Vietnam Visa Process From Pakistan

Vietnam Visa Process For Pakistani Citizen

Vietnam Visa Process For Pakistani Citizen

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries in South Asia. The country attracts tourists with its majestic mountains, vibrant cities and golden beaches. Pakistanis wishing to travel to Vietnam need an entry visa. Pakistanis or residents of other countries can apply for a visa in two ways. It takes 7 to 10 days for Vietnam visa processing to be approved. If you are looking for help in obtaining a Vietnam visa from Pakistan, this website is for you. Here, you can get a complete Vietnam visa guide.

1.      Facts About Vietnam Visa:

  • Visa required: yes
  • Popular visa types: tourist visa, work visa
  • Duration of visit visa: tourist visa (from one to three months) and work visa (from one month to one year)
  • Visa processing time: 2-5 working days for tourist visas and 5-7 working days for business visas.
  • Booking air tickets to apply for a visa: yes
  • Request the agent/consultant to apply:
  • Tourist visa fee: $21 to $55 (depending on the working days of processing)
  • Work visa fee: US$119 to US$361

Facts About Vietnam Visa

2.      Steps To Apply For A Vietnam Visa From Pakistan:

How to apply for a Vietnam visa from Pakistan online:

Vietnam visa can be applied online. This online visa application method is called Vietnam Visa on Arrival (VOA). This is the easiest way to obtain and apply for a Vietnam visa. Pakistani visa applicants do not need to send their passports anywhere, so this is the safest way to apply for a visa. Visa applicants only need to spend once to fill out the Vietnam online visa application form.

Pakistani visa applicants should apply for a visa at the following website: The whole process will not exceed 5 minutes.

Approval letter: After applying, after processing, you will receive a visa confirmation letter.



Obtain visa stamped on arrival-Pakistani passport holders have the right to apply for a single entry visa after arriving in Vietnam anywhere in the world. The permission can be granted by displaying the Vietnam visa approval letter.

Vietnam visa application accepts applicants from all over the world, one can apply from anywhere, and only requires an internet connection.

Vietnam visa application is very convenient because the cost of applying online is the lowest. Service fees have been incorporated into other fees on the website, there are no hidden fees in the Vietnam online application, and full cooperation with all failed refunds and transfers. Vietnam online application does not require visa applicants to pay any kind of additional fees.

Pakistan applies for Vietnam visa through the embassy:

Visa applicants should send the required documents and Pakistani passport to the Vietnamese Embassy in Pakistan. As we all know, this is the inconvenience of the visa application. Due to the loss of passports and other important documents, the processing speed of Vietnam visas is slowing down. This is a troublesome method because it takes a long time to apply and then wait for a Vietnam visa.

When applying at the consulate, the applicant did not know the progress of the visa application. Visas take a long time, so applicants who urgently apply for visas, such as medical purposes, student, work visas, etc., should not apply in this way.

Applying in this way is not profitable at all, which requires the individual to bear additional costs. Payment must be made through a bank in Pakistan. After submitting all the required documents, an interview will be conducted with the visa applicant and additional efforts should be made to collect the visa at the embassy. Therefore, the method of applying for a Vietnam visa online is very helpful.

The most important requirements for Pakistani passport holders to obtain a Vietnam visa are:

The passport is valid for six months from the date of arrival in Vietnam.

The Pakistani passport must contain at least two blank pages.

3.      Types Of Vietnam Visa For Pakistani Citizens:

There are two types of visas issued to Pakistani citizens to enter Vietnam: the best visa consultant for checkout.

  • Need a work visa
  • Tourist visa required

Types Of Vietnam Visa For Pakistani Citizens

4.      Vietnam Work Visa Fee Obtained From Pakistan:

Cost of obtaining a Vietnam business visa from Pakistan: The visa fee varies according to the length of stay of Pakistani passport holders in Vietnam.

  1. One month’s ticket: $119
  2. 1 entry in 3 months: $140
  3. Multiple entries for one month: $119
  4. Multiple entries for 3 months: $146
  5. Multiple entries for 6 months: $361
  6. The work visa must also pay an additional stamping fee of 25 to 50 US dollars.
Vietnam Work Visa Fee Obtained From Pakistan

Vietnam Work Visa Fee Obtained From Pakistan

Cost of Vietnam tourist visa obtained from Pakistan:

The visa depends on the length of stay and the number of entries during the visit.

  • One entry for one month-$21
  • 1-month admission for 3 months-$34
  • Multiple entries for one month-$26
  • 3 months multiple entry-$55
  • Tourist visas also need to pay a stamping fee ranging from 25 to 95 US dollars.


5.      General Documents Required To Obtain Vietnam Visa From Pakistan:

These are the documents required to obtain business and tourist visas for Pakistan and Vietnam, and Pakistani citizens are eligible to obtain a visa on arrival, so they can apply for a visa online and submit electronic copies of these documents.

  • A valid Pakistani passport issued by the Pakistani government is valid for 6 months from the date of arrival in Vietnam. Temporary passport has no visa.
  • Two recent passport-sized photos (without glasses).
  • Visa application form.
  • According to the type of visa applied for, a stamp fee of US$25 or US$50 will be charged.
  • Visa approval letter for visa on arrival in Vietnam.
General Documents Required To Obtain Vietnam Visa From Pakistan

General Documents Required To Obtain Vietnam Visa From Pakistan

6.      Pakistan Visa Application Work:

  • Low
  • Low grade
  • No actual visit is required to apply for a Vietnam entry visa.


7.      Time to apply for Vietnam visa from Pakistan:

Tourist visa: For Vietnam tourist visa, the processing time depends on the application method and public holidays.

  • 2 to 4 working days after receiving the visa after the admission notice.
  • It takes 5 working days to apply for a visa at the embassy.


Work visa: For work visas, the processing time is slightly longer.

  • From 05-07 working days, submit the admission letter through the entry visa.
  • Vietnam’s work visa in the embassy building depends on the embassy.

Some Questions About Vietnam Visa:

Can I get the Vietnam visa extension?

Yes, you can only get a single entry visa extension.

What is a “Vietnam entry visa”?

You have received the consent to enter Vietnam and you will get a visa at the airport. This is called a visa on arrival.

How much is the visa cost for Vietnam to Pakistan?

The visa fee for Vietnam is USD 21 to USD 55 (depending on the working days of processing).

What clothes are used in Vietnam?

Vietnam is a scorching country, and most of them wear shorts.

Can I enter Vietnam without a visa?

No, a visa is a prerequisite for obtaining a Vietnam visa.

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