Top 5 Universities of Pakistan

Top 5 Universities of Pakistan REGION

Getting higher education is a need of hour in this race, when Pakistan is still in developing countries. Pakistan is struggling hard to compete with the international standard of education. HEC (Higher Education Commission) takes an initiative to set a standard. Moreover ranking is one of the measures to scale the success of efforts of the HEIs to achieve the international competitiveness in education, research and innovation. After all it provide a complete picture to stakeholders like researchers, students, business community, parents, industry etc. to compare institutions according to different parameters of their need, such as Quality & Research etc. However research has generally shown that those countries that have a better educated population via university have higher levels of innovation and productivity. So the listed below universities are top 5 via ranking by HEC of 2015.

Quaid-e-Azam University

First and the foremost is the Quaid e Azam that filled the first place in HEC ranking list of university 2015. Quaid e Azam University was established under the act of NA in 1967. Well equipped with international standard education. The university is initially established for the post graduated programs MS and PhD but later it introduces graduate and ungraduated programs as well. It has major four faculties other than teaching and research centers. The university enrolled over 13,000 and well known for their research work and intellectual participation around the world. Many notable personalities are graduated from the university and others are earning applauses round the globe.

Moreover the motto of university is to build an intellectual society where individuals having high moral attitude with qualification to compete with the other world. An institute where student not only getting degree but seeking knowledge logically, and meet the needs of society. The university also offers co circular activities that boost up the students mental level. University welcome a great number of foreigner student as well every year, which will increase opportunities in competition round the globe.

University of Punjab, Lahore

The University of Punjab is taken up the second place in the HEC ranking list of top universities of Pakistan. However University of Punjab is one of the oldest university of Pakistan. It is because it was built in the subcontinent by the Muslim majority there in 1882. It is located at the hub of historical and cultural city of Lahore, and became a famous landmark besides considering to education. The University comprises of 5 Campuses, 13 Faculties, 10 Constituent Colleges, over 73 Departments, Centers, Institutes, and 614 affiliated colleges. It has over 818 permanent faculty members involved in teaching/research and over 36,000 on campus students. It establishing an environment that will increase in the abilities of student to perform better in educational and professional carriers. The University of the Punjab provides several facilities to staff and students, which include health, hostel, transport, library, sports and various others.

Furthermore their objectives make a great deal in building up the individuals, to make them capable beyond the line in more critical and creative way. The pass out students making country proud by their leadership qualities and adding their positive part in the development of society. Accountability in academic programs and research work is kept on check throughout the year. Faculty of the university is well equipped in the building up the characters of individual and emphasis on the growth of maturity among them. That make the university top of the list in the of HEC ranking.

NUST- National University of Science and Technology

NUST is placed on the third rank in the HEC Ranking of Top universities from all over Pakistan. National university of Science and Technology was initially built by military to give the technical education that can be termed as STEM subjects i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. More and more innovations came in the way of NUST to make it more effective for the students. Not only in Pakistan, is it recognized as the best university but throughout the world. QS World Ranking, Times Higher Ranking has also acknowledged among the next 50 leading young universities globally.

Furthermore graduates making us proud by making different inventions in the field of Technology. The Director and the faculty has a mission to provide a level of education with implementations of QA (Quality Assurance) policies and procedures, and compete with the world class universities. Above all university has more than 20 departments regarding to science, technology, engineering, and commerce. Above 1200 faculty staff is ready to guide 15,000 enrolled students. NUST is a multi-campus university, with the headquarters located in Islamabad. There are much more achievements by NUST that cannot be summarized in an article. The purpose of education is to build the character of individuals, polish the born qualities to make someone productive to the society and NUST doing the right thing, that’s why it considered to be the third best university in Pakistan.

University of Agriculture, Faisalabad

The fourth place in HEC ranking 2015 is filled by University of Agriculture, Faisalabad. As Pakistan is an Asian country and most of its economy ran with the agriculture sector so there is need of education in agriculture sector as well and UAF is working wonderful job in education of agriculture. The university built in 1906 in undivided Punjab later in became a part of Pakistan. UAF is one of the milestone of higher education institutes, it has major faculties that are associated with science of agriculture. That include Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering and Technology, Food Nutrition and Home Economics, Social sciences, Animal Husbandry, Veterinary Science and Sciences. Over 500 well trained faculty members are ready to polish the generation to play their part in the positive progress of our country.

Moreover that university has several hostels for the students. There are couple of sub campuses to spread the awareness of land especially in southern areas of Punjab notable in Burewala Vehari and Toba Tek Singh. The university offers PhD programs to undergraduate and also gives an opportunity to learn in short term courses. The reason of being in top 5 universities of Pakistan that our country is still in the list of under developed country, earn a loin share from agriculture sector. When our students get education in this field then they will be constructive for the society. Last but not least it is not only in top ranking in Pakistan but it is also recognized by QS world ranking top 100 universities round the globe.

Aga Khan University

Being on the 5th rank of Top 5 universities of Pakistan, Aga Khan University in one of the famous top ranked medical university. The university was founded with the collaboration of Aga Khan Hospital to educate the generation in medicine in 1983. Soon after many changes occurs in the infrastructure and it expands to 65 acres medical college. It has also many other training programs in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, US and Afghanistan. University is the leading source of nurses, teachers, doctors anything related to medicine and serving their country voluntary. More than that Aga Khan University also holding the tittle of biggest research center in medical field across Pakistan.

The university is committed to the motto of humanity and purely Islamic ethics, over 2500 enrolled student are serving both as an academic excellence and social server. The pass out graduate are making country proud around the world. Furthermore AKU also runs an Examination Board and manages the French Medical Institute for Children in Kabul, Afghanistan. The faculty is providing healthy environment that will demand excellence in academic and promotes leadership, teamwork and that will benefit for the student to learn and serve in the betterment of the country and compete with other world. Besides medical science, university also offers programs of M.Ed and PhD in education.


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