How Are PC Malam Jabba Activities Attracting Tourist In Swat?

How Are PC Malam Jabba Activities Attracting Tourist In Swat?

How are Malam Jabba Pearl Continental Activities Attracting Tourist In Swat?

Malam Jabba PC (Pearl Continental Hotel) the snow peaks, an ultimate winter gifts for tourists. In winter, the picturesque canyon turns into a white wonderland, providing tourists with many adventure opportunities.

Snowfall may be just another part of the daily lives of people living in the northern part of the country. However, the white snow blanket attracted citizens from all over the country, who flocked to enjoy the scenery and participate in snow-related activities once or twice.

In summer, tourists visit the mountains and experience the dense meadows and forests of the Swat Valley, pristine glacial lakes and bustling rivers. However, when winter comes, the picturesque canyon becomes a white wonderland, providing tourists with many opportunities for entertainment and adventure.


How Are PC Malam Jabba Activities Attracting Tourist In Swat?


In this winter, a large number of tourists visit the valley to enjoy the scenery. Malam Jabba, Gabin Jabba, Miandam, Matiltan, Kalam, Utror, ​​ Gabral, Mahodand and Loye Sar are mountain resorts where visitors can choose to spend their winter holidays.

This winter 2020 despite the threat of COVID-19, the tourist walks through the snow tube in Malam Jabba. However, Tourists celebrate in the knee-high snow in the Kalam Valley too.


How Are PC Malam Jabba Activities Attracting Tourist In Swat?


The snowfall starts in December and lasts until the end of February, and the snowfall itself does not melt until March. If you haven’t been to PC Malam Jabba then its time to check these amazing activities out there. Additionally, this is the peak time when tourists from the whole country and other regions visit the Swat Valley.


Also, it is recommended that if visitors plan to visit the valley in winter, please purchase full equipment, shoes and suitable jackets.


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Both tourists enthusiasts enjoy the outdoor activities in Swat, especially which PC Malam Jabba offers a variety of options for discerning travellers.

PC Malam Jabba Activities

Swat is the best tourist destination in winter. There are many attractions in the valley. This year, we visited Malam Jabba for fun and adventure and even took the cable car. Those who want to participate in snow-related activities must-visit Swat in winter.

Here are some of the most exciting tourist activities in PC Malam Jabba.

  1. Cable car
  2. Alpine skiing
  3. Ski festival
  4. Snow sculpture
  5. Snowboard
  6. Ice roll
  7. Zip Lining

You will never forget the magnificent view of the white palace of Malam Jabba.


How Are PC Malam Jabba Activities Attracting Tourist In Swat?


In past years, many activities including Ski Championship and snow jeep parade was organized in the Kalam Valley, attracting many enthusiasts to watch the vehicle weaving from Mahodand to Kalam.

Those who rushed to the mountain in time to watch the snow-covered jeeps were surprised by the speed at which heavy vehicles travelled on the snowy terrain. The hilly track of Jeep racing on the snow-covered track in Mahodand and Kalam, energize tourist.


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Tourist who visits Malam Jabba PC, really excited to see the jeep running in the snow. Kalam is an ideal place for adventure. The government should concentrate on using its potential to promote winter tourism. However, PC Malam Jabba is surely putting its part in bringing more tourist to Swat Valley.

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