A Trip to Hunza Valley

A Trip to Hunza Valley Gilgit Baltistan is located between Deosai Plateau along the Indus River and Karakoram Mountain. The capital of Gilgit Baltistan is Skardu, which is famous for having some of the world’s high peaks, high passes, and longest glaciers. Hunza is a place that shares borders wit […]

Most Exicting Malam Jabba Skiing Festival 2017

The Annual Malam Jabba Skiing Festival 2017 Starts With Bang Malam Jabba Skiing festival 2017 is an impressive effort by KPK Government. Furthermore, this skiing championship is happening after the long leg of 11 Years. Well, and truly tourism is back in Pakistan. Moreover, the prevailing stable […]

Top 5 Visited Places in Pakistan 2021

Pakistan Northern areas have seen rapid increase in tourism activities in year 2016 from year 2012 onwards tourism activities are prospering given the fact the law and order conditions have been improving by every passing year. Terrorism had effected the Nation but efforts of PML-N led government an […]

Babusar Top Closed for Public

Chilas: The Deputy Commissioner of Diamer district has said that the Babusar Road will now be closed for traffic due to severely cold weather. No security is being provided on the Babusar Road, DC Usman Ahmad said in a press statement. The district administration has instructed the police to stop […]

Places to Visit in Autumn 2016

Places to Visit in Autumn 2016 Pakistan is a Beautiful place with exotic places, gigantic landscapes, lovely people, and four seasons. Autumn is the very short but enchanted season of Pakistan. Few people visit Northern areas in this weather due to so many things. Autumn is the weather for Couples, […]

Reckoning the Success -Naran, Hunza, Kumrat, Skardu and much more...

Reckoning the Success -Naran Kaghan Valley, Swat Valley, Hunza, Kumrat, Skardu and much more... Pakistan tour and travel believes that efforts of Pakistan Army, Civilian leadership wisdom and unlimited sacrifices of Civilians of Pakistan have paid off. The peace has amazing effects on whole society […]

Tourism Boom and its Effects in Northern Areas

Serene Locations of Northern Areas of Pakistan needing improvements Pakistan Northern areas are heaven on earth with superb locations, serene Weather and hospitable People that comes with traditions and culture making it even more interesting for Visitors.  In addition, current year pakistan has s […]

Ramazan Northern Areas Packages 2022

Ramazan Northern Areas Packages 2022 Pakistan tour and travel has been offering discounted packages for Northern areas and specially Ramadan Kareem. Spend your quality time of summer in the cool environment of Naran Valley, Hunza Valley, Shiger Valley, Khaplu Valley, Shogran Valley, Neelum Valley, […]

Must have Locations Summer 2016

Must Visit Locations in Summers By every passing years Pakistan tourism industry is witnessing rapid growth, new venues are being located, new resorts and hotels are being cultivated. Naran Kaghan has been very famous tourism place in Pakistan and the day road is open thousands of Visitors from d […]

Karakoram Highway is Open after 14 Days Bloackage

Karakoram Highway is Open after 14 Days Blockage: Due to heavy slides amid heavy rains in Gilgit Baltistan few days back witnessed worst turmoil in lives of People of Northern Pakistan. Several places the roads were washed away or largely damaged, according to sources near 140 slides blocked or dam […]

Chilam JushiFestival Kalash Chitral 2016

Chilam Jushi Festival Kalash Chitral 2016 Chilam Jushi festival is normally held in May second week with normally dates being 11 May till 16 May. The dates are finalised by Kalash tribesmen who have been celebrating this festival based on change of weather. This festival has been getting famous by […]

Private Tour Packages Pakistan – Leading Tour Operator of Pakistan

Private Tour Packages Pakistan   Pakistan's northern areas witnessed a great increase in visitors in the last few years. Many families and honeymoon couples have hired services for private tours during the winter season. Neelam Valley in Azad Kashmir, Shogran Valley in Mansehra, Malam Jabba […]

Pearl Continental Rawalpindi Hotel Picked Up Fire

Pearl Continental Rawalpindi Hotel Picked up Fire Pearl Continental Hotel the five star hotel in Rawalpindi the Army headquarter of Pakistan picked up fire in early morning of 6 January 2015. According to media news 40 people were staying in hotel with 4 foreign visitors. Till late news no casualti […]

Winter Holidays in Pakistan - Detailed Overview of Snowy Tours

Winter Holidays in Pakistan - Detailed Overview of Snowy Tours Pakistan is blessed with such a great geological location that it has various seasons and each season has its own distinct features and glamour. Winter season though short in pakistan but bring some of the most amazing landscapes in nor […]

Lahore sightseeing Bus Service

Lahore Sightseeing Bus Service Lahore Tour Package is one of the favourite tour plans for the foreign tourist. Lahore Sightseeing Bus Tour Price ranges from different Double Decker Bus Routes, however, with a complete tour guide like us you can the best Double Decker Bus City Tour price. Ad […]

KPK Guest houses Open for public

KPK Guest houses Open for public Now. Pakistan tour and travel has learnt that KPK government has made a remarkable step in improving tourism opportunity in KPK Province. The Newly elected government by spearhead Imran khan as chairman of Pakistan Threek Insaf,  had already promised before forming […]

Tourism in Gilgit Baltistan

Tourism in Gilgit Baltistan   Gilgit Baltistan Government has announced that it would build the new resort in the next fiscal year. The elected PMLN Led government funds have been increased remarkably from 400 million to 750 million Pak Rupees Which shall enable the new provincial head to […]

Glory of Swat's White Palace: Carved from the same stone as the Taj Mahal

Various things keep pushing me regularly, to visit the Marghazar Valley in Swat, Mount Elum, the emerald gorgeous landscape, sublime environment, its historical background, and above all, the White Palace of the current era in its lap. Swat white palace is located about 13 kilometers southward from […]

Beauty of Naran Kaghan Region

Beauty of Naran Kaghan Region that is agenda of this post YES! The beauty of Naran Kaghan is unmatchable, and you can visit this incredible region in season. It will provide you with incredible heavenly views every time. Naran is a beautiful tourist location just 4 hours from Manshera City. Thi […]

Agony of Diamer District most famous for Babusar Top

Agony of Diamer District most famous for Babusar Top & Nangaparbat    Diamer is an important district in Northern Pakistan lying under Gilgit Baltistan. The beauty of Diamer is distinctive as it is blessed with Mighty NangaParbat. Thousand of people visit Fairy Meadows each year but as […]

Nagar Valley - Formerly Princely State of Gilgit Baltistan

Few things in Nagar Valley are marvellous in their simplicity; others in their intricacy.   In Northern Pakistan lies an absolutely stunning district; Hunza Nagar, earlier known as Brushal, this place is a lakeside paradise. Hunza and Nagar used to be independent princely states parted by […]

Deosai National Park-The Roof of Pakistan

Deosai National Park is majestic as Wordsworth took down the poem for Deosai. After a tiresome long journey through high mountains, valleys, remote villages and hills; I saw Deosai national park for the first time. I am not exaggerating as one must see Deosai at-least once in life as Deosai nationa […]

PM Nawaz Sharif Visits Gilgit City after long Time

PM Nawaz Sharif Visits Gilgit City after long Time   Prime minister Nawaz Sharif has visited Gilgit and announced various development Packages. The arrival of Prime minister was long awaited. Earlier the visit was delayed to weather and unforeseen commitments of Premier. The Prime ministe […]

Chappal Kebab

Chappal Kebab & Story of its Name Pakistan tour and travel feels that tourism has three main factors. Food, locations and accommodations. Pakistan tour and travel believes as pakistan is beautiful our food is also delicious. We have widest range of cuisines. In next few days we shall cover vari […]

Flights from Islamabad to Gilgit to be Increased

Pakistan tour and travel has learnt from resources that Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is  expected to visit Gilgit Baltistan during month of April. Prime Minister can announce development package for progress of  Gilgit Baltistan during his visit. Gilgit Baltistan has been […]

Story of Hunza - Chronicle Tale of Local Hunza People

Story of Hunza - Chronicle Tale of Local Hunza People Hunza Valley of Gilgit Baltistan is nested in the mountains of the Karakoram and the Himalayas. National Geographic during 1980 published its title page cover with a girl holding a wooden cart in her hands having Mighty Rackaposhi in her backdro […]

15 Days Hunza-Gilgit-Skardu Package

Pakistan Northern areas tour package is something you must book. Our monthly tour is now scheduled. First Group shall be going to Northern areas of Pakistan as on 15 April, 2015. We have already got great feedback. This packages is very detailed and covers mostly all Gilgit-Skardu Region with mostly […]

Deosai National Park-The Roof of the World

Deosai National Park-The roof of the world is the sublime beauty of Pakistan. It is nearly 40 miles drive from the City of Skardu. Deosai is situated at 4000 meters in elevation. It is often quoted as “The Roof of the World.” It is the second-highest plateau in the world after Tibet. Deosai is […]

Beyond the Heights - Film by Mirza Ali Shimshal

Beyond the Heights is a extra ordinary documentary film Based on true story of the first Pakistani & youngest female mountaineer to climb the Mount Everest. Overcoming the towers of hardships, a fragile woman belonging to a small village, named Shimshal, in Hunza valley touched new horizons with […]

Appointment of Barjees Tahir

Chaudhry Muhammad Barjees Tahir has been appointed as Governor of Gilgit-Baltistan. Later is a key Figure of the current ruling party of Pakistan (Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz).  Though Governor is currently Federal Minister yet Federal government has appointed him as Governor. That has initiated a […]

Wit and intellect in a conversation with Tarar.

Well its its regarding title "Wit and intellect in a conversation with Tarar" QUITE clearly, `A Traveller`s Tales` was the one session that portrayed the ideal rapport between celebrities and their audience. In fact, it also put on display the ideal chemistry between celebrities, which is somethi […]

Islamabad-Muzaffarabad Railway Track

Islamabad-Muzaffarabad Railway Track: Muzaffarabad, The Capital Of Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Islamabad will get Railway Track very soon. Amazing Muzaffarabad is located in Muzaffarabad District on the banks of the Jhelum and Neelum rivers. The population of Muzaffarabad is touching one million or s […]

History of Majestic Shimshal Valley

Although we are eager to enjoy the benefits of increasing access to the outside world, we feel a strong obligation to preserve our unique physical and cultural environment. As members of one of Pakistan's few mountain communities that retain a strong commitment to a surplus-oriented economy based on […]

What are Benefits of Pakistan-China Economic Corridor?

What are Benefits of Pakistan-China Economic Corridor? The china-pakistan financial hall is important for numerous improvement programs in northern areas of pakistan.  large cash is worried and it manner heavy investments are being finished in pakistan. The street shape is being progressed. Some y […]

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