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Experience the breathtaking Skardu Valley with our all-inclusive Skardu Tour Packages. Travel to Skardu by air or embark on a scenic road trip. We are presenting the most affordable Skardu Holiday Tour packages for 2024. Our Services features upgraded cars, ideal accommodation, and local tour guides, all in one package. Get the best-selling Skardu Tour by air today and avail of exceptional services. Just call our team & get a customized tour plan for Skardu Valley.

List of Our Hot Selling Skardu Tours !!

Couple Trip with Air Fare @ 275,000 PKR
Couple Package Price: 175,000 PKR

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Skardu tourism packages fall on the cusp of selling Pakistan tour packages—the mountain area of Skardu ranges of mountains such as Himalaya, Hindukush & Karakorum. Furthermore, Skardu is a piece of heaven on Earth for travellers to visit on Pakistan Tours in our Affordable Pakistan Tour Packages. SkarduNorthern Areas of Pakistan Trip Packages and Honeymoon Tour Packages for Couples from all over Pakistan.

Skardu Valley hosts many mesmerizing travelling sights and is known as the Gateway of Eight-thousanders in Karakoram Range and the world’s most thrilling and memorable trekking routes. Skardu Honeymoon Tour Packages are the hot selling from all Skardu Tourism Packages, with unique and peaceful locations in Pakistan.  During Skardu Tours & Trips packages, travellers can enjoy trekking and hiking in Skardu Tourism.

Book Top Honeymoon Skardu Trip Packages 2024

Skardu Tour Packages 2024 by Pakistan Tour Travel is one of the cost-effective Pakistan tourism packages in Pakistan’s Northern areas. Moreover, Tour the Shangrila Skardu and Shangrila Skardu Honeymoon Tour packages are the favourite Honeymoon destinations for couples to spend their time in Pakistan Honeymoon Packages 2024.

Skardu Cherry Blossom Season Attracts People from All over the World

One of the most cheered weather in Skardu is the Cherry Blossom season. The whole valley turns white and pink with the mighty rivers, and the snow-covered peaks in the surroundings take the tourists to another world. Skardu Valley Cherry Blossom Tour is the famous Pakistan Tour among Skardu Tour Packages.

Enjoy Your Perfect Honeymoon With Skardu Couple Tour Packages

The Autumn season of Skardu Valley is the favourite one among travellers of Pakistan and foreigners. During the Fall season, the whole valley changes its colours to golden. Most tourists from abroad visit Skardu in Autumn to glimpse nature at the Golden colour time. Shangrila Skardu Honeymoon Tour packages are among Pakistan’s favourite Honeymoon Holidays Tour Packages during the Fall season. Autumn is an incredible time for travellers and couples to visit each destination in Skardu. Every location in the Autumn season is easily accessible. Couples love to see Skardu in the Fall to spend the most beautiful time in Pakistan’s fantastic romantic and peaceful destinations on a Pakistan Tour.

Pakistan Tour Travel Always Urges To Promote Tourism in Pakistan.

Currently, Pakistan Tour And Travel is working on promoting the tourism culture of Pakistan to the world. Skardu is one of the destinations which is not widely explored yet. Skardu Valley in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan is a piece of heaven on Earth. Most interestingly, during Skardu Tour Packages, just for fun, learn a few Balti Words as one of the oldest regional languages in the world.


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Still Waiting? Book your Pak Tour Skardu Packages with us.

Call your friends and families and grab your backpack to set a journey towards Skardu on a perfect tourism adventure to Skardu. Our experienced team in Pakistan tour and travel will book a customized Skardu tour plan at affordable prices.


Famous Places Of Skardu Valley: Baltistan Skardu Tourist Places

Shangri La lake Skardu. Lower Kachure lake
Shangrila (Lower Kachura) Lake

Heart-shaped lake in Skardu

Deosai National Park Skardu
Deosai National Park

The land of gaints

SatPara Lake skardu
Sadpara Lake

Turquoise colored lake in Skardu

Top tourist spot of skardu: Shigaar valley
Shigar Valley

A blend of culture and beauty

Manthokaa waterfall.top skardu tourist spot
Mantokha WaterFall

The largest waterfall in Gilgit.

Katpana Lake and desert.top skardu tourist spot
Katpana Desert and Lake

Cold desert and mesmerizing lake

Upper khachura lake.top skardu tourist spot
Upper Kachura Lake

Deepest lake about 70 metres

Basho Valley

Majestic valley

Organic Farming in Hunza Embassy Hotel in karimabad
Nansoq Organic Village

First organic village in Pakistan

SKardu khaplu Valley tour Pacakges
Khaplu Valley

Unmatchable beauty

Why Skardu Tour Is Special For Foreign Tourist?

Top Festivals of Skardu Valley

  • Shandur Polo Festival
  • Jashn e Nowruz

Languages of Skardu Valley 

  • Balti
  • Ladakhi

Best Time to Visit Skardu Valley

The best time to visit Skardu Valley is From April to October, but if you are an adventure lover, you can also visit the Skardu valley in harsh winters. Roads are open in December and January too. Other than that, we have tour packages for Skardu in all four seasons:

  • Skardu Summer Tour packages
  • Skardu Winter Tour Packages
  • Skardu Autumn Tour Packages
  • Skardu Cherry Blossom Tour Packages

Famous Foods Of Skardu Valley to eat while you are on the Skardu tour

  • Muskut and Prapo,
  • Tras Pa,
  • Rdung Bhalay,
  • Tras Bhalay (Balti Noodles),
  • Apricot Cake,
  • Marzan.

Why are Skardu Tour Packages From Karachi so famous?

Top Skardu Gilgit Tour Packages from Karachi are famous among tourists for the following reasons:


  • Beautiful landscape
  • Road Structure improving
  • Mighty Rivers
  • Splendors of waterfalls and streams
  • Marvelous Deosai National Park (2nd highest plateau in the world)
  • lush green meadows and astonishing Valleys
  • Lovely People
  • Rich Culture of Baltistan Region

Many exquisite trekking and hiking trails in Skardu Tour are:


  • Snow Lake or Biafo Hispar La Trek
  • K2 Base Camp or Gondogoro La Trek
  • Broad Peak Base Camp Trek
  • Masherbrum Base Camp Trek
  • Banak Pass Trek


Plan your unforgettable trekking tour in Skardu today! Discover breathtaking landscapes, experience thrilling adventures, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Book your Skardu trekking tour now and embark on an extraordinary journey filled with natural beauty and awe-inspiring vistas. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to explore the wonders of Skardu.

Historical Places to visit during Skardu Honeymoon Tour Packages 2024

Along with the valley’s natural beauty, Skardu is also rich in history. Following are some of the most visited historical places you can visit during the Skardu couple tour package.

historical places of Skardu: Khaplu Palace
Khaplu Palace

Built-in 1840

Kharphocho Fort- Skardu Fort
Kharpocho Fort

Built-in 16 century CE

Famous historical places of Skardu: Shigar Fort
Shigar Fort

Built-in 17 century

HIstorical Places of Skardu: Manthal Buddha Rock
Manthal Buddha Rock

Discovered in 1906

Famous historical places of Skardu: Maqpoon Palace
Maqpoon Palace

Dates are unknown yet

Famous historical places of Skardu: Chaqchan Mosque
Chaqchan Mosque

Built-in 1370

Book Your Skardu Tour Packages by Air At the Lowest Price

The tourist community picks Skardu tour by air packages more as they save most of the travel time. Plus, you have more time to explore nature.  Skardu travel packages from Lahore are one of the selling tours of Pakistan tour and travel, especially in summer. The tourist wants to get rid of the sweltering heat and relax in the arms of nature.

Hunza Skardu tour package has become the perfect travel package from Pakistan as it covers the major northern areas at standard rates. If you want to book Skardu Trip packages from Karachi, you have reached the right place. Whether it’s a Hunza tour package from Karachi or a Swat Hunza Trip cost from Karachi, we serve all. 

On average, the Skardu trip cost for one person is around 60,000/- to 80,000/- Pkr. But it merely depends on how you are traveling; if you are traveling solo or on a group tour and doing Couch surfing, then your cost can be a bit low, and it will be less than a couple tripping to Skardu privately. 

Deosai tour packages are gaining popularity because of their vastness, fantastic flora and fauna, and captivating panoramic views. All of our Skardu Honeymoon Tour packages 2024 cover Deosai Tours as well.

Skardu by air airline ticket price: The average one-way fare from Islamabad to Skardu is 19,000/- Pkr per person.  However, the rate may differ on special occasions and flight availability. Many travelers asked which airline goes to Skardu. Currently, the only PIA is operational in Skardu. Other airlines of Pakistan are making their way to Skardu soon too. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Skardu Valley Tour

It is almost 13 hr 23 min (637.6 km) via N-15 on a 4×4 car with an expert driver.

Skardu is famous for its mountaineering and climbing. Additionally, Skardu is home to the second-highest mountain in the world and the highest mountain in Pakistan, K2 (8611m). Furthermore, the local people’s landscape, culture, tradition, and hospitality attract millions of tourists throughout the year, especially in Summer.

YES! Skardu is undoubtedly the safest tourist destination in Pakistan, but it is not without risks. The most likely hazards of traveling to Skardu are road blockages and flight cancellations due to severe winter weather and freezing blood. There is no fatal risk of traveling to Skardu.

The best time to visit Skardu is summer, June to September. This is the perfect time to enjoy lush green landscapes and escape the scorching heat in other parts of Pakistan at comfortable temperatures without much rain.

On average, 7 Days Tour Package To Hunza & Skardu costs around 99,000/- per person. This will include transportation, food, accommodation, and shopping stuff.

Some asked about this; yes, you can. You can use a 4×4 car for the Skardu road trip with an experienced driver. or it’s perfect to hire care rental for Skardu. However, the road trip to Skardu is much more scenic than the trip to Skardu by air

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