How to spend Summer Vacations in Pakistan?

How to Spend Summers vacations in Pakistan | Pakistan Summer tour packages 2024

As summer vacations in Pakistan start, we recommend some of the best places you should visit during your summer holiday. Ditch your grandma’s house and book your summer vacation trip to northern Pakistan.

As a Pakistani, it is hard to survive when there is a lack of basic facilities. I am not a pessimist for this blog, but Pakistan is still in the race of growing countries. It is also an open fact that Pakistan is working hard to be recognized in the list of developed countries, but for now, it is a little far.

Electricity load shedding is considered a major hurdle in Pakistan’s progress. Everything needs power to work, but when it is lost for an unknown time period, one is completely cut off from the outside world.

Places to visit in the Summer Vacations

The industries should properly work when they have an uninterrupted supply of Gas and Electricity.

Besides discussing the problems of a local man, we have to find a solution for their relief. It’s a wrong perception that one starts blaming the other without doing anything themselves.

As individuals, we all have our moral duty to return a progressive item as the country is giving us to live freely, not to obey any. There is no sword on our neck to convert our religion.

For the time being, as the title suggests, this is a blog for the tourist side and how to spend your leisure time fully as living in Pakistan. Taking note here again to do something progressive for your country, let’s combine the two things: the tourist side and the progressive side.

And yes, it’s a treat. Yet people also want to find relief from the sweating heat of summer when the temperature rises from 45 to 50 Celsius. I doubt the northern area of Pakistan is a blessing for taking a shade of cold weather in such a situation.

When summer is at its peak in southern areas, the northern areas welcome you with their pleasant cold environment. The cold weather has the capacity to mold one’s bad day into a good day.

Pakistan is full of beautiful natural landscapes; name anything, and you will find it right here in Pakistan. Starting from the rushing rivers to the mighty giant mountains of Karakorum, Rakaposhi, and Himalaya,


Whether it’s a hot desert or a desert covered with snow, the magnificent waterfalls that form enchanting lakes or the lush green meadows where clouds hang up are full of happiness and whatnot one can find in Pakistan.

One has the urge to explore these wonders, and for this, the blog is right here to guide you to all northern areas and give you an idea of how beautiful your country is. Anyone in the world finds peace and solace in his motherland.

There are almost three main regions in the north of Pakistan: KPK Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir, and these are abundant with hundreds of lakes and other wonders.

Summer vacation in Gilgit, Pakistan

Summer vacation in Gilgit, Pakistan

Starting from the extreme north side of Pakistan, Siachen, we are getting you there, but a little down there, in Gilgit Baltistan, a valley of Peace Skardu and its surroundings will mesmerize the tourist for their ultimate beauty. The surroundings may include the Khaplu, Astore, and Sheosar Lake. Then we have the giant Deosai Plateaus, an amazing piece from the Creator.

Gilgit Baltistan is a vast region to explore. It has several valleys and magnificent Lakes. One of the most famous valleys in Pakistan is Hunza Valley, which is well known for its spring and autumn seasons. The colors that this valley bears in these seasons can never be found anywhere else.

Passing through different areas, we shall reach the region of Azad Kashmir, the blue gem on earth. Azad Kashmir possesses massive beauties, but notably, it’s the Neelum Valley. The roaring river of Neelum, along with the sights of immense mountains, can enchant any tourist.

Last but not least, the region of KPK, Pakistan. This place cannot be neglected by anyone because it’s the Naran Kaghan Valley with its stupendous Adventures.

The world-famous Lake Saif ul Malook adds more thrill to the Adventure, and there are many worth-watching places that can be combined in just five words.

summer vacations in pakistan: lake saif ul malook

Summer vacations in Pakistan: Lake Saif Ul Malook

It’s a fact that the common man is facing so many difficulties for their survival, but the matter of fact is that one should find some time for oneself to take a deep breath in a pure environment far away from materialistic life. The foreign countries inspired us so much, but we are not observing why they are happy there.


They set a budget for a whole year to spend their summer vacations in some different part of their home. To find their oneness, the reason for their creation. Man is struggling for material things and losing their oneness. Northern Areas of Pakistan are lavish with stupendous landscapes.

Tourism gives you peace and solace as well and it will benefit the country as well in its economic sector. Nowadays, many tourism companies provide the ultimate guideline for the tour with their services that you will never want to regret.

So plan your summer vacations in Pakistan and treat yourself to the peasant environment of northern areas.


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