Top 10 Places in Lahore (City of hearts)

Top 10 Places in Lahore CITY

Top Places in Lahore You Must Visit: 

Lahore city is the capital of the province of Punjab, Pakistan. It is centrally situated and is generally famous as “The Heart of Pakistan”, the city locates on the banks of river Ravi. It is also often attributed as the “Green City”, home to many gardens and fertile alluvial plains. Furthermore, the city is famous for its poets and artists and is the core of the film industry. Moreover, Lahore was the land of rulers.

The great hierarchy of the Mughals and their Dynasty ends here. So the whole city knit its roots to its ancestors. The historical beauty of this city is tad tainted by the ravages of fate and time. Moreover, Tourist enters into the realms of kings and nobles.

Culture has persevered in its well-refined form. Lahore is a nucleus of literature. Poets and laureates have a particular affinity for Lahore. Furthermore, Lahore remains a major tourist destination in Pakistan. There are numerous attractions, and these are divided into different genres like sights, landmarks, nature, park, museum, shopping, zoos and many more. The below is set to be the 10 top places of Lahore by the tourist as on their preferences. There are various attractions in the city that are worth watching. Starting from the most famous in town

Pakistan Tour and Travel Top 10 Places in Lahore Badshahi Mosque Areas

Badshahi mosque

One of the most favourable tourist destinations, a great piece of architecture and a monument in the ancient city of Pakistan. The great Mughal Ruler known as Aurangzeb has constructed remarkable architecture. This construction is a divine and beautiful and a great tourist attraction for the city. Tourist witness the glory of Turk-Persian-influenced architecture.

Lahore Fort in Lahore City

Lahore Fort

Considering the work of magnificent architecture and preservation of the cultural garden. Fort, formally known as Shahi Qila, was built during Mughal Rule by Akbar the Great. The fort also possesses notable places like Sheesh Mahal, Alamgiri Gate, Naulakha Pavilion, and Moti Masjid. This king also constructed the city walls, which had 12 gates, some of these gates exist even today.

Tombs Of Jhangir Lahore

Wazir khan mosque

Located on the eastern side of Lahore’s Old City, Wazir Khan Mosque is a unique monument of Mughal architecture, probably one of the best examples of Mughal architectural traditions. Constructed under the reign of Shah Jahan but named after the governor of Lahore, Wazir Kahn.

Minar-e-Pakistan Lahore

Minar e Pakistan

This place is a mild stone in the history of Pakistan. The symbol of strength and struggle of the Muslims of Indo-Pak. This Minar was constructed to commemorate the famous Lahore Resolution on 23 March 1940. Yet the Lahore tour is incomplete without visiting Minar e Pakistan.

Shalimar-Garden Lahore

Shalimar Gardens

Shah Jehan, the son of Jahangir, has been the builder of Shalimar Gardens. The architecture was laid out during the reign of Shah Jahan and was designed to mimic the Islamic paradise of the afterlife as described in the Qur’an. Gardens have numerous plants and trees, almost 410 fountains, and many chambers, pavilions and halls.

Chauburji Lahore


Chauburji is Mughal era monument in the city of Lahore, capital of the Pakistani province of Punjab. The Shah Jahan period monument previously acted as a gateway to a large garden, Chauburji is built in a syncretic style that blends Mughal architecture.

Data Darbar Lahore City

Data Darbar complex

One of the most important and oldest shrines of south Asia houses the remains of Sufi Saint Abdul Hassan Ali Hajvery, more commonly known as Data Ganj Baskh. For centuries his tomb was visited by Muslims and non-Muslims in search of his blessings, and people of all religions are welcomed in Data Durbar.

Grand Jamia Mosque Lahore

Grand Jamia Mosque

A project of Bahira Town, Lahore. It was built in 2014 by the professionals and interior is absolutely magnificent, with enchanting views representing the fusion of traditional Islamic architecture with Pakistani culture and considered to be the 3rd largest mosque in Pakistan and fifth largest mosque in the world.

Tombs Of Jhangir Lahore

Tombs of Jahangir

The Tomb of Jahangir is a mausoleum constructed from 1627 to 1637 for the Mughal emperor Jahangir. This one-storey square-shaped building is constructed from sandstone and richly decorated with white marble which is the immense architecture of its own.

Other places to visit in Lahore, Pakistan

Moreover, many other attractions have become an attraction for the tourist, the replica of the Eifel Tower and much more. There are numerous places to visit for kids and elders to roam around and spend a terrific day in the oldest city of the subcontinent, Lahore. Safari villas zoo, Joyland, Jallo Park, Gulshan e Park n climbing, Jilani park botanic garden forest, M. M Alam road sopping, Lahore zoo, Wonderworld Pakistan, Bahira tower, Sozo water park, Lahore safari, Battlefield paintball, Pumas, Unicom gallery, Sindbad, China chowk, Wallaby, Wateen chowk.

A museum is where antique things, art, and heritage are preserved for the public; Lahore has abounded with many old civilizations. There are museums in different places in Lahore, like the National museum of science, Allama Iqbal mausoleum, Fakir Khana, Lahore museum, Aiwan e Iqbal, and Nisar Haveli. These places always seek the attention of local and foreign tourists because they preserve culture.

As Lahore was the centre and principal city of the subcontinent. The ruler built a 9-meter wall that served as protection for the city. The wall consists of almost 13 gates, and some of its structures are still preserved the

  • Delhi Gate,
  • Mochi Gate,
  • Taksaali Gate,
  • Bhati Gate,
  • Lahori Gate,
  • Raushnai Gate,
  • Kashmiri Gate,
  • Khizri or the Sheranwala Gate,
  • Yakki Gate,
  • Akbari Gate,
  • Shah Almi Gate,
  • Mori Gate,
  • Taxali Gate.

Honeymoon Tour Lahore City, Pakistan

Honeymoon Tours from Pakistan are fascinating in Lahore City. Pakistan Tour And Travel believe each visitor in Pakistan should visit Lahore. They are good in architecture, beautiful history and mixed culture of the city, making it a dynamic and vibrant cultural city of Pakistan. No one wants to miss a visit if given a chance. The hospitality of Lahore is much gracious. Often people visit Naran Kaghan Tours from Lahore as well.


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