Lahore In ’52 Places To Love In 2021′ By NY Times

Lahore In '52 Places To Love In 2021' By NY Times

Lahore Made It To The List Of ’52 Places To Love In 2021′ By NY Times

The New York Times lists Lahore as one of 52 attractions in 2021. The article about Lahore was written by 29-year-old freelance writer Haneen Iqbal from Toronto, Canada. Zulfi Bukhari, Special Assistant for Tourism to Prime Minister Imran Khan, subsequently retweeted.

The New York Times recently released a list of  “52places of love” in 2021, and our beloved Lahore tops the list. The post read: “In a dark year, we ask our readers to tell us something that makes them happy, inspired and reassures them. Here, 52 of the more than 2,000 suggestions we received remind us that the world is still waiting. ”The post highlights the motivation behind the news after the 2020 test.


Lahore In '52 Places To Love In 2021' By NY Times

Lahore In ’52 Places To Love In 2021′ By NY Times


Among the other 51 travel destinations, they include Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands, Kaliya Dhrow in neighbouring India, Siwa Oasis in Egypt in Lahore, the capital of Punjab, and Lahore, the capital of Punjab. Being listed on the list, the author Haneen Iqbal expressed his love for this city known for its rich culture and vibrant atmosphere.

Iqbal is a 29-year-old freelance writer from Toronto, Canada. “I’m 18 years old and haven’t returned to Lahore when I was 12. It was winter. At the open-air free market, my mother and I were wandering among the vendors, and the fabric suppliers scattered bright fabrics urging us to come. Watch. At dusk, wearing shawls and shawls. Wrapped around our shoulders, we ate a bowl of spicy Karahi chicken and cleaned the bowl with spicy Khmer Roti.


NY Times


Iqbal wrote: “Pakistan has a poor reputation and is often overlooked by travellers to South Asia. But the Lahori are one of the best and most generous.” She said that she likes to be in Badshahi. Local Punjabi was seen on the balcony of the mosque restaurant.

52 Places To Love  In 2021: Lahore was listed as one of the best places to visit this year by The New York Times

Author’s description: “They are just normal people, living a normal life. They are very active in the present, but they are always closely related to the past.”

Zulfi Bukhari, Special Assistant for Tourism Affairs to Prime Minister Imran Khan, retweeted the article and said: “Lahore’s rich culture, warmth, hospitality and delicious food await travellers.”

“A must-have on everyone’s list!” he added.

Why Should You Visit Lahore After Listed In 52 Places To Love In 2021?

Here are reasons why you should visit Lahore once in your lifetime

Lahore is a major city in Pakistan, truly unique. The city has many interesting features that attract locals and tourists. Pakistan Tour and Travel offer cheap air tickets from around the world to Lahore, so if you are currently deciding whether to visit or not, we hope our flight offers will help you make the decision so you can start a large-scale trip. There are many reasons to visit this beautiful city-we have listed 4 features that make it so special.

Rich History

Lahore In '52 Places To Love In 2021' By NY Times

When you visit Lahore, you will feel as if you have gone back in time. This city has a long history because it was the capital of many ancient emperors who ruled the area. The ancient architectural wonders and the grandeur of Lahore amaze tourists. Must-see historical attractions include the famous Badshahi Mosque, Lahore Fort, UNESCO World Heritage Site and Faqir Khanh Museum. Walking through the ancient Old Waleed City Lahore is a rich experience.

Excellent Buying Opportunity


Lahore In '52 Places To Love In 2021' By NY Times


Lahore is the fashion centre of Pakistan and the city has an excellent shopping culture. It is the home of shops, selling almost everything you can imagine for every type of traveller. There are a variety of shopping destinations to explore, including the latest shopping malls and designer shops, old bazaars selling authentic traditional goods, and local markets where tourists can make cheap deals.

Endless Mouthwatering Local Food


Lahore In '52 Places To Love In 2021' By NY Times


Gourmets will be in place in Lahore, which is famous for its food. The city offers a wide range of cuisines. Lahore is full of restaurants, roadside stalls and many places to eat. It always attracts locals and tourists. Some are open 24/7, so you will never be hungry here. There are also many traditional pastry shops and bakeries throughout the city.

Diverse Culture


Lahore In '52 Places To Love In 2021' By NY Times


Lahore is known as the cultural centre of Pakistan. It is the home of lively, friendly and hospitable locals who do their best to make tourists feel at home. Citizens of Lahore observe many traditions during festivals and festivals throughout the year. Lahore culture is also expressed through art, exotic cuisine, literature, etc. This is a completely affluent destination, visitors will learn a lot and have a lot of fun from it.

Final words

So what do you know about visiting Lahore in 2021 and if you visited in the previous year, share your experience with us in the comment section below:

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