Top 10 Countries to Visit in 2021

Top 10 Countries to Visit in 2021-Travel After Covid-19

Where To Travel In 2021: Travel After Covid-19

Here 10 countries you should travel to in 2021. 2020 does not include international travel, it is time to start looking into the future. I promise, the blue sky is coming soon! If you have cancelled or postponed a trip originally scheduled for this year, you may wonder when you can fly again. This is a million-dollar problem, the truth is that no one knows. With this, it is time to start thinking about travel in 2021.

With the New Year in sight, everyone is eager to shake off the blues of the pandemic-ridden 2020. And what better way to see off a year spent cooped up at home than to travel abroad?! That’s why we come up with the best places you should travel to in 2021.

After the coronavirus infection, travel may look different, but this may not be a bad thing. Once crowded the city will become interesting again, although many travellers may choose a more secluded escape trip. But no matter what happens, we will return to heaven next year. So the question becomes, where should you go in 2021?

10 Countries to Visit in 2021


First and foremost is Pakistan on the list of 10 Countries to Visit in 2021. Pakistanis even ignore it because of the overall image of terrorism in the country and so on. Pakistan is one of the most interesting and interesting countries in the world. This is because it is within the mountainous borders on the one hand, and on the other hand in the desert dunes, it contains many cultures from different races.


Top 10 Countries to Visit in 2021-Travel After Covid-19

Travel After Covid-19: Pakistan


Every nation, whether living on the mountain peaks in the north of the desert in the south, has brought ancient traditions, wonderful cultures, various foods, sparkling clothing and charming myths, creating an unprecedented Unique land. You need to visit Pakistan at least once in your life, because the spirit of the people and the beautiful natural scenery peak in the splendour of its rich culture, which will undoubtedly make you an experience you will cherish forever.

The Pakistani food, culture, cultural diversity, four-season climate and hiking are all you need after this quarantine 2020. Undoubtedly, Pakistan is the first choice for travellers around the world.


Second, on the list is Turkey. Significantly, the population of Turkey is approximately 85 to 90 million and is gaining popularity in the Tourism industry every single day. Moreover, some travellers are confused and assume that the capital is Istanbul, the capital of Turkey is Ankara. Some insight into Turkey is here for your knowledge. Once, during the Ottoman Empire, Istanbul was the capital. However, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk moved the capital from Istanbul to Ankara when he established the modern Turkish Republic in 1923.

Top 10 Countries to Visit in 2021-Travel After Covid-19

Turkey: go-to place after COVID lockdown

The largest city in Turkey is Istanbul, with a population of about 16 to 20 people. Turkey’s second-largest city is Ankara, with a population of 5 to 6 million people. The third-largest city in Turkey is Izmir, with a population of 3-4 million. There are 7 regions around Turkey; Marmara Region, Black Sea Region, Eastern Turkey, Southeastern Turkey, Mediterranean Region of Turkey, Anatolia Region of Central Turkey, and Aegean Region of Turkey.

The official language of local residents is Turkish. However, many younger generations are fluent in English. In eastern Turkey, there are also many Kurds speaking. Approximately 95% to 98% of Turkey’s population is Muslim. However, you may see many churches, synagogues and other places of worship in Turkey besides mosques, because it is a secular country and we respect the freedom of all religious beliefs. a must-visit place in 2021 for tourist for sure.

UAE-United Arab Emirates 

The United Arab Emirates is a modern and vibrant country full of culture and history. It is a wonderful place where tradition meets modernity and technology and traditional values ​​merge.

The United Arab Emirates is also one of the richest countries in the entire Middle East, even if it is not the richest country, which makes it a unique place to enjoy luxury holidays. Sharjah is another culturally rich area, a 90-minute drive from Abu Dhabi and 15 minutes from Dubai. Recommended for a day trip. It is home to several museums and art galleries in the country, including the Sharjah Calligraphy Museum and the Museum of Islamic Civilization.


Where To Travel In 2021: Travel After Covid-19

United Arab Emirates


In fact, there is much reason to visit UAE in 2021. In the past decade, the United Arab Emirates has witnessed a growing interest in art. Located near the coast of Abu Dhabi, Saadiyat Island is a land designed to promote the cultural interests of the region.

For a more luxurious experience, the historic Al Fahidi district has the Dubai Coffee Museum and Dubai Women’s Museum. And don’t miss Alserkal Avenue, Dubai’s emerging art centre, where you can book independent movie tickets at Cinema Akil, the first original cinema in the Arabian Peninsula. Before its late book your trip to UAE 2021.

US-United State of America

With the borders opening up at their own pace, now is the time to start exploring your own backyard. If you live in the United States or outside, there are many adventures waiting for you. If you have never visited the United States before and are curious about its appearance, you can take a look at the American way of life. Although the experience of visiting the United States is not the same as the experience of living in the United States, these reasons will convince you that they are worth exploring.


Top 10 Countries to Visit in 2021-Travel After Covid-19

United States of America


The United States has an area of 3.8 million square miles, full of dozens of climates, hundreds of cultures, thousands of towns and 321 million people. Any problem with a state or city does not mean that you cannot visit other parts of the country.

The USA is the hub of multinational, you find much diversity here. Full of life, delicious food, unparalleled panorama. Tourist finds enormous places to visit here in every state, there are many museums, hidden gems to explore. Additionally, you will experience a new way of life, the country’s tourism industry is booming. All the big cities and small towns culture melt your heart. When any tourist visits any state of the US, you will learn to appreciate your lifestyle.

New Zealand

In the southern hemisphere, the situation of fleeing to New Zealand remains the same. Countries are beginning to discuss the idea of ​​a “travel bubble,” so if you are Australian, now may be a good time to finally explore your neighbours. In the second half of 2021, when the country’s borders are open to everyone, New Zealand is favoured for its secluded escape places (where crowds are not a problem).

New Zealand is an island country consisting of northern and southern islands and a group of smaller islands. It has an impressive and magnificent landscape, friendly and entertaining people, many attractions and activities, delicious food and wine, and an atmosphere unmatched anywhere else in the world.


Where To Travel In 2021: Travel After Covid-19

New Zealand


In addition, it is safe and easy to travel, even if you do not have much travel experience, it makes it affordable for everyone. New Zealand has everything you want in one destination and is easy to reach.

We can list hundreds of reasons why you would like to visit New Zealand-you can enjoy yourself here. But let’s take a look at five reasons why these small islands are great tourist destinations.

New Zealand is a beautiful, clean and green natural park. When you see the beautiful footage in the New Zealand travel videos of Milford Sound or Abel Tasman National Park, the vibrant natural landscape almost disappears. Or maybe you see Frodo and his friends move from the beautiful green hills of the Shire to the living landscape beyond the majestic mountains, and you want to know if these views are too beautiful and unbelievable.


Turkmenistan’s economy is one of the fastest-growing in the world. Turkmenistan is a large desert country with intensive agriculture and huge oil and gas resources in irrigated areas. In terms of natural gas reserves, it ranks sixth in the world.

Although not a common tourist destination, this Central Asian country is definitely worth a visit. Turkmenistan has a long history, with many monuments and attractions, such as Merv, Konye Urgench, and Nisa for travellers to explore.


Where To Travel In 2021: Travel After Covid-19



The Darwaza gas pit, known as the “Hell’s Gate”, is one of the strangest natural phenomena, and overnight camping is a truly unique experience. The capital, Ashgabat, offers many tourist attractions such as the Neutrality Monument, the Turkmenbasy Ruhy Mosque and the Gypjak Mosque. The archaeological site of Gonur Depe dates back to the pre-Merv era, and the palace and cemetery are two of the most interesting attractions.

South Africa

If you have long wanted to try the safari park, South Africa is still the best choice. In terms of towns, cities, coasts and culture, South Africa is definitely a very diverse tourist destination. But what makes it a tourist attraction? On the one hand, it has a variety of unique and exciting activities that make you want to book a tour as soon as possible. Table Mountain is one of the main attractions. It is a beautiful natural phenomenon that you must hope to see at least once in your life. Fortunately, you must not only admire its beauty from a distance, but you can also reserve a spot on the cable car at the top of the mountain to admire its various plants up close, or you can take a walk with your guide. Either choice is great.


Where To Travel In 2021: Travel After Covid-19

Where To Travel In 2021: South Africa


There is also the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, which is a beautiful nature reserve with rare plants, hiking trails and mountain views. There is Robben Island, also known as Seal Island, you can take a day trip. There is Augrabies Waterfalls, which is a national park with a very beautiful and huge waterfall, and then there is Saint Lucia, a small town where you can enjoy safari and hippopotamus boat trips, while hippos travel the entire street.


If you plan to visit Europe and explore rough roads, now is the time to explore Central Europe. Some of the more famous towns, such as Hallstatt and Salzburg, are crowded with tourists, but now there is a quiet oasis in all the tourist traffic. Borders with Germany, Switzerland and Italy; Austria often does not get the recognition it deserves.


Top 10 Countries to Visit in 2021-Travel After Covid-19

Where To Travel In 2021: Austria


One of its most beloved features is that it is located in central Europe because it used to be a land of great strategic value and eventful history, and a gateway to both sides in Europe. It is also the birthplace of dangerous seismic activity, allowing some of the most beautiful landscapes on the continent to be formed.

In order not to overwhelm anyone, these are the reasons you should visit Austria this year 2021. Travelling safely again in the time after COVID-19 will be a great opportunity for you to discover these once crowded destinations for yourself.


Another great destination for travel is my favourite place to explore in Canada: Alberta. The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic brought the entire world to a standstill. There are signs that the situation will improve in 2021, which is not a bad time to plan your big trip. If you are not too interested in visiting the country where you are, why not go to neighbouring Canada to explore its rural and urban life.

No country offers greater heritage, diversity, culture, Rocky Mountains, and natural beauty and sounds than Canada. Whether you are an outdoor adventure lover or a lover of city life, this North American country has everything for tourists. The Canadian Atlantic is an ideal place for all adventure and landscape lovers.


Where To Travel In 2021: Travel After Covid-19

Where To Travel In 2021: Canada


If you like nightlife, gambling and food, visiting the casino in this part of the woods is not a bad idea. These are some popular attractions for adventure and city lovers in this beautiful country.

This county is full of adventure activities, especially in winter. Therefore, this will be a great escape in early 2021. There are icy lakes on the snow for skiing and endless slopes to meet your adrenaline needs. These are my favourite attractions in Alberta to help you plan your trip.


Everyone who has read this blog for a while will know that my love for France is deeply rooted. If you are looking for a French getaway, now is the time to travel outside of Paris. Instead, consider exploring the French countryside more. Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases, the French government has decided to temporarily close its borders with non-European countries/Schengen areas. The new regulations also apply to French overseas territories so that they can control the second wave.

Some people visit France simply because they think France is one of the most beautiful places in the world, with exquisite food and hundreds of cheeses.

Top 10 Countries to Visit in 2021-Travel After Covid-19

Where To Travel In 2021: France


France is proud of its long and turbulent history. From the French Revolution to Napoleon and the World War, its historical sites often appear on tourists’ itineraries. There are the famous Somme battlefield and D-Day landing, as well as impressive castles, scenic churches and cathedrals.

Others go to France to shop, visit attractions, beaches or specific seasonal events such as Strasbourg and the famous Christmas market. There is no doubt that France is an exceptional area to explore. Many of them remind you of chocolate without even trying it!


Where are you going to travel in 2021?


Due to remoteness, we expect more and more flight bookings in 2021. Travellers will seek to get rid of the hustle and bustle in 2021 and experience loneliness in new unconventional travel destinations. Once this happens, please hop on the plane and enjoy places without crowds such as Rome, Venice and Paris, do yourself a favour.


But when it comes to popular attractions, the border opening next year will have a golden opportunity. what do you think of our list of Top 10 countries to visit in 2021, share your thoughts in the comment selection below.

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