spend New Year's Eve 2021 In Times of COVID?

Which Places You Should Visit In 2021?

New Year celebration begins right after 25 December in Pakistan. Pakistanis love to visit a place that is full of natural beauty and with amazing weather.

The New Year celebrations 2021 will start soon, with the hope and blessings of the Almighty God. Hopefully, this pandemic ends and the world takes a new start. Many different cultural, ethnic and religious communities living in Pakistan celebrate the New Year enthusiastically.

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Pakistan Tour and Travel always provide to give the best services for the tourist in New Year 2021. Following the global trend of celebrating the New Year on January 1 is a very exciting day for everyone. People wished each other on the first morning, praying for health, happiness and well-being. Many Pakistanis celebrate the New Year through various celebrations, such as fireworks, concerts, family dinners or prayer gatherings.

We have especially designed a new range of New Year packages that are travelling Pakistan in this COVID situation. With upgraded health SOPs, we tend to give the best tourist service to all northern areas in Pakistan.

New Year Celebrations in Pakistan

People all over the world are excited to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2021. Here we will share some of the New Year trips 2021 in Pakistan. Hunza Murree, Gilgit and Swat are the major winter tourist destination in Pakistan.

New Year comes with the winter season usually. Winter is the most romantic and beloved season of all batches because it has the most amazing features. The cold weather adds warmth to human emotions, which has become the best part that you and your partner can enjoy. Pakistan is full of wonderful scenery and arrested twice in winter.

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You can stroll through snowy mountains and frozen lakes in the icy breeze, which makes your New Year Travels even more exciting. When it comes to the romantic season, winter is full of competition. There are green leaves and blooming flowers in spring. Picnic by the lake in summer. There are red, orange and scarlet canopies in autumn.


In addition, Pakistan is full of wonderful regions from the north, with different scenery in every season. For example, in the cold winter, the breeze of Babusar Top from the icy lake is more exciting, and walking on the snowy land is always fun. New Year Travels is one of the most important in everyone life. Bring your bag and travel to Northern Pakistan with us this winter, where the tour became more adventurous.

Where to travel in 2021 as the pandemic ends?

Pakistan Tour and Travel offers couples the best winter New Year Travels deals. However, sometimes it is difficult for couples to cope with strange weather, but there is nothing to worry about. Our company provides the best service from transportation to the directory where you live or not. In addition, packages range from ultra-luxury to budget and provide the best services, including trips to all northern regions, especially Muree, Naran Kagan, Swat, Hunza, Skardu, etc. Plan your winter trip with us and experience a lifetime. Simply search for your travel plan on the PTT website, fill in the form, and wait for the customer representative to contact you.

Murree Tour 2021

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In addition, brief information on winter New Year Travels destinations are discussed here. For example, Murree is always the first choice for couples/teens, family or corporate groups, because it is close to the capital region of Pakistan. Most importantly, it is the cheapest tour in Pakistan. This is an effective tour where visitors can admire the natural beauty of lush greenery, snow-capped meadows and snow-capped mountains within a budget. You can visit Galiyat, urban, the Punjab Governer house that is now open for tourist. The ideal destination for beauty lovers.

Naran Kaghan Valley Tour 2021

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Then there is the Naran Kaghan Winter New Year Travels Package, which is the most popular tourist attraction in Pakistan. It takes about a day to reach the desired station. It’s up to you whether you want to spend a whole week over there or just a weekend but it’s going to be amazing. we have listed some of the best places you can visit while on your Naran Kaghan Valley Tour 2021. which are  Saif ul Malook Lake, Ansoo Lake, Lalazar, Balakot, Noori Peak, Dudipatsar Lake, Saral Lake, Fairy Land. Also, you can visit the nearby areas like shogran and Siri Paye and many other fabulous places worth visiting.

Hunza Valley Tour 2021

In addition, they also provide a winter New Year Travels package in Hunza Valley. Hunza Valley is a valley in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. It is famous for its historic luggage and mountains, bringing undeniable fun to tourists.

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The Hunza Valley is located in the middle of the famous Karakoram Highway. The highway connects Pakistan’s capital Islamabad with the Northern provinces and with China. This is the highest and most exciting journey in the world. Hunza Valley has many attractions and activities. Karimabad is an ideal base for exploring the area. Emerging explorers are waiting for world-class hikes. The area also has two incredible fortresses well preserved, adding a unique history and culture to the valley. From Hunza, follow the Karakoram Highway to Passu and the world-famous cable bridge. Try

Skardu Valley Tour 2021

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Similarly, Pakistan Tours and Tours offer winter New Year Travels packages in the Skardu Valley. Immense Mountain of Skardu includes the second largest mountain range in K2. Our Skardu tour packages are specially designed for local and foreign tourists interested in road trips in northern Pakistan. The itinerary covers the Himalayas and Karakoram Mountains in Pakistan. Apricot Tours was founded in Gilgit-Baltistan to design and execute all tours in GB. During the Gilgit-Baltistan tour, our local guides and support staff will provide you with a friendly host and guest environment, which others cannot provide. The client visited the wonderful creation of Almighty God here. Water, desert and alpine meadows are all concentrated in one place, definitely a paradise for backpackers.

Swat Valley Tour 2021

At the same time, the Swat Valley Tour is formally called the Switzerland of East. There is no doubt that it is the best tourist destination as well as the land of history, valleys and lakes. You can also stay in the luxurious setting of Pearl Continental Malam Jabba and have wondrous experiences of your life.

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The Swat Valley is full of miracles. Swati trout, dense green forests, medicinal springs, snow-capped mountains and beautiful lakes. Among them, the one worth visiting is Shahibag Lake, northwest of Sazgar, about three hours’ walk. The tourist finds peace, nothing is more beautiful than a breath of fresh peace and tranquillity.

Neelum Valley Tour 2021

Pakistani Tour and Travels also provide New Year Travel packages to Kashmir and surrounding areas, especially Neelum Valley. The Neelum Valley Tour Package is filled with many beautiful valleys, waterfalls and lush green meadows. Get the best Pakistan travel package in Neelum Valley and make your trip a noteworthy trip.

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The beautiful northern part of Pakistan where everyone can start gazing at the stars without any effort. It is famous for its charming glass backdrop, perfect landscapes, snow-capped mountains, roaring blue waters, green valleys and many amazing landscapes. There is nothing more exciting than an effective trip to the northern part of Pakistan. Azad Kashmir’s tour packages are full of beautiful and beautiful places, green meadows and towering peaks. It is the centre of tourist attractions. The surrounding scenery is beautiful and life culture is rich.

Best Foreign Travel From Pakistan 2021


From ancient ruins and modern cities to endless turquoise beaches, majestic green mountains, travertine terraces of Pamukkale, rock formations of Cappadocia and the best food in the world, everyone in Turks has it. Backpackers, cultural addicts, luxury travellers and boat cruisers find the perfect vacation here.

Turks are friendly and welcoming, although they may not speak much English outside of the main tourist areas such as Istanbul and Antalya. Economically speaking, Turkey has performed poorly in recent years because of the sharp depreciation of its currency, the lira. Today, service prices in Turkey are six times higher than in Europe. Suppose you pay $12 for a taxi in Vienna and $1.50 for the same distance in Istanbul.

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As a result, a one-way public transport ticket is only equivalent to $0.5-$1, while dining at a decent restaurant costs no more than $6 to $12. If you want to save money, there are many good options. Street food, such as Bosphorus bread (Balik Ekmek), world-famous Donor or Izmir Kumru is sold everywhere for 1 to 2 dollars, while traditional tea and the price of Simite breakfast is the same.

Highly desirable destinations (like other places) are more expensive, but Turkey is a safe country off the beaten track, and we recommend renting a car for this. Click here for the complete Turkey Visa Process from Pakistan.


In an expensive region, Vietnam is one of the best value-for-money destinations in Southeast Asia. Backpackers only need to pay $25 a day and still enjoy the best service the state offers.

Most nationalities require a tourist visa to enter Vietnam. Don’t let this initial fee disappoint you-everything is cheap after you enter. You can find a bed in a nice hotel in a big city, or a homestay in a rural Vietnamese homestay for only $10 per night.

In Vietnam, street food dominates, and a plate of pho, banh con or other delicacies in the province will cost you less than US$2. The price of an intercity train or bus ticket is between US$5 and US$35, depending on the distance.

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Of course, in addition to low prices, there are many good reasons to travel to Vietnam. The country is extremely diverse, from trekking to the beautiful Ha Giang Hills to boating in the backwaters of the Mekong Delta. A great way to experience the country is to travel between Hanoi and Saigon on the Unification Express, stopping at beaches, historic cities and national parks along the way. For the Vietnam visa process, you can check the details here.

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates has become synonymous with urban vacations and family vacations. Thanks to convenient access from all over the world, there is no doubt that the country has attracted travel enthusiasts from all over the world.

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The high-tech cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the main attractions for many tourists. It is impossible not to show off in shopping malls such as Dubai Mall, Festival City Mall and Yas Mall, but if we step out of these high-end shopping boulevards, there are many heritages worth exploring in Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah. Hikers will find many hiking opportunities in the arid Hajar Mountains. 


According to Bradley, 2021 is the era of Egypt, and Egypt has reopened to Americans this summer. He said: “Our class in Egypt is one of the most popular virtual travel classes in Indagare’s global class. It’s not difficult to see why.” This field is one-third of all the monuments in the world and is also the legacy of the seven wonders of the original world The only place under the Pyramids of Giza. In addition, the country has high value for travellers.

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The long-awaited Great Egyptian Museum has officially become the world’s largest archaeological museum and will be fully opened in 2021. Near the huge pyramid, it will be filled with dizzying exhibits, including exhibits of all the artefacts found in the tomb of King Tutankhamen. . Bradley said: “For anyone interested in ancient history, it is a destination in itself.” He said that Indagare could help overthrow the final coup: private access to the museum.


Last but not least is Morocco on the list for foreign travel for Pakistan. Morocco is very cheap, there are many things worth seeing and doing, not far from Europe, and there are enough cheap flights.

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Therefore, if you are travelling in Europe or outside and want an exotic destination near you, just travel quickly to Morocco. One of the best meals you can have in your life is there, only two dollars. You can eat delicious fresh fish takin and many others at reasonable rates. Enjoy the exotic beaches with the colourful community around and can have music all night long. If you are a party animal then this place is definitely for you.

Final Words

Let us know where you are visiting this new year eve. The year 2021 brings more light, adventure, attraction, and ultimately fun to tourists visiting these places, no matter which you are visiting. Plan the best days to spend in the cold winter and enjoy an unforgettable experience. Choose plans and packages that suit your needs and calm your soul. There is no doubt that the winter New Year Travels 2021 of Pakistan Tour & Travels is looking for its own way.

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