Story of Hunza – Chronicle Tale of Local Hunza People

Spring Season Hunza

Story of Hunza – Chronicle Tale of Local Hunza People


Hunza Valley of Gilgit Baltistan is nested in mountains of Karakoram and Himalayas. National Geographic during 1980 published it title page cover with a girl holding wooden cart in her hands having Mighty Rackaposhi in her backdrop. Name of Page cover was “Hight Road to Hunza” it was my first introduction to extreme beauty of Hunza Valley.
Lady Finger & Hunza Peak

Hunza peak and lady finger

Hunza Valley  is 100 Kilometer away from City of Gilgit. Beauty of Hunza cast spell on visitors. If we rewind history we get some interesting facts about Hunza and people of Hunza Valley. By 1890 Britishers were drinking wine and eating boiled potatoes in Gilgit City.  They thought people of Hunza who were only 60 miles away from Gilgit, had been ignorant and wild yet they were beautiful who looted convoys leading towards Kashghar and Kandahar. Same year Russian officer named “Grompje Pki” along his soldiers entered Hunza. He wanted to deploy contingent in Valley of Hunza. It was setback to English soldiers who were having lavishing life in Gilgit. British Army had formal understanding with Mir of Hunza “Mir Safdar Ali” that he would let the Postal mail go to Kashgar and in return he was awarded a notable amount. Presence of Russians alerted the British Army so they start thinking to capture NILT Fort.

Village of Ganesh

Ganesh Village Hunza Valley

In 1890, under command of Colonel Durand, British Army attacked on NILT Fort and captured it. They faced huge inconvenience from people of Hunza, who had small amount of Guns and fire power. The huge of British Army was so huge that few soldiers were awarded Victoria Cross just for capturing the NILT fort. After NILT fort they laid seige on Baltit Fort after great fight from Hunza people. Mir Safdar of Hunza fled to china along his family. British Army destroyed BALTIT fort in search of Royal Treasure but could only find handful amount of abandoned gun powder.

Mir Safdar’s Brother was then awarded as New MIR(king) of Hunza. From now then the Hunza was ruled from Maharaja of Kashmir but Hunza was too far away from Kashmir which did not become a hassle for Hunza people as they were only ruled by Mir of Hunza. Hunza also got freedom during sub continent Freedom Movement in 1947.

Hunza is my centre of Gravity. When i first saw Hunza valley i was spell bound. Hunza was my first introduction to love of mountains and nature. We remain in busy world having very tough schedules, boring life, power issues, Gas issues, water issues, family problems, traffic noise and so much. We can have great life in Hunza Valley where we can have peace of mind and soul purifications as well. You feel relaxed and happy there. All positive energies you get in Hunza valley and negative approach vanishes.

Fort of Baltit, Hunza Valley

Baltit Fort , Hunza Valley

In past time and even now people go there to gain physical health in Hunza valley. My problem is not physical but also mental as i go Hunza again and again. Such is love of Hunza for the visitors that you can not forget it. Currently Winter season is leading into Spring season. The weather is changing and April is fast approaching. Spring season is most amazing season for Hunza valley. Spring season is season of flowers and colours. I still remember my first visit to Hunza it was Spring season.

When i was 22 years old, during month of April, 1998 i left for Hunza. It was spring season. The weather had changed in punjab. I approached the bus which was going to Gilgit. My family was not happy that i was going to such remote area of Pakistan as by then people had less awareness about Northern Areas of Pakistan. There was no media reporting on Hunza valley so people did not visit such beautiful valleys then. I sat in Bus having 5000 Pak rupees in pocket. I reached Gilgit and spent few days in Gilgit which were good but i was not happy as Gilgit was not that much beautiful as you could imagine being busy city even by then. My money start diminishing fast and i was about to return home when i heard a “Shimshalli” boy chanting Hunza!! Hunza!! . I had heard name of Hunza so i sat in bus enroute to Hunza.

Royal Garden of Hunza Valley

Royal Garden Hunza Valley

It was April, a bright sunny day i was going to Hunza in local transport bus. When my bus reached NILT, landscape start changing fast. There i saw, spring of colours. White, pink and Orange flowers were in great abundance. While i was fast reaching Hunza, i got painted in Hunza colours. I never thought Pakistan had such beautiful valley with such awesome weather and landscape. From Hussainabad to Aliabad on both sides of road, Trees were fruit ladden and there aroma was spreading i was spell bound i could not believe my eyes. Hunza was my first love and first love can not be forgotten. Hunza valley is for all those who want peace of mind and need a get away from hard city life.


Peak of Rakaposhi

Rakaposhi Peak


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