Hunza Valley Tours Vs Skardu Valley Tours

Hunza Valley Tours Vs Skardu Valley Tours packages

Which Is Better? Hunza Valley Tours Vs. Skardu Valley Tours

Pakistan is superabundant with a landscape that will make anyone spellbound with its mesmerizing and enchanting beauties. An infinite number of lakes with a range of enormous mountain ranges surrounds all the northern areas, forming a paradise for trekkers, nature enthusiasts, photographers, and anyone who beholds an eye to embracing. This fantastic blog compares the beauty of two different valleys in the same region with many beautiful places.


The Skardu and Hunza Valley is located in the province of Gilgit Baltistan and attracts many tourists every year for its awe-inspiring views.

 Hunza Valley Tours Vs. Skardu Valley Tours

Let’s have a brief introduction of both valleys first:

Hunza Valley Tours

Praising Hunza Valley in words is a little unfair compared to the views the eyes can catch, but Hunza Valley bore several colors that cannot be found in Pakistan. The valley is located in the extreme north of Gilgit Baltistan province and is well known for its strong historical background. It is almost a 2-hour drive from Gilgit, the central city.

While traveling to Hunza, one finds Karakorum mountains around, a must-watch view for travelers. Above all, no matter where you stay, you will always have an idea of the gigantic Rakaposhi. Hunza Valley still connects with its ancestors and resorts to their monuments for tourists.

Furthermore, Naltar is one of the famous and notable valleys in Hunza because of its colorful lakes, which can be accessible by jeep on paved and curvy roads. The water of lakes is crystal clear, and lush green plants underwater can be seen. Above all weather is pleasant in summer and worst in winter because of the snow.

Most notably, Karimabad, the capital of Hunza, possesses many villages with ancient-looking houses and stone-made streets. It is more famous for its history and residence of the former royal family. Altit and Baltit Fort was the residence of the former prince around 700 years back. It is now serving as a museum over there. Both the fort is masterpieces of architecture and craft. The magnificent design was renovated by Agha Khan Culture Trust, preserving heritage for the future generation.

Furthermore, another beautiful valley in Hunza in Nagar, The mesmerizing colors of Nagar Valley, will never be found; nothing is more beautiful than simplicity. The snowcapped mountains of Rakaposhi with the ultimate enchantress of the garden. Above all, Attahabad Lake is one of the biggest charmers of the valley. The crystal turquoise water makes tourists bewitched by its mesmerizing beauty.

Moreover, Sost is the last village of Hunza on the Karakorum Highway, next to the Chinese border. A town is an important place on the highway for all passenger and cargo transport because all traffic crossing the Pakistan-China border passes through this town. Along with Khunjerab Pass is the high mountain pass in the Karakorum mountain range.

Khunjerab Pass also possesses a national park that is inhabitant by rare species of snow leopard. It is a magnificent symbol of Pak China’s friendship. The milky star night around the Lady FingerP, Golden, and Hunza peaks is tremendous.

Skardu Tours

It is getting more fame day by day among photographers, nature lovers, trekkers, hikers, and tourists for its awe-inspiring locations of Skardu. Skardu is located at an altitude of 2500 feet above sea level under the influence of the Indus and Shigar Rivers.

Climate has different varieties over there; it is mild cold in summer with rainfall during the tourist season from April to October and becomes deadly cold in winter due to heavy snowfall. Skardu is becoming a significant and popular tourist destination and expedition hub in Gilgit Baltistan. Numerous locations are full of serenity, tranquility, and a trekker’s paradise because they provide the path to the highest mountains, including K2, K3, and Gasherbrum.

Furthermore, Skardu showcases wonders in the valley, and a narrow road with a jeep to another place adds more twist to the thrilling trip. Leaving Skardu for Khaplu Valley on a jeep ride, you will witness a curvy road with several trees shading the travelers providing a worth seeing view.

Khaplu is an ancient state considered the hub of the Yabgo Dynasty and also possesses a fort that now serves as a museum. It lies at the base of the Karakorum mountain range, and the panoramic view of Khaplu cannot be described in words.

Moreover, Skardu has various lakes, notably Kachura Lake, that are considered of the top 10 lakes in Pakistan because of their dazzling beauty. It is a duo of lakes termed Shangri La Lake by the tourist as it covers the resort and the lake is surrounded by dense forest. It is located in the western Himalayans.

In addition to the breathtaking views of Skardu, the discussion is incomplete without conversing about Deosai and Shigar Plains. Without any doubt, miracles on earth, Shigar is a cold desert with hanging clouds above them. Tourists embrace the creation of the Creator over there.

The infinite highway with the magnificent piece of nature will never let you go anywhere; here, you will find serenity and tranquility at a level. Moreover, the Shigar Fort is also a masterpiece of architecture. Build with stones and is still there as a symbol of history and serving as a monument there. On the other hand, Deosai Plain, commonly known as the land of giants, was inaccessible due to the number of wildlife there.

So for wildlife preservation, the government took the initiative in the form of Deosai National Park to generate brown bears and other wildlife. Deosai plains have ear-shattering silence so one can listen to his heartbeat, and there you will find Sheosar Lake alongside the tables.

Imagining the beauty of the cold, vast plains next is the grey-colored lake, and then the gigantic snow-capped mountain fills the heart with happiness. The dawn and dusk of there will never be found anywhere.

Final Thoughts on Hunza Valley Tours Vs. Skardu Valley Tours

Hence concluding the above discussion, we can extract the decision that Skardu has more worth seeing places than Hunza Valley. Comparing the climate, road infrastructure, and hospitality, Skardu gains more points than Hunza. Hunza has comparatively fewer places to visit than Skardu.

The beauty can never be compared to the human scale; there are more gigantic views in Skardu, with more of a treat for trekkers and hikers. Book your Pakistan tour package to witness the beauty and amazement and prove us wrong.


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