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Pakistan Tour Packages 2023 from Islamabad, Lahore & Karachi

We offer the most exclusive Pakistan Tour Packages 2023 with all the services one can ask for. From flight booking to excellent commutes, comfy accommodations, and tour guides to all your favorite places in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Select a perfect couple tour plan to Pakistan with the exceptional services you ever wished for at the most reasonable price to explore and visit the beautiful unexplored areas of Pakistan. Explore the latest Pakistan tours with prices below.

Hot Selling Pakistan Family Tour Packages 2023

Latest Revised Pakistan Tour Package Prices 2023

Best Selling Pakistan Tour Package Price No. of Days Price per person*
Super Affordable Hunza Tour 5 – 10 Days Rs. 60,000*
Standard Swat Tour  3 – 7 Days Rs. 35,000*
Basic Neelum Valley Tour 3 – 7 Days Rs. 25,000*
Exclusive Naran Kaghan Tour 3 – 7 Days Rs. 49,000*
All New Skardu Tour Packages by Air 3 – 10 Days Rs. 95,000*
Cheap Murree Tour With Family 3 – 5 Days Rs. 30,000*

*Minimum TWO PERSONS Required.

What will you get by choosing Us?

One Day Holiday Tour Packages 2023

Lahore City Sightseeing Tour 

Book the latest Lahore City Tour for Night and Day at the most amazing prices. Click here to find out more about Lahore Sightseeing Tours.

Gawadar Beach Sightseeing Tours 

We are offering a full-day trip to Gawadar Beaches. Beach Day Tours are available for Karachi natives only; call for a custom tour plan today.

Taxila Khanpur Dam Tour 

Taxila Khanpur Dam Day Tour offers you the incredible opportunity to visit the Taxila Khanpur Dam on the same day. Book Taxila Tour now.

Umbrella Waterfall Day Tour 

Umbrella Waterfall Day Tour offers you the incredible opportunity to visit the fascinating waterfall near Islamabad on the same day. Book umbrella waterfall tour now.

Islamabad City Sightseeing Tours 

We are offering a full-day trip to the capital. Islamabad Sightseeing Tours are available for couples plus tourists who wish to visit in one day. 

One Day Muskapari Top Tour

Now we are offering a one-day Muskpari Top Tour at the most amazing prices. Click here to find out more about day Tours.

The Ultimate Guide To Online Vacation Pakistan Packages From Lahore, Karachi & Faisalabad

Do you want to visit the northern areas of Pakistan from different cities? You don’t need to look any further since the Pakistan tour package from Karachi, Lahore, and Sialkot is ideal for you. We now offer customized honeymoon tour plans from all over Pakistan, especially from Karachi, Faisalabad, Sialkot, and others.

Pakistan has impressive natural beauty, a diverse landscape, rich culture, and friendly people. Majestic snow-covered mountains, alpine lakes, and lush vegetation will surely please the eyes. Because of the stunning beauty, people visit these places, have unique experiences, and bring back fond memories. The northern regions of Pakistan are spectacular; Naran Kaghan, Swat, Hunza, Chitral, Skardu, Kalam, Fairy Meadows, Azad Kashmir and many others are worth seeing. PTT can make your trips exciting, welcoming, cozy, and adventurous. You can get the best-customized packages with our travel and tourism services.

Pakistan’s most prominent cities attract millions of tourists annually. Apart from its lively native and magnificent history, its infrastructure, a mix of colonial and Mughal architecture, and its bustling streets/bazaar, the food street of each city, the ancient Gandhara civilizations are remarkable.

We have become a symbol of trust and reliability in the Pak Tourism Industry as we have worked here for a decade now. We are the only tour operator in Pakistan providing premium and luxurious tour packages. Plan your vacation and holiday with us to rejuvenate your soul. Plan your customized trip to Pakistan now, and let us help you discover the natural beauty of Pakistan.

Seven Reasons: Why Choose Pakistan Tour And Travel

Comfiest Stay At Top Notch Hotels & Resorts

We offer to stay in the most amazing hotels in northern areas; depending on your budget, we provide 4-star hotel stay to economical stay. Each accommodation option in our tour plan has all the standard facilities you ever wish for. We always keep an eye on hygiene, clean rooms + bathrooms, hot water supply in the coldest weather and all other facilities for the best stay. You can also personalize your hotel options by telling us before booking. We will arrange that for you.

Luxurious And Comfortable Vehicles By Pakistan Tours

Who doesn’t want to prioritise comfort and luxury rides when booking any Pakistan tour to the north? Well, Pakistan Tour and Travel take care of everything to make the comfiest ride on the bumpy road. All our vehicles used in tours are upgraded, well maintained and give a smooth ride up to the extreme north. And most importantly, we have our experienced local licensed driver who the familiar with every inch of the road so that you can get a hassle-free journey throughout. 

Experienced  Tour Guide Service

Foreigners who visit Pakistan for the first time, or even the local Pakistanis who don’t know much about these tourist spots of Pakistan, indeed require someone to lead them throughout the journey. We have our Tourist Guides who help all the visitors explore more and enjoy the fascinating scenes of the northern areas with every bit of knowledge. So, there is no chance of being unsatisfactory with our Pakistan tour packages.

Reliable And Trustworthy

We have been the pioneers of Pakistan Tours since 2012,  and we promise our customers a great experience and always succeed in keeping it. All our services are reliable and help us gain more people’s trust. Luckily, we have already gained a lot of it, which has given us popularity all over Pakistan and other countries. So, if you are looking for the best holiday or vacation planner for affordable Pakistan tour packages, Pakistan Tour and Travel is at your service.

Affordable Tours

We know that not all people afford luxurious Pakistan tour packages. So we have introduced over 50 packages for you to choose the most appropriate one according to your budget. Most of our tour packages are pocket-friendly (minimum 45000/- per head) yet include premium services to make a trip memorable. Moreover, we offer multiple discounts, special offers, and deals for our clients to help them explore Pakistan’s beauty even when they can’t afford it.

Safety Of Tourists

The safety and security of our tourists are our topmost priority. We never compromise in any way to make our tourists feel secure. For safety purposes, we are always within reach of local law enforcement. We can contact them right away whenever needed. Moreover, the disaster management authorities are also updated with everything to handle the situation if any lousy luck happens.

Special Discount Offers Pakistan Tour Packages

There isn’t any spot in Pakistan that isn’t worth visiting. But being one of the top travel companies in Pakistan, we opt for all the most wanted and loved tourist spots for you to explore and have a great experience. These top areas are demanded by most of our customers, and people like to travel there due to the excellent availability of facilities and, of course, never-ending beauty. We also offer special discounts offers for limited slots when peak season starts. 

Pakistan Northern Areas Tour Packages

Who doesn’t know? That Pakistan is one of the most diverse countries on the world map. From the incredible weather to vast plains, from gigantic mountains to the deep sea. Pakistan has so much to offer to its tourist community. Northern Areas of Pakistan are well-known for their various cultures, people, and languages. Also, the stunning views of streams, snow-capped hills, lush green valleys, and dense forests.

The northern areas of Pakistan have been declared famous tourist destinations worldwide, and various tour and travel packages are available here. Northern Pakistan tour packages 2023 include visits to enchanting places like Skardu, Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan, Neelum Valley, Chitral and many more.

Northern Areas Tour Packages also offer trekking tours to Pakistan, including the Trek to Fairy Meadows Tour, Nanga Parbat Trekking Tour, K2 Concordia Base Camp Tour, Hunza Trekking Tour, and Skardu Trekking Tour. In addition, if you feel dehydrated while trekking, you will find multiple lakes and rivers in the northern areas of Pakistan that are ideal for trekking tours.

No matter the time of the year you visit Pakistan’s Northern Areas, you will always find it incredible. Enjoy the festivals in northern areas, each part of the north has its own celebration from time to time. There are summer festivals in Chitral and sports events like the polo festival at the world’s highest polo ground Shandur. Also, a skiing festival happens in Malam Jabba, Swat, where you can enjoy these kinds of activities in the northern areas of Pakistan tour.

Camping is also a viral activity during northern areas of Pakistan tours. With friends and family, you can go rafting, camping, bonfire, trout fishing and much more. Especially in Mahodand Lake, Swat, where it offers such training.

Plan a trip to the northern areas of Pakistan with an excellent reasonable tour package price once in your life.

Pakistan Historical Tour Packages

Talking about the diversity of Pakistan’s land, no one can deny the historical significance of this land, dating to 1400 years back. The glorious history of Sindh and the incredible values of Lahore connects the ground to almost the 4th to 7th century. The magnificent Quetta was discovered in the 11 century, and the Peshawar in 100 CE. Each province of Pakistan holds the majestic significance of history and giving back to society since then.

PakistanTournTravel offers historical tours to these fantastic places where you can relate to your ancestors and peek at their lives. Mohenjodaro, Harappa and Mehalgarh, parallel to the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia, have some of the oldest civilizations in the world. As well as the remains of Gandhara and Buddhism, the Mughal Sultanate and the remnants of British Indian rule, Pakistan has numerous attractions across the country.

Book a Lahore sightseeing tour  to visit some of Pakistan’s historical sites. Such as Shalimar Gardens in Lahore; the Faisal Mosque, a beautiful architectural piece that dates back to 1976. Pakistan Monument that serves as an artistic reference; the Tomb of Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Mazar-e-Quaid), and Hiran Minar, a place of remembrance in Pakistan. The historical roots of this country are deep, and learning about them while on one of your historical tours will be a lot of fun.

Adventure Tour Packages Pakistan

Do you want to take on a daring adventure or something more exciting? From rock climbing to rafting, diving, skiing, skydiving, horse riding, and cycling, we’ll keep everyone entertained and interested throughout your stay.

Adventure tours Pakistan is specially designed to push you beyond your comfort zone while exposing you to some risks in your life; we give you a chance to do this in our packages.

Book adventure tours that will help you capture the essence of road trips while allowing you to participate in various activities. PakistanTournTravel offers outstanding adventure tour packages that are flexible enough to fit into your budget while providing the adventure and fun you want. Look at the Base Camp Tours by PakistanTour nTravel and see what great sites are waiting for you. Currently, we are offering the following adventure tours:

Pakistan Cultural Tour Packages

Pakistan’s lively culture reflects its people’s varied experiences throughout history. Pakistan TournTravel offers various itineraries for visiting Pakistan’s historical places. Discover Sindh, Harappa, Mohenjo Daro, the Gandhara dynasty monasteries, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, all of which have much to teach you about Pakistan’s culture and history.

Pakistan Historical Tour Packages offer you to experience the cultural diversity of Pakistan. Traveling to these historical places in Pakistan will remind you of the influence of different civilizations on this region.

Our Hindukhus Mountain Adventure perfectly falls in the Cultural Tour Pakistan category, where people uniquely live their lives. The remaining 3,500 Kalashi live in three hidden but beautiful valleys: Bumburit, Rambur, and Birir. In the Karakorum and Hindukush mountains, people have a profound cultural background and a high degree of self-identity. These people stand out from other tribes, cultures, and societies for their traditions, religious customs, and various festivals. In addition, you can experience mouth-watering foods influenced by diverse civilizations worldwide.

pakistan tour packages

Frequently Asked Question

Besides the geographic locality, Pakistan is diverse in culture, food, and languages. Pakistan tours can be available any time of the year because of the weather diversity. Northern areas of Pakistan can be visited best in summer for regular tourists, and the winter tours to northern regions of Pakistan are for adventure lovers.

The current federal government is highly motivated to increase tourism in Pakistan and take necessary steps to promote the soft image of Pakistan through tourism. Along with the federal government. Provincial governments in Pakistan are also mobilizing the tourism sectors in their respective provinces.

These steps include infrastructure development, building and upgrading roads, motels, new tourist destinations, and up-gradation of the existing travel destinations in Pakistan.

This is debatable. Pakistan has four seasons, and every month is suitable for travelling, depending upon your choice. For Nothern Pakistan, the best time to travel is from March to October. If you want to enjoy the snowfall then you must visit Northern Pakistan is November to January. If you want to travel to interior Sindh, the best time to visit Sindh is from October to May. 

Usually, in September, it alters the time of year from autumn to summer in the northern regions of Pakistan. September lowers the temperature to a minimum of 10 degrees and a maximum of 21 degrees. Therefore, as the number of travel packages reduces in September because of the monsoon season in Pakistan, tourists also tend to book fewer Pakistan vacation packages. We have a wide range of Holiday Packages from Pakistan that cover all the needs of travelers from Pakistan and beyond.

Absolutely, yes. Pakistan is one of the cheapest countries to travel to in the world. It is way more affordable in terms of travel compared to other countries. Food is very reasonable; you can buy food for a few bucks in Pakistan. Also, accommodation is very affordable anywhere in Pakistan.

Pakistan tour packages do not cost much compared to other international tour packages. Here are the Family Tour Packages with Prices from Pakistan Tour & Travel.

Average Tour Cost Per Place

No. of Days

Prices per person

Average Hunza Tour Packages Price 5 – 10 Days Rs. 70,000/-*
Standard Swat Pakistan Tour Packages Price 3 – 7 Days Rs. 35,000/-*
Typical Neelum Valley Pakistan Tour Packages Price 3 – 7 Days Rs. 30,000/-*
Regular Naran Kaghan Pakistan Tour Packages Price 3 – 7 Days Rs. 40,000/-*
Standard Skardu Tour Packages by Air Price 3 – 10 Days Rs. 99,000/-*
Lowest Murree Tour Packages Price 3 – 5 Days Rs. 15,000/-*

Although the landscape of Pakistan offers tourism all year, if you are a nature lover, you must visit the Northern areas of Pakistan during the Pakistan tour.

In March, heavy snowfall cut Naran, Kaghan, Murree, Swat, and Hunza Valley Tours. In March, the highest temperature of 8°C and the minimum of 0 degrees is found in Pakistan, Hunza, and Swat. In general, these areas typically have temperatures of four degrees Celsius. Pakistan tours in March could be an incredible experience for those who love adventure.

In April, most of the places in Pakistan tours receive more degrees in temperature. In general, the average temperature of 10 degrees Celsius temperatures; however, April is the month of opening to book Pakistan tour packages. Be sure to be an early bird to book your Pakistan tour. Pakistan tour and Travel provides a broad selection of options for Pakistan tour packages for both foreign and local travellers.

Generally, package tours are often categorized by their processes and the type of services included. Mainly divided into independent travel, accompanied travel, incentive travel, group travel, and cruise travel.

Comparing accommodation, hotels offered, time and travel facilities like a car or by air. Start by deciding what type of travel you want. If you book with a travel agency, don’t go in without doing your research. Ask a travel agent about options and choose the operator that works best for you. The same goes for sightseeing options.

In June, it is slightly warmer than in other months, with an average temperature of 19 degrees. However, the minimum and maximum temperatures are respectively 24 and 13 Celsius in most of the northern areas of Pakistan. This is when Pakistan tour packages begin to reach their peak seasons. A trip to Pakistan in June is a popular choice for Pakistanis due to the scorching temperatures in most of Pakistan. Pakistan Tours offers low-cost Pakistan tour packages for 2022 for travellers from all over the world.

When it is August, the valley changes into a drop degree. It typically has a maximum and minimum of 14 and 24 degrees in northern Pakistan. In August, tourists tend to visit the Northern areas of Pakistan less than the cities in Punjab and Sindh. 

Foreign currency entry is allowed without any restrictions. Travelers can bring any amount of foreign currency into Pakistan. Withdrawals in foreign currency up to $10,000 are permitted without conditions.

In Free-and-Easy, you are an active tourist who has to know everything, make decisions, and do things. You make a plan, you can change the plan, and you don’t have to explain it to anyone. Discover more about Pakistan offering low-cost Pakistan Tour packages in 2023 for tourists worldwide.

Pakistan tour packages for northern areas get closed this month due to snowfall. In addition, temperatures can reach zero degrees at minimum, occasionally lower than zero at night. The maximum temperature is 8 degrees. The average’s around four degrees Celsius.

In November and after, Naran valley is at sub-zero temperatures and is closed for all Pakistan tour packages up to March. Tourists could avail of Pakistan tour packages following March.

What are you waiting for? Book our Pakistan tour packages and explore the wonders of Pakistan!

Pakistan tour packages for northern areas get closed this month due to snowfall. In addition, temperatures can reach zero degrees at minimum, occasionally lower than zero at night. The maximum temperature is 8 degrees. The average’s around four degrees Celsius.

In December and January, Naran valley is at sub-zero temperatures and is closed for all Pakistan tour packages up to March. Tourists could avail of Pakistan tour packages following March.

What are you waiting for? Book our Pakistan tour packages and explore the wonders of Pakistan!

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