Chappal Kebab

Chapli kebab in Charsadda

Chappal Kebab & Story of its Name

Pakistan tour and travel feels that tourism has three main factors. Food, locations and accommodations. Pakistan tour and travel believes as pakistan is beautiful our food is also delicious. We have widest range of cuisines. In next few days we shall cover various traditional cuisines of Pakistan. Pakistan tour and travel during its northern areas tour presents an opportunity for visitors to have taste of such delicious cuisines on way in haripur area.

Chappal-kebab cooked in traditional way.

Chappal-kebab cooked in traditional way.

Chappal/Chapli kebab are very famous in punjab and khyber pakhtunkhwa provinces of Pakistan. Pakistan tour and travel has learnt the origin of this famous food. Chappal kebabs are mostly found on Grand truck road and in hundreds of truck hotels in KPK. Chappal kebabs are prepared  from beef mutton or chicken mince, onions, tomatoes, green chilies, coriander seeds. It is served along spicy sauces and make brilliant delights for food lovers.


Cobller under Tree

Cobbler under Tree

According to folk tale, few hundred years ago in suburbs of Mardan there was cobbler. He had tough time in his business so he invented an idea that he should sell kebabs made of buffalo meat. He started cooking along side his normal routine work. His business started to pick. He used to serve this buffalo meat patty on leaf of tree. People start calling it chambal kebab as the tree under cobbler cum Cook was working was Chambal Tree. With the passage of time this chambal reached fame. Other people started making it in other cities. As time passed by, the name chambal replaced by Chappal Kebab. As the shape somehow look wired but taste was very unique and spicy.

Chapli kebab in Charsadda

Chapli kebab in Charsadda

Now this chappal Kebab can be found anywhere in Pakistan. It is usually attributed as Peshawari Dish and mostly pathans are able to make good Chappal Kebabs. Chappal Kebabs are mostly made of Beef, mutton and now it is presented in Chicken as well.

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