Winter Holidays in Pakistan – Detailed Overview of Snowy Tours

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Winter Holidays in Pakistan – Detailed Overview of Snowy Tours

Pakistan is blessed with such a great geological location that it has various seasons and each season has its own distinct features and glamour. Winter season though short in pakistan but brings some of the most amazing landscapes in northern areas of Pakistan. Pakistan tours consists of Winter packages as well. Pakistan tour and travel has been offering some of most amazing tour packages for honeymoon couples, families and corporate groups during winter and specially in winter holidays.

Winter holidays in pakistan are very short and they are linked with children school and college holidays. So that is the time when families plan for travelling during winter season of Pakistan. Usually 20th to 31 December is ideal time for winter vacations. This time is also global holidays due new year and Christmas Events.  So all families try to utilize these days to be spent with their loved ones.

The main questions is which destination to travel during winter holidays. Pakistan tour and travel always belives on quality but safe tour plans for couples and families. So there are handful of winter destinations. Some of those locations are listed below.

  1. Murree Tour Packages 
  2. Nathiagali
  3. Neelam Valley Azad Kashmir Tour Packages 
  4. Swat Valley Tour Packages 2020
  5. Hunza Valley Tour Packages 2020
  6. Chitral Tour Packages 2020

Murree is the most famous winter holidays destination in pakistan. Murree is only 50 kilometre away from Rawalpindi and takes only one hour to reach there. Murree is powered with dozens of quality and average hotels catering customers from all walks of life. The infrastructure of Murree has been improved in last few years and facilities are top notch. Murree receives good snow during month of December and January and occasionally February is also good month to receive heavy snowfall.

Sightseeing Murree

Chairlift Cable Service

Nathiagali is just two hours drive from Murree City and nathiagali is part of Khyber phaktunkhwa province. Incredible steps have been taken by Government of Kpk there by improving the facilities there and by opening government rest houses for public to utilize in affordable prices. Nathiagali has all types of hotels ranging from average to three star with proper heating facility.

Nathiagali has a chairlift in Aybuia, only a few minute’s drive from Nathiagali. The trek in Nathiagli is an awesome experience One loves trekking in the lush green jungle, but in winter, it’s mostly all snow, offering breathtaking views.

Neelam valley has become famous destination for winter holidays in pakistan over last few years. Neelam Valley is 80km away from Capital city of Azad kashmir which is Muzzafferabad. The muzzafferabad also occasionally receive snow during winter but its quite rare. Neelam valley is famous for its landscapes, river, indian neighboring villages, culture of Kashmir and kashmiri Food. Neelam Valley recieved heavy snow during winters and has various locations where sightseeing and adventure lovers would love to go which are mostly, Sharda, Kutton and Keran. Keran village is partially part of Azad kashmir and partially in indian occupied kashmir.

winter holidays in pakistan

Neelam Valley Winter holidays

Swat Valley was once pakistan most famous tour destination for domestic travellers. Swat offers serene locations, dynamic culture and hospitable people with large variety of destination thus making your winter holidays an epic and cherish-able experience.  Malam jabba is considered one and only skiing resort in Pakistan which gets the most attention by Media as well as skiing lovers. Malam jabba is half an hour driver from Saidu sharif the capital of Swat district via 4×4 Jeep only as normal car does not go to Malam Top. Swat has rich history and culture and various archeological sights are also visited very frequently. Behrain madayn and Murghzar are some of known locations of swat accessible during winter easily.

malam jabba skiing

skiing in malm jabba

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