Eid ul Adha and trip to Northern Areas

Eid ul Adha and trip to Northern Areas Tour Packages

Eid ul Adha is a festival of sacrifice celebrated on the 10th of Zill Haja of the Islamic calendar. The festival has tremendous significance in the life of any Muslim as it shows the devotion of Prophet Ibrahim to the Almighty to sacrifice his most loveable thing in his way. The occasion represents two significant Islamic events: the culmination of the Hajj when the pilgrimages went to the holy city of Makkah and the sacrifice that Almighty Allah commanded to Prophet Abraham of his beloved son, Ismail. The festival last for three days and besides days of performing Hajj. Muslims slaughter their animals distributed equally among relatives, the poor, and acquaintances, and further, it embodies the values of discipline and self-denial, and submitting to the will of Allah.


Festivals celebrated in the northern areas are to have a double treat for the kids and family. Eid holidays became more feverish and thrilling when spent at a hill station. Northern areas are always preferable tourist destinations because of pleasant weather; people love tranquility and serenity in the lap of the earth. Naran Kaghan, Murree, and other parts of Gilgit Baltistan are lovely places to visit. Pakistan is a highly great country that is full of amazement and scenic views where you find heaven in the sights of Lake Saif ul Malook in Naran, the cold breeze of Babusar top, the chilly weather of Khaplu the mild rainfall of Swat, the roaring and swirling waterfalls of Neelum, the lush green meadows of Shogran and Siri Paye to the steep slopes of Nanga Parbat.


Moreover, the colors of Hunza will never be found in any other region.  This Eid ul Adha is nothing to be missed that makes you feel happy. Furthermore, Eid-ul-Adha is a joyous occasion marked by family traditions and celebrations. It’s high time to plan your trip with us to make your Eid celebrations more effective and exciting.

Naran Kaghan Valley Tour

Jhalkad Naran Tours

Jhalkad Naran Tours


There is a rapid increase in the popularity of Naran Kaghan Tours because the tourist finds heaven on earth. Naran Kaghan Valley is situated in the Manshera district of KPK. Calling it heaven might not be wrong to say. The immense creation of the Creator can be seen in the range of Malika e Parbat Mountains and Himalayan mountains, and in between these gigantic beauty lies. The fresh cold breeze of Babusar top crossed by the mountains, then Kunhar River with its astonishing beauties, the crystal blue water of Lulusar Lake is lovely.

And then of course, any tour to Naran Kaghan is incomplete without witnessing the beauty of Lake Saif ul Malook. Magnificent snow-layered mountains and lush green grass surround the lake. Moreover, the fragrance of fresh flowers and a cool breeze cover the area. Naran Kaghan is gaining popularity daily because of incredible landscapes that can’t be captured with any camera lens but are witnessed by the human eye. The Eid celebrations will be more exciting if it is celebrated in between the phenomenal terrace.

Shogran Tour

Shogran Valley Honeymoon Tours

Shogran Honeymoon Tours

Shogran is a popular destination almost an area away 6 km from Kaghan valley, well known for its serenity. The richly green meadows and lawns of Shogran will force you to stay and enjoy the tranquility far away from urban life. Shogran tour possesses a beautiful and well-equipped resort for the tourist to stay in. More than that, another nearby beautiful place is Siri Paye. A fantastic piece of land with a small lake; you will be overwhelmed by the horse ride there.

Skardu Tour

Khaplu Fort Skardu Tours

Khaplu Skardu Tours


The extreme north of Pakistan consists of wonder in its lap, and Skardu is one of them. However, Skardu Valley is the preferred destination for climbers and trekkers. It hosts several beautiful places that make you bewitched; the valley of Khaplu is stunning, with the curvy road shaded with tall trees. The floating Indus River, along with the magnificent Kachura lakes in between the mighty giants, is ready to cast a spell on you with its dynamic beauty. The wonders of the Shigar cold Desert and the immense beauty of Deosai National Park are marvelous and thrilling simultaneously.

Hunza Tour

Hunza Atabad Lake Tours

Hunza Tour Packages


Hunza has so many enchanting places that can’t be described in words. Furthermore, Hunza valley is a prominent tourist spot in Gilgit Baltistan and has a solid historical background. The beauty of Hunza Valley is spell bounding in winter and is double in spring because the colors of spring will never be found in another region of Pakistan. There are many tourist spots in Hunza valley for the visitor to embrace the valley’s beauty. In its Royal Garden, you will the Cherry Blossom season and witness autumn in its colors. Sunset on the Golden Peaks and the view of Rakaposhi will make you bewitched for moments. The Altit Baltit fort will connect visitors to their ancestors.

Neelum Valley Tour

Neelum River Azad kashmir Tours

Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir Tours


Last but not least, it’s the Neelum valley. First, A well-reputed piece of land in disputed Azad Kashmir. Furthermore,  Neelum valley is enriched with astonishing landscapes, milky waterfalls, dense green forests, and the green-covered mountain with a unique Neelum River.  In addition, Trekking alongside the village of Taubut would be a fantastic experience, there is greenery everywhere, and then the crystal clear water of the river is lovely. Other beautiful places may include the valley of Kail, Gagai, Phawai, Sardari, and Jam Garh, the stream in between these towns makes them more spectacular. The best time to visit is in summer because man wants relief from this heat, and the valley also possesses mild cold weather in summer.

Hence by all the above description and discussion, we can say the eid holidays are the best to spend quality time with your family, and it would be a double treat that these holidays may spend in the lap of the earth. Northern areas will provide a reason to make it more memorable and happening. So plan your holidays with us and embrace the beauty with our best services.


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