Agony of Diamer District most famous for Babusar Top

Babusar Top

Agony of Diamer District most famous for Babusar Top & Nangaparbat 


Diamer is an important district in Northern Pakistan lying under Gilgit Baltistan. The beauty of Diamer is distinctive as it is blessed with Mighty NangaParbat. Thousand of people visit Fairy Meadows each year but as the beauty is immense the facilities are not up to mark even in 2015. The district falls under command of Gilgit Baltistan government but no attention has been given to this area. The road structure is worse here. The law and order situation has been issues of late that is improving on positive line now.

Two major concerns of all visitors regarding Diamer district is related to road condition and unknown blockage of Babusar Top. The June is half gone yet the Babusar road is not cleared from Snow. Government is making no effort to clear snow from one kilometer area that is major obstacle from opening of road. The local people are suffering hefty losses due to blockage of road. Hundreds of Tourist from across the world and Pakistan are visiting Northern Pakistan on daily basis. The blockage of Babusar Top is really frustrating for them. Meanwhile the babusar top serves as alternative to the Karakoram Highway. Road from Naran to Babusar top is most beautiful Road with lush Green Meadows and water streams. The temperature in this region is always nice due to abundance of glaciers nearby.

Government should take notice immediately and babusar top should be opened as soon as possible. So local community can earn in short touring season. The tourist also eager to visit places like Getidas, babusar top and Dutipat Lake in this region.



Ejaz Hussain
Ejaz Hussain

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