Karakoram Highway is Open after 14 Days Bloackage

Karakoram Highway Open after 14 Days Blockages

Karakoram Highway is Open after 14 Days Blockage:

Due to heavy slides amid heavy rains in Gilgit Baltistan few days back witnessed worst turmoil in lives of People of Northern Pakistan. Several places the roads were washed away or largely damaged, according to sources near 140 slides blocked or damaged the Karakoram Highway which connects Rest of Pakistan with Northern areas such as Skardu  and Gilgit Cities respectively. Situation worsen when more rains became a great hindrance in redemptions work and pace got very slow thus making it harsh for people of northern areas of Pakistan. With great efforts of Pak Army, FWO, local administration and Federal Government road is now opened for all sort of traffic and thus enabling the transportations back to Normal.

These situations have not been handled effectively, the relief operation started 3 days after the road was closed and people were near starving for Food. The prices of food commodities saw great hike and in last few days various basic items were even unavailable. Petroleum commodities were not even available thus making life to stand still. The Federal Government introduced 3 Daily flights from Islamabad to Gilgit but it was stopped due to bad weather mostly but now things are going to be good and tourists shall find it easy to reach some of most beautiful region of Pakistan to witness Gilgit Hunza and Skardu Region within Cherry Blossom Season.


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