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Are you planning to visit Skardu by air this year? Book our hot selling Skardu tour packages by air which are the most popular in all. Our customized trips to Skardu are ideal for both foreigners and local travellers.

Each Skardu Tour includes a private car, tour guide, air tickets, airport transfer and hotel booking. Plus we have also Skardu tour by road ranges from 04 to 10 days depending on your priorities. 

List of Famous Skardu Tour Packages

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We have tailor-made road and air options. Our vacation tours are suitable for couples, families, and corporate groups.

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Must-Visit Places of Skardu Valley For an Unforgettable Family Vacation

These parts of the Himalayas would surely cast a spell on you. Baltistan’s region is huge, with a rich history and culture. We also have a trending blog on “the top places to visit in Skardu Valley.” 

  1. Kharpocho Fort 
  2. Shangrila Lake 
  3. Mursur Rock, Hussainabad 
  4. Organic Village, Skardu 
  5. Sadpara Village
  6. Katpana Lake
  7. Sok Valley 
  8. Deosai National Park
  9. Cold Desert, Shigar 
  10. Mantoka Waterfall


Skardu Fort, or Kharpocho Fort, is the most iconic site in the city. With its long-standing history, it’s the ultimate delight for adventure lovers. A bird’ s-eye view shows heavenly views of tall mountains and the Indus River.


Shangrila Lake is an artificial heart-shaped lake in the Kachura region. This picturesque lake attracts millions of tourists each year. Here, you can also go boating. 



Mursur Rock is new in the talk of the town. Many adventure enthusiasts make strides towards Hussainabad village. After 3.5 hours of trekking, you can stand tall at this gigantic rock slab at 3800 meters elevation. 



Organic Village is just behind Kharpocho. Here, vintage-style balti houses welcome you. The food is organic, and people live simple, basic lifestyles. No road access exists so that you can relax at your own pace.



Sadpara Lake is world famous because it’s just a short walk from the central city, but its real essence prevails in its village. Most of the Balti mountaineers hail from this prestigious village. 



Katpana Lake shies away from the bustling city. Its hidden treasure is in the heart of the Karakoram range with its turquoise colors. Its mind-blowing blend of green pasture and aqua is all that you need. A morning walk is all that you need. 



Sok Valley is yet another exciting prospect. Here, trout fish are in abundance. Here, clear crystal water flows that descend from the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas. It’s just a 40-minute drive from Shangrila Lake in Kakurura Town. 



Deosai National Park is the second-highest plateau, famous for being the world’s roof. This national park is home to Himalayan brown bears, which eat silverfish. Young marmots and yaks also display their talents. A three-hour drive will arrive at this land of legends. 


Cold desert Sarfaranga is another spectacular place where you can languish, mountains with snow, river, and desert all in one frame. It has been famous for 4×4 adventure, and you can also experience paragliding. 



Mantoka Waterfall also receives thousands of tourists each month in Baltistan. A normal car is good enough for commuting. The total distance from Skardu is only 2.5 hours, and the city has an ever-changing landscape. 

Shangri La lake Skardu. Lower Kachure lake
Shangrila (Lower Kachura) Lake

Heart-shaped lake in Gilgit

Deosai National Park Skardu
Deosai National Park

The land of Giants

SatPara Lake skardu
Sadpara Lake

Turquoise colored lake

Top tourist spot of skardu: Shigaar valley
Shigar Valley

A blend of culture and beauty

Manthokaa skardu tourist spot
Mantokha WaterFall

The largest waterfall in Gilgit.

Skardu Tour packages at afordable rates. Katpana Lake and skardu tourist spot
Katpana Desert and Lake

Cold desert and mesmerizing lake

Upper khachura skardu tourist spot
Upper Kachura Lake

Deepest lake about 70 metres

Skardu valley tour packages Basho-Valley
Basho Valley

Majestic valley

Skardu Tour Packages for families, couples and groups Organic Farming in Hunza Embassy Hotel in karimabad
Nansoq Organic Village

First organic village in Pakistan

SKardu khaplu Valley tour Pacakges
Khaplu Valley

Unmatchable beauty

Exciting Skardu tour Packages by Air from Islamabad

Skardu Valley tour packages by air start from Rs. 110,000. These holiday plans are ideal for couples, families, and adventure lovers. They feature private vehicles, 4×4 experiences, exotic resorts, and 24/7 customer support.


Most of the flights are from Islamabad, and 03 daily flights make it an exciting prospect. Gazing at the Nanga Parbat Peak, you are almost there. Flights from Karachi and Lahore are also increasing.


Once in the City, you can explore Sada Lake, Katana Desert, and Old Bazar in no time. You witness desert, mountain, and Indus river in one frame. Here, the Himalayas and Karakoram stand tall and handsomely.

Skardu Valley Tour Packages from Karachi - A mere 02 Hours Flight

Karachi is one of the most important cities in Pakistan. Once again, it is the most populous industrial city with a rich culture. It’s a coastal city with vibrant street food. Yet, it does not possess any mountain. 


The people of Karachi crave mountains. Around 60 per cent of domestic tourists hail from Karachi, Sindh. Is that a big number? So, now we have a direct connection from Karachi to Skardu Airport. 


A whole new world awaits for the people of Karachi. We are offering various by-air trips to Skardu at prevailing prices. To give an idea, currently, one side price starts at Rs. 38,800 per ticket. So, you can enter the world of adventure in just 02 hours of direct flight. 

Skardu Cherry Blossom Tour Packages

One of the most cheered weather is the Cherry Blossom season. The whole valley turns white and pink. It feels like the whole valley turns into colourful bliss. The grandeur of the valley multiplies from March to April each year.  


Once you land in Baltistan, every corner captures your mind. Even the airport sits on top of the vast Hargisa desert. Kachura Lake is a juggernaut of the water stream, while Chunda Valley is a paradigm of blossom.   

Why Foreign Tourist love northern Pakistan?

Top Festivals of  Baltistan

  • Shandur Polo Festival
  • Jashn e Nowruz
  • Mayfang Festival ( December )

Famous Foods to Eat 

  • Muskut and Prapo
  • Tras Pa
  • Tras Bhalay (Balti Noodles)
  • Apricot Cake
  • Marzan

Historical Places of Skardu Valley, Baltistan

Along with the valley’s natural beauty, it is also rich in history. Following are some of the most visited historical places you can visit during the Skardu couple tour package.

historical places of Skardu: Khaplu Palace
Khaplu Palace

Built-in 1840

Kharphocho Fort- Skardu Fort
Kharpocho Fort

Built-in 16 century CE

Famous historical places of Skardu: Shigar Fort
Shigar Fort

Built-in 17 century

HIstorical Places of Skardu: Manthal Buddha Rock
Manthal Buddha Rock

Discovered in 1906

Famous historical places of Skardu: Maqpoon Palace
Maqpoon Palace

Dates are unknown yet

Famous historical places of Skardu: Chaqchan Mosque
Chaqchan Mosque

Built-in 1370

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Wonderful trip in Pakistan


We have joined the wonderful tour during the time. We have been in Lahore, Fairy Meadows, Hunza, Skadru, Islamabad, Peshawar and Taxila. There are different wonderful moment during the trips such as trekking, sightseeing for historical view point and especially for the nice view of NagaParbat, Hunza Valley and Khunjerab.


It’s my pleasure to join this tour with our best tour guide. They take care for us and provide many useful information during the trip. We highly recommend them.

Patrick Fung – Hong Kong, China,  October, 2023

Premium Skardu Valley Tour Packages

Our Skardu tour packages include luxury hotels, unique camping sites, and comfortable vehicles. We carefully plan trips that involve relaxation and unwinding from tough urban life. Our premium tour packages for the Skardu region also consist of the following sub-valleys. 


  • Chunda Valley tour Packages
  • Khaplu Valley Tour Packages 
  • Deosai National Park Tour Packages 
  • Katpana Desert Tour Packages
  • Shangrila Resort trips 


Chunda Valley tour Packages:


If you love a relaxing trip, then the Chunda Valleythe chunga Valley tour package suits you. Chunda Valley is as unique as its name. Just an hour’s drive from central Skardu city opens a new world. In olden times, Sikh people lived here. This picturesque valley is world-famous for its cherry blossom season. The name of the chunda means docking area for boats. People claim that centuries ago, all of Skardu city was underwater while Chunda was a docking place for boats as it’s a bit high in elevation. 


Khaplu Valley Tour Packages:

Our Khaplu Valley tour packages will surely take you closer to nature. Khaplu Valley resides on 04 hour’s drive from Skardu city. Valley is famous for many things, such as Khaplu Palace, Chanqchan Mosque, old Tibet-style houses & Sailing Village. Here, apricots are juicy & mouth-watering. Moreover, the Khaplu Palace is a new fort dating back to 1840. This valley was integral in ancient times as it was a significant trading route from Kashmir to central Asia. The sailing village showcases mountain vistas & fish farms where nature is full blooming. 


Deosai National Park tour packages:

Deosai National Park tour packages are most in demand during the summer season. They are only available from June to September each year. As Deosai, or the land of giants, opens its gate for dwellers, people rush to embrace its flora. The sweet sounds of marmot would surprise you. Here, various flowers bloom that do not propel in any other environment. The Himalayan brown bear lives peacefully here. Further, Sheoshar Lake is a pinnacle of this region’s majestic beauty. 


Katpana Desert Tour Packages:

Katpana Desert is different from Shigar’s cold desert. Many people consider them one, but that’s not true. Katpana Falls is located in the center of the city. It’s one of the most important places in Skardu. It should be on your bucket list because here, the water stream goes through the desert while fish also mark their presence felt. It’s a magical oasis waiting to welcome you on your next trip to Skardu. 


Shangrila Resort trips:

Shangrila Resort is an iconic establishment that has welcomed guests from all over the world. This resort has hosted various prime ministers of Pakistan as well as notables from different countries. Here, the heart-shaped lake manifests grandeur and peace. It has numerous trekking trails within the resort. You can also cycle on request. We have been offering Shangrila resort tour packages for over a decade. 

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People Also Ask

It is almost a 16-hour drive & 650km distance via Karakoram highway. During summer, you can also travel partially on Naran Jhalkhand road.

Skardu is famous for so many things as follows.


  1. Gateway to K2
  2. Access to Concordia & Broad Peak
  3. Baltoro & Biafo hisper glaciers
  4. Deosai National Park
  5. Askoli, the last village of Northern Pakistan
  6. Deserts in mountains
  7. Countless peaks
  8. Home to Himalayan brown Bear
  9. adventure power house
  10. Air travel access with direct flights from major cities
  11. unique culture
  12. amazing food
  13. Deosai National Park
  14. Many lakes within city

YES! Skardu is undoubtedly the safest tourist destination in Pakistan. The people are very friendly and hospitable. Some of the main highlights are below. 

  • Fully safe for solo travellers
  • Progressive people 
  • Hospitality is un-parralel 
  • Home of adventure tourism 
  • Female contribution in all businesses 
  • Moderate society 
  • Inter-faith harmony 

You can also read our trending blog on how safe it is for female travelers in Pakistan as well. 

The best time to visit Skardu is summer, June to September. This is the perfect time to enjoy lush green landscapes and escape the scorching heat in other parts of Pakistan at comfortable temperatures without much rain.

On average, 7 Days Tour Package To Hunza & Skardu costs around 110,000/- per person. This will include transportation, food, accommodation, and shopping stuff.

Some asked about this; yes, you can. You can use a 4×4 car for the Skardu road trip with an experienced driver. or it’s perfect to hire care rental for Skardu. However, the road trip to Skardu is much more scenic than the trip to Skardu by air

Top Skardu Gilgit Tour Packages from Karachi are famous among tourists for the following reasons:


  • Direct flight from Karachi to Baltistan
  • Complete change of Environment
  • Beautiful landscape
  • Road Structure improving
  • Mighty Rivers
  • Splendours of waterfalls and streams
  • Marvelous Deosai National Park (2nd highest plateau in the world)
  • lush green meadows and astonishing Valleys
  • Lovely People
  • Rich Culture of Baltistan Region

Hassle Free Skardu Travel Packages by Air from Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad

We consider each couple unique. Every family has its own bucket list and preferences, so we tailor-make trips for families. Our sales team considers all factors & presents a custom tour plan. 


Baltistan is a land of culture, towering peaks, and adventure. Within a 100-km radius, you will find more than 100 peaks of around 6000 to 8000 meters. It’s the mecca of adventure tourism in the whole world. 


Our services include honeymoon tours and family getaways. Our private tours are top-rated in Pakistan on various social media platforms. We have been offering walking tours on the bank of the Indus River, while trekking trips are ideal in Baltistan. 


Baltistan is the gateway to the mighty peaks of Karakoram. It opens the door towards Askoli and Hushe. Our packages involve family gateways, but we also offer trekking trips to those remote parts. Our services include local guides and friendly porters. 


  • Air Flights from Islamabad, Lahore & Karachi 
  • 4×4 adventures
  • Gateway to K2 peak & Concordia 
  • Katpana Desert
  • Shigar Desert 
  • Fishing at Souq Valley
  • Blossom of Chunda Valley
  • Deosai National Park 
  • Basho Valley excursions 
  • Paragliding in Shigar’s cold desert 
  • Shigar & Khaplu Forts
  • Trekking to Masoor Rock
  • Unique Shangrila lake
  • Tibet-style houses in Cermak Valley
  • Kharpocho Fort in the heart of the City 
  • Organic Village
  • Hussainabad Waterfall
  • Manthal buddha rock
  • Balti Music 
  • Delicious Food 

This region hosts many mesmerizing travel spots. It is a gateway to an adventure wonderland. From here, you can approach K2, broad Peak, and countless trekking trails.

Every Season has its own charm but it depends on your choice. Some of the important seasons are below.

Best Time to Visit Skardu Valley

  • Summer Tour packages ( May till July )
  • Winter Tour Packages ( December – February )
  • Autumn Tour Packages ( October- November )
  • Cherry Blossom Tour Packages ( March- April )
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