Top 5 Visited Places in Pakistan 2021

Northern Areas of Pakistan Top Places

Pakistan Northern areas have seen rapid increase in tourism activities in year 2016 from year 2012 onwards tourism activities are prospering given the fact the law and order conditions have been improving by every passing year. Terrorism had effected the Nation but efforts of PML-N led government and  brilliant efforts of General Raheel led Pakistan Army to bring great halt to terrorism and their networks. Now economy is boasting and Pakistan is biggest emerging markets in the world. Automotive industry has seen great rise with Real Estate Prices touching ever high. Tourism was vastly effected by law and order situation in northern areas which were already safe but perception was not good.  Year 2016 saw near one million visitors in Northern areas of Pakistan. Pakistan tour and travel has crafted a list showcasing top destinations visited in year 2016.

Naran Kaghan Valley:

Naran kaghan Valley is most Visited place of Northern areas of Pakistan in year 2016 , we don’t have official stats but google webmaster shows that average of 200,000 people search for Kaghan Valley monthly, so its expected that near over 1.3 million people visited this serene gift of nature. Naran Kaghan offers green plateau at distance of mere 280 km away from Islamabad. Naran is situated at 8000 above sea level with ever Cold environment. Naran kaghan has more then 100 Hotels which caters needs of Visitors from all sections of society with modern amenities like Wifi Internet , 3G Services, 24/7 Electricity and food items available easily. Naran Kaghan can be termed as the most easy to approach locations as it has various options to explore like Lake Saiful Malook, Lake Ansu, Saral Lake and Various other interesting areas like Shogran, Siri Paye meadows, Sharan Meadows and Lalazar Meadows.

Neelum Azad Kashmir Valley:

Kashmir has been always considered as heaven on earth, though the fact remains, that Pakistan has only very small areas of Kashmir as most of Kashmir is Occupied by Indian Army. Still Kashmir and especially Neelum Valley has spectacular landscape, vivid culture and green emerald sky touching Lakes.  Some of Famous areas of Neelum Valley are Kutton, Keran, Jaggran, Sharda, Upper Neelum, Kel, Arrang Kel and Taobut. Chitta Khata Lake and Ratti Gali lakes are very famous lakes of Neelum Valley. This Year half a millions visitors went to Azad Kashmir and they loved the region but then things got worst as India and Pakistan picked up traditional Rivalry and now Neelum is closed since September 2016. Hope things settle down and tourism activities regain momentum in Neelum Valley in Year 2017.

Hunza Gilgit Valley:

Hunza Valley is sitting near Pak China Border only 180 km away from Khunjerab Pass. Hunza Valley is 750km Away form Capital City of Islamabad. Hunza Valley has all things a visitors would like to have that is traditional Culture, local Language, traditions, Mountains, Waterfalls, Rivers, Peaks, Glaciers and lovable People. The locals of Hunza are termed as generation of Alexander The great but it is just a myth but views here in Hunza are unmatchable. Hunza tourism has seen rapid increase in year 2016 when the hotels remained full from May till October months with prices record High. Hunza Valley has great peaks such as Diran Peak, Haramosh Peak, Rakaposhi peak and Golden peak always showcasing grandeur in Hunza. Hunza Valley is just 2 hours driver from Gilgit City which is Capital city of Gilgit Baltistan. Attahabad Lake is just 45 minutes drive from Hunza City, Hunza Valley has Banks, restaurants and great hoteling industry to serve the customers who flock towards serene divine location of Northern areas of Pakistan. 

Skardu khaplu Valley:

Skardu is basecamp of all trekking activities of Pakistan. Famous for its neighbourhood K2 The Killer Mountain welcomes all tourists , adventurers and climbers from different parts of world via Skardu. Skardu is 18 hours Drive from Islamabad and offers spectacular Views when travelling on might Karakoram Highway which is itself a miracle of Engineering. Skardu has also seen hundreds of thousands of climbers , adventurers this year that many of hotels remained full even in month of Ramazan ( Holy Month of Muslim) . Skardu is settled on banks of Indus river and has the biggest collection point here. Deosai National Park sitting on 16000 Feet High above sea level is most visited place for Visitors. Deosai National Park has one of the most beautiful Lake named as Shivsar lake ( Hindu Name) as it was even famous before partition of Pakistan and India. There is still road that leads to SiriNagar From Deosai though it is not used anymore due to fragile conditions between India and Pakistan. Skardu has Shangrila Resort which has artificial Lake named Shangrila lake which is iconic lake of Skardu City, Sadpara Lake and Katpana Lake which makes skardu as interesting destinations for all Visitors. Khaplu is 102 km away from Skardu and can be reached in 2 hours via mettled road. Various forts such as Shiger and Khaplu forts are famous and has rich history and culture.

Swat Kalaam Valley:

Swat Valley also known as Savustu region has been the leading tourists destinations in 70s and 80s era as it was well equipped even before partition being princely state and merged into Pakistan later on. Swat Valley has various sub Valleys such as Malam Jabba, Kumrat Valley, Ushu, Kalam Valley and Miandam. Swat Valley has seen increase in visitors this year and during summer season and Eid season hotels were at full boom. Facilities are lacking and needs to be addressed. Kondol Lake , mahudand Lake and Lake Saifulllah are famous lakes of Kalam Region. Swat has mingora, saidus Sharif plus Fizzaghat as urban centres and swat is near to Shangla hills which is also very famous for local tourists.


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