Azad Kashmir Tour Packages | Neelum Valley Tours

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Best Neelum Valley Tour Packages 2020

Neelum Valley Tours: Enjoy an Awesome Neelum Valley AJK Tour Package and see the beauty of Northern Areas of Pakistan. With the Holiday Travel Package of Neelum valley, we are giving you chance to explore the beauty which resides in Azad Kashmir. With our services you will get all of the information about Azad Kashmir. First of all, Azad Kashmir Tour Packages are full of the followings:

  • Wonderful Exotic Locations
  • Green Meadows
  • Towering Peaks


Don’t miss the chance to avail our Top and Best Neelum Valley AJK Tour Packages 2020. Offering the Best Holiday Honeymoon Tour Travel Trip Destinations of Pakistan for our Travel Packages 2020. We as a Expert Tour Operator, giving you the Tour Packages of the Top and Must see Neelum Valley Tourist Places, which you have never seen before in whole life.

AJK Tourism is gaining popularity with every single day. As the Azad Kashmir offers the most amazing panoramic scenic locations in its lap. Moreover, every quarter of Azad Kashmir abounds with astonishing yet breathtaking views. Neelum valley is being the in dispute since the day of independence of Pakistan. But the area that is the official part of Pakistan holds magnificent Neelum Valley. Taking a Road Trip to Neelum Valley will be amazing. As the Neelum Valley Map offers millions of perplexing views throughout the journey.

Neelum Valley in Azad Kashmir owns followings:

  • Dense Forests 
  • Several Waterfalls 
  • Freshwater Streams
  • Green Mountains
  • Roaring River


The unique thing about Neelum River is that serves as a border between Pakistan and India.


Best Time to Visit Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir

Want to know the Best and Most Suitable time for travelling to Azad Kashmir Neelum Valley? If Yes, then see the details here and get your answer. Neelum Valley remains opened 12 months in a year upto Keran. If you want to explore Neelum Valley than Best time to visit Neelum Valley is between April and October.

For hiking the Best Time to Travel starts from mid July to mid of September.

The Neelum Valley is the neighbouring valley to the most famous and renowned Naran Kaghan Valley. Definitely, provide a reason to fall for it region again and again.

Below is the Complete list of Azad Kashmir Neelum Valley Pakistan Tour Packages with The Most Affordable Rates 

List of Best Azad Kashmir Neelum Valley Pakistan Tour Packages


There are some places in Pakistan which are Promoting the Tourism from all over the globe and availing this we Pakistan Tour and Travel is offering Best Neelum Valley AJK Tour Packages 2020Avail our Holiday Tour Package to Neelum Valley in which we offers Keran, Sharda, Khel Taobut as main attraction points of Neelum Valley AJK.


Best and Most Comfortable Neelum Valley 5 Days 4 Nights Couple Tour

Providing Special Neelum Valley Tours for Families and Couples

As a Tour Operator, we give the Most Affordable Holiday Honeymoon Tour Travel Trip Tourism destination of Pakistan which is Beautiful Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir.

Join us as your trusty Pakistan Tour Operator and leave the rest to us in giving you the most comfortable and the best ever Neelum Valley Tour Package which you can enjoy as in the form of Honeymoon Tour Package or with the Holidays Tour Packages. Pakistan Tour and Travel is mainly focus on the quality and will never compromise on the standards of quality.


 Don’t Wait and Book Azad Kashmir Neelum Valley Tour Travel Package 

So, Don’t wait for the Trip and book the Holiday Tour Package to Neelum valley.

Furthermore, its hub of winter sports, during summer serene lakes and wonderful Cultural marvels attracts visitors. Moreover, capital is Muzaffarabad with various other cities like:

  • Rawalakot
  • Bhaag
  • Mirpur

Enjoy The Awesome Trip To Azad Kashmir 

Azad kashmir has various valleys such as Neelum Valley and Leepa valley which has been very famous for tourism activities over last few years.

Furthermore, Famous areas are named as:

  • Banjosa Lake
  • Ratti Galli Lake near Kutton Jagran
  • Kutton Valley
  • Sharda Valley
  • Kail
  • Arrang Kail
  • Sardari
  • Halmat Taobut being the last village but the most beautiful.


Pakistan Tour and Travel is offering the most affordable and Luxurious Azad Kashmir Tour Packages starting from Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Many people ask whether we provide Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir from Karachi to Neelum Valley and we hereby confirm that we are offering such Travel Packages now in year 2019.

Along with these sightseeing areas, it also offers many historical destinations as Azad Kashmir Neelum Valley is also rich in the history with beautiful locations. Some of them are:

  • Sharda Buddhist University Ruins
  • Sharda Peeth (Sharda Fort)
  • Red Fort
  • Pir Chinasi
  • Ramkot Fort

Latest Neelum Valley Tour Packages 2020| Affordable Packages

Azad Kashmir tourism have a large impact in our tourism industry to promote tourism culture of Pakistan. We provide different Azad Kashmir Neelum Valley tour packages 2019 according to the call of the travelers who wants to explore AJK Tourism Neelum Valley of Pakistan.

We have Pakistan tour packages for AJK Tourism Neelum Valley categorized from economical tour packages to delux tour packages starting from 3 days 2 nights basic packages.

Plan a Splendid Neelum Valley Tourism Packages | Know The History with our Neelum Valley Tour Guide

Surrounded by the mountains of Azad Kashmir of Pakistan lies the mesmerizing Neelum Valley, that offers tourists with the love of nature. This time we are providing some of our best tour packages for beautiful destinations of Azad Kashmir Pakistan in summers of 2019. Azad Kashmir Tour Packages include different places to visit and below is the list of famous places you must visit and these are:

  • Neelum Valley
  • Toli
  • peer
  • Banjosa Lake
  • Ratti Gali Lake
  • Kel & Arang Kel
  • Sharda
  • Taobut

Along with these beautiful locations, we are also providing some other astonishing destinations from other regions in the Azad Kashmir Tour Packages as:

  • Naran Valley
  • Kaghan Valley
  • Shogran Valley
  • Murree

Azad Kashmir Trip Packages have many different Travel plans as per the demand of our customers starting from 3 days 2 nights basic tour plan. All of these Pakistan Tour Packages and Azad Kashmir Tour Packages 2020 are for our customers from All Pakistan.

Get Azad Kashmir Tourism Guide To Maximize Your Trip To Azad Kashmir

We will provide you with our Tour Guide who has firm knowledge about the History of Azad Kashmir, We love if you get the most of the details about the beauty which lies in the Azad Kashmir.

Azad Kashmir Tourism Hotels

We as the Best Tour Operator gives Best Tourist Lodges, Hotels, Huts & Lodges so that you may enjoy the beautiful Trip to Azad Kashmir. Moreover, our top priority is giving the maximum comfort to the clients. The sole purpose of us is to promote the Tourism In Azad Kashmir and letting people know that Pakistan is full of Natural Beauty.


How We will make Your Azad Kashmir Neelum Valley Tour Package Awesome? See Below

Everyone wants the comfortable journey, and the best kind of Trip is the one where you can do the followings:

  • Relax Environment
  • No messages
  • No phone calls
  • No WhatsApp
  • No Instagram


Although it is tough to find WiFi and signal free zones, don’t worry Neelum Valley fulfills these requirements!

We have created a plan for you to have a relaxing trip, where you can enjoy the company of people you travel with, and of course, yourself.

Upon reaching and exploring the Neelum Valley, you’ll find a mix of the big attractions, some charming local neighborhoods and lesser-known sights which you have never seen before.

Top 10 Places You Must Visit in Neelum Valley

Counting on the Neelum Valley Tourist Spots, nature is so blessed here that each quarter of the valley has its own unique charm. If you are planning to take a Trip to Neelum Valley, from Capital Territory of Islamabad take a route to Muzaffarabad Road. Moreover, Lahore to Neelum Valley Bus Service is also available if you are from another part of Punjab. We can Guarantee you that no one is offering that much Cheap and Comfortable Neelum Valley Tours all over the Pakistan.

We have created a list of some famous Tourist Spots in Neelum Valley:

  • Banjosa Lake
  • Ratti Gali Lake near Kutton Jagran
  • Kutton Valley
  • Sharda Valley
  • Kel
  • Arrang Kel
  • Sharda
  • Halmat
  • Taubut


Some Details about Top 10 Places in Azad Kashmir Neelum Valley | List of Neelum Valley Tourist Places

  • Pattheka

Pattheka is the first Tourist Spot while entering in the Neelum Valley. The town known as the commercial area of Neelum valley. Along with this, there are many Hotels in Neelum Valley which are luxurious. These Hotels are ready to accommodate millions of Tourists to Neelum Valley. Pattheka offers numbers of panoramic views of the valley. The Gigantic mountains, the pleasant Neelum Valley Weather. Also, lush green meadows capture tourist attention. The curvy road to Pattheka surrounded by tall trees, a wondrous view to capture.


  • Dhani Waterfall

Next on the list is the Dhani Waterfall. It is almost 30 kilometres away from the provincial capital Muzaffarabad. It is one of the most amazing waterfalls in the region. Having the crystal clear water of Dhani attracts thousands of the tourist towards it. The Best Time to Visit the Waterfall is March to mid-June.


  • Ratti Gali Lake

Located in the blue gem of Pakistan Neelum Valley, one of the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan. It is an alpine glacial lake at an altitude of 12,130 feet. Lake is accessible through Dowarian, a village of Neelum Valley. It is well known for its scenic beauty. One cannot miss a single sight of the mesmerizing lake. As the water is so unique that it does not reflect the surroundings. The area is so humble and full of peace, people can trek to reach the most Amazing place in Neelum Valley.


  • Kel & Arrang Kel

Then fourth on the list is Kel and Arrang Kel, one of the attractive places of the Valley Neelum. One of the facts is the there is a long track goes towards Nanga Parbat. People can actually see this Nanga Parbat Mountain from there. It is a beautiful sight for everyone who visits it. It’s a 3 hrs trek from Kel to Arrang Kel, a steep high track through the jungle with friendly local music


  • Taobut

Being the last village in Neelum Valley, Taobut never misses its popularity. Especially in the tourist community so far. It’s becoming the preferred destination for all the tourist. who urges explore the Unseen Beauties of Neelum Valley. Starting from the ravishing River Neelum between the Tau Butt village. Ending up with the magnificent stream Gagai rivulet is an amazing experience to have. The Gagai rivulet is accessible on walking distance from Tau butt. There are series of field and vegetation in the village. Nature Mingled here with the fantastic environment. No doubt Taubat is worth visiting the village with the immense mountain at the back. Also, flowing clean water of Neelum river, the green field and moreover the serenity at its peak.


  • Kutton & Upper Neelum

Kutton Jagran Valley located approximately 82 km away from the capital city Muzaffarabad. The twisting water of steam alongside the village fascinate so many tourists to stay and take a deep breath in a healthy environment. There is the large range of hotels and resorts to accommodate many of the tourists. Moreover, Upper Neelum is 2 Kilometers away from Keran. It has the most Scenic Views of Neelum Valley which shows the panoramic view of Valley. Azad Kashmir is so fun have to trek and hike. Tourist love to trek from Kutton Jagran to upper Neelum to Keran Village.


  • Sharda Neelum Valley

Sharda has located almost 136 km away from the main city of Muzaffarabad. As it attracts tourists for its breathtaking locations. Tourist love to trek in its lush green meadows. Sharda also own a very Rich Historical Background. Adds curiosity in the hearts of the visitor to visit the place once in life. Sharda Neelum Valley have different rest houses for the visitor to have a cup of coffee. Also, to stay in the most region that is so close to nature.


  • Banjosa Lake

Yet another most fascinating lake between mountains of Azad Kashmir is Banjosa Lake. It serves as a tourist resort almost 20 km away from the main city Rawalakot. It is an artificial lake located at the height of 1,981 meters above sea level. Surrounded by lush green dense pine forest make it more awe-inspiring for the tourist. The visitors can never split their views for a moment. The Best time to visit the lake in the mid-summer as it became very harsh in winters. A worth visiting place while exploring the Beauties of Azad Kashmir.


  • Tolipeer

In AJK Tourism, there are many places that offer tranquillity and serenity to anyone. Tolipeer is one of it, a ravishing hilltop situated at the height of 8800 ft above the sea level. A magnificent land abundant with so many picturesque and scenic views. It is about 30 km, or a 45-minute drive, from Rawalakot. Other nearby areas are seen from the Tolipeer Abbaspur, Bagh and Poonch River. As it is the highest peak point there.


  • Pir Chinasi

Last but not the least is the Pir Chinasi. It is well known for its lush green land with panoramic views of the gigantic mountains. Pir Chinasi is loveable Tourist Spot, especially for Trekkers. Attracts thousands visitor in its calmness away from the noisy town. The tourist enjoys serenity and tranquillity there. Peak time to visit the place is from midyear March to September. As due to heavy snowfall in winter. But nature enthusiastic has an experience in winters as well.

Above is the list of Best Neelum Valley Tourist Places which is our compiled list of Places which are worth seeing in Beautiful Valley of Neelum.


Note: Book our Neelum Valley Tour Packages 2020and avail Discounts on Azad Kashmir Tours Trip Packages

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