The Best Places To Watch Cricket In Pakistan

Pakistan's Best Cricket Stadiums to watch Cricket - Promoting Tourism in Pakistan At All Cost! The days are gone when Pakistan was on the top list of neglected countries. Nowadays Tourists from all over the world feels very safe to Travel in Pakistan in the form of Exploring the real beauty of Paki […]

Best Pakistan Tour Packages from Karachi

With our list of Pakistan Tour Packages, You will get Top Pakistan Pakistan Tour Packages from Karachi. Pakistan Tour and Travel proudly present a spacious range of Pakistan Tour Packages from Karachi. Moreover, Pakistan Tour Holiday Honeymoon Tourism Travel Trip Packages 2018/2019 from Karachi var […]

New Islamabad International Airport

Tourism in Pakistan Will Boost after Flight Operation at New Islamabad International Airport Pakistan is getting bigger and better in terms of its prosperity and advancement. Tourism provides more opportunity to everyone, employment to the poor, customers to the hotel, and in return, we get an ackn […]

Plan Your Summer Vacations Now In The Wonderland; Northern Pakistan

10 Luxurious Way to Spend Summer Holidays in Northern Pakistan   Summers are coming in Pakistan, so everyone wants to get rid of the heat and want to take a deep breath in the fresh and pleasant air of North Pakistan. Pakistan is a marvellous region in Asia that provides the beautiful sceni […]

Best Tourist Destinations in Azad Kashmir – Now Plan a Trip to Kashmir

Best Tourist Destinations in Azad Kashmir - The Best Kashmir Tour Packages Plans an amazing trip to the phenomenal region in Asia Pakistan with our Kashmir Tour Packages. Pakistan enriched with stupefying landmark by Creator in its whole map. Here we are discussing the yet another breathtaking part […]

Top 10 Places in Naran Kaghan Pakistan

Explore The Top 10 Places to Visit in Naran Kaghan Valley Here we have compiled a list of the best places in Naran Kaghan that are worth visiting. While planning a trip to northern areas, the first place that came into someone's mind was the breathtaking Naran Kaghan Valley. Naran Kaghan Valley h […]

Hospitals That Are Most Famous In Lahore

Famous Hospitals of Lahore Being the second-largest city of Pakistan, Lahore is making progress in each of its sector. Counting on to education, infrastructure or health sector, every new project regarding sector is being on the list. Moreover, development is not in a form by launching new projects […]

Famous Hospitals in Islamabad

Famous Hospitals in Islamabad: Any accident can happen every day or every minute of life. Any location is incomplete without a hospital. One of the essential locations in the hospital where one can get quality health care services. The quality of health can be count on the OPDs settlement along with […]

The Vibrant and Colorful Festival; Holi Observed in Pakistan

Holi in Pakistan Holi in Pakistan is being observed in the Hindu Community of Pakistan, dated on 1st March 2018 to March 2, 2018. The celebration of Holi falls in the Lunar month of Phalguna of the Hindu calendar. Holi is also known as the festival of colors. The Hindu community in Pakistan celebra […]

Snowfall in Northern areas; A Truly Amazing Experience to Have

Snowfall in Northern areas; A Truly Amazing Experience to have !!!!! Another winter rain spell in Pakistan this week. It makes everything so clean and beautiful. With the rain in southern areas of Pakistan, there is a heavy Snowfall in Northern Areas of Pakistan. There is nothing as serene as se […]

On-arrival Tourist Visas for 24 countries by Pakistan

On-arrival Tourist Visas for 24 countries by Pakistan will exhibit the positive representation of the country Tourism Industry is getting yet another boost by this new initiative taken by the government of Pakistan. The on-arrival Tourist Visas for 24 countries strategy looks to rebuild the tourism […]

Famous Forts and Palaces of Pakistan

Famous Forts and Palaces of Pakistan   Pakistan is rich in historical destinations like Mohenjo Daro. For nature lovers who love snow peaks, lakes, lush green meadows, and mesmerizing valleys, Pakistan is on the list for travelers. Along with natural beauty, Pakistan has a lot to offer hist […]

Good News! Ferry of Karachi – Gwada-Iran to start Sail Soon

Good News! Ferry of Karachi & Gwadar to Iran starting Soon   Ferry services to initialize between the two famous cities of Pakistan Gwadar and Karachi. The ferry services from each of the port cities of Pakistan may even go to Chabahar of Iran. The preparations to begin these ferry of […]

Best Destinations for Honeymoon tour Packages from Pakistan

List of Honeymoon Tour destinations from Pakistan As Pakistan have some of the most adventurous places to offer for the real adventure lovers from all around the world. In the same way, there are also some of the best honeymoon destinations or we can say best romantic destinations for the couple […]

5 Places of Sindh To Visit During Winter Season

Wondering about how to visit the northern areas of Pakistan this winter. You don't have to worry about now; visit these 5 amazing places of Sindh during the winter season. It is no secret that Pakistan has so many beautiful places and is one of the most famous countries for tourism. On the one ha […]

Pakistan Winter Places – Destinations to Visit During Winters

Which Winter Places You Should Visit With Pakistan Tours?   If you are a pair who recently got married or a scholar who just was given the semester damage, this is the correct time of the yr to move on a Pakistan tour or avail of honeymoon programs in Pakistan. Pakistan is stunning. With […]

Inauguration of City Tour Bus Services by PTDC

Finally, the project is about to be launched in a few days! The destination included in The City Tour Buses are Lok Virsa, Pakistan Monument, Faisal Mosque, Saidpur Model Village and Lake View Park in Islamabad. Also, many of Cultural Heritage sites to be covered in Rawalpindi. PTDC: City Tour Bu […]

10 Insanely Affordable Honeymoon Packages in Pakistan by Pakistan Tours

10 Insanely Affordable Honeymoons   If you recently tied the knots and now you two are planning to spend some romantic days with each other, Pakistan is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Whether you are a localist or foreigner, you will love the following beautiful places […]

5 Reasons To Travel This Fall

Want to travel in the Fall? Here are the top reasons to travel in the Fall with a Pakistan tour and travel. We are in that phase of the year when the air becomes thick and cold and you get a chance to wear hoodies. Have you planned which region of Pakistan you will explore this fall? Or you are g […]

4 Places One Should Go Camping In Pakistan

4 Places One Should Go Camping In Pakistan There is no secret that we live in the digital era but we can’t deny the fact that with the advancement of technology, we all have become busier than ever before. We are always caught in something like getting good grades or work deadlines. All this st […]

5 Best Ways to Make Your Honeymoon Memorable in Pakistan

5 Ways to make your honeymoon memorable   A honeymoon is the most important trip of a couple’s marriage because this is when they get to know each other, share secrets, and make incredible memories. Most people overlook this aspect, however, spending time together in beautiful places and […]

Winter Rain Spell starts in all Pakistan

Winter Rain spell starts in all Pakistan Rain Rain everywhere. The first rain of winter has just started in Pakistan. Winter with full bloom is ready to make you spellbound. Moreover, the moderate rainfall in southern areas and heavy snowfall in all northern areas are ready to mesmerise you with it […]

Double Decker Bus Service from the Wagha Border Lahore:

Double Decker Bus Service from the Wagha Border Lahore:   Yet another initiative is taken by Punjab Government to promote Tourism in Pakistan. Double Decker Bus Service from the Wagha Border starts from today on 9 Dec 2017. The launching ceremony held with full ease from Gaddafi Stadium […]

How to Get Best Honeymoon Trips from Pakistan during winters

How to Get Best Honeymoon Trips from Pakistan during winters Honeymoon tours and the winter season is superior in all of the seasons. As it offers the best scenic views covered with white snow. Without any doubt, winters are always preferable for couples to make wonderful memories for their better […]

Famous Winter Places To Visit In Neelum Valley

List of Famous Winter Places To Visit In Neelum Valley This is the time of the year when you see different hues wherever you look and notice people sipping coffee. What most people do during winter is crawl into their warm blankets and fall asleep without knowing they are missing out on many beauti […]

What And Where is Pakistan?

Pakistan - What You Should Know About Pakistan? Official name: Islamic Republic of Pakistan Founder of Pakistan: Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Region: South Asia Capital city: Islamabad Largest province: Punjab Largest city: Karachi Total Area: 880,940 km2 Total Populat […]

Orange Train Line in Lahore will Boost Tourism

Yes, another interesting and much-awaited news is released on last Sunday, the unveiling ceremony of Orange Train Line in Lahore is soon to be completed. The unveiling ceremony was conducted by the officials and CM Lahore. Besides criticism of many, CM Lahore is doing their job, the Orange Train lin […]

Famous Places to Visit in Balochistan

Baluchistan Tourism: Famous Places to Visit in Balochistan    Balochistan with an area of 205,344 square kilometres (79,284 square miles) considered to be the largest province of Pakistan according to the area and it covers almost 44% of the total mass area of Pakistan. Baluchistan shares […]

PIA Flights from Skardu and Gilgit To Promote Tourism

To promote tourism in Pakistan, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is taking the initiative by starting a special light operation on weekends and special holidays from the big cities like Lahore, and Karachi to the most beautiful region of the northern side, Skardu and Gilgit. Promoting Tourism […]

World Tourism Day: Thing You Should Know About

Everything You Need To Know About World Tourism Day When discussing tourism and travel, we usually discuss how they help us explore unknown places, cultures, and people. But we rarely regard tourism as the major source of income for most countries. Because of its many positive social, cultural, and […]

Top 10 Places to Visit in Azad Kashmir

List of Best Places of Azad Kashmir: A disputed region or land since the day of Pakistan’s independence, Azad Kashmir is one of the most beautiful lands in the whole of Pakistan. With a variety of picturesque landscapes, waterfalls, lush green land, crystal clear streams, and much more, it attra […]

Top Hotels in Hunza Valley

What are the most famous Hotels in Hunza Valley?   Hunza Valley has spectacular views of gigantic mountains, including Rakaposhi, an immense and magnificent piece of Creator. Hunza is located at a distance of 100 kilometres from Gilgit. Real peace of mind is found in the lap of heaven. Balt […]

Top Hotels in Naran Kaghan Valley

Top Hotels in Naran Kaghan Valley Naran Kaghan is one of the most famous tourist destinations in today’s Pakistan because of its scenic views and beautiful landscapes. Naran Kaghan valley is located in Manshera of KPK and possesses wonder for trekkers, climbers, photographers, and nature enthusia […]

Top 10 lakes in Northern Areas of Pakistan

Top 10 lakes in Northern Areas of Pakistan: Most lakes are found in the mountainous reign of any country. Pakistan is full of breathtaking and awe-inspiring views and locations. Dozens of lakes may cast a spell on tourists with their enchanting beauty and panoramic views. Northern areas are packed […]

How to get cheap Honeymoon Tour Package in Pakistan?

How to get cheap Honeymoon Tour Package in Pakistan?   Honeymoon period is one of the most important phase in coupe life. As the newlywed couple is entering in new life that is entirely different from the bachelor’s life. One is making wonderful moment for their spouse, living each and […]

Eid ul Adha and trip to Northern Areas

Eid ul Adha is a festival of sacrifice celebrated on the 10th of Zill Haja of the Islamic calendar. The festival has tremendous significance in the life of any Muslim as it shows the devotion of Prophet Ibrahim to the Almighty to sacrifice his most loveable thing in his way. The occasion represents […]

Multan (the city of Saints)

Multan Travel Guide: The City of Saints  Situated in the south of Punjab, Multan has much of religious significance around Pakistan and throughout the world. Multan is commonly known as the city of saints due to a large number of shrines and Sufi saints from the city. It is one of the ancient city […]

Global Warming and its effects on Northern areas

Global warming is the average temperature of Earth that has increased since 1950; until now, the temperature has continued to increase. It can also refer to climate change caused by natural events and humans, which are believed to contribute to an increase in the average temperature. That is causing […]

CPEC effects on Tourism industry in Pakistan

CPEC (China-Pakistan Economy Corridor) is one of the mega project that consist of highways, railways and pipelines. CPEC is a 3,218 kilometer long route, to be built over next several years. CPEC will transfer Pakistan into a regional economic hub and it will boost the confidence of investors not on […]

Top Places In Karachi: Magnificent Places In The City Of Lights

Most Visit Places In Karachi - Capital of Sindh Province - Largest by Population in Pakistan  Discover the most visited places in Karachi. Explore the hidden gems and iconic landmarks that make this city truly special. Previously, Karachi was the former capital of Pakistan; later, Islamabad […]

Top Places to Visit in Islamabad

What are the best places to visit in Islamabad? We will find out in this blog; List of Best Places To Visit In Islamabad For Local and Foreign Tourists  Islamabad is the most well-planned city in Pakistan because it contributes to the capital of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and contributes it […]

5 Must Visit Places in Murree

Top Places to Visit in Murree- Book Murree Tour Package now Murree is one of the most important and preferable summer resorts in Pakistan. People around the country visit this beautiful hill resort to escape the sweltering heat. Above all, mountains are covered with lush green trees, a cold atmosph […]

Hunza Valley Tours Vs Skardu Valley Tours

Which Is Better? Hunza Valley Tours Vs. Skardu Valley Tours Pakistan is superabundant with a landscape that will make anyone spellbound with its mesmerizing and enchanting beauties. An infinite number of lakes with a range of enormous mountain ranges surrounds all the northern areas, forming a para […]

Top 5 Universities of Pakistan

High Ranked Universities of Pakistan By HEC Universities of Pakistan: Getting higher education is a need of the hour in this race when Pakistan is still a developing country. Pakistan needs help to compete with the international standard of education. HEC (Higher Education Commission) takes the ini […]

Top 10 Places in Lahore (City of hearts)

Top Places in Lahore You Must Visit:  Lahore city is the capital of the province of Punjab, Pakistan. It is centrally situated and is generally famous as "The Heart of Pakistan", the city locates on the banks of river Ravi. It is also often attributed as the "Green City", home to many gardens an […]

Top 5 Destinations To Visit On Eid

Eid ul Fitr is the most important festival of Muslim Ummah and is celebrated on the 1st of Shawal, the 10th month of the Islamic calendar, to mark the completion of fasting in Ramzan. Undoubtedly, Islam is a beautiful religion that teaches humanity in its every colour and shade. Above all, the diff […]

Swat Valley Tours vs Naran Kaghan Valley Tours

Swat Valley Tours vs Naran Kaghan Valley Tours The north of Pakistan, popularly known for its weather, magnificent landscape, and immense mountain peaks, crystal clear waterfalls compete with other sides within Pakistan. The northern areas fall in between the gigantic range of mountains, notably […]

How to spend Summer Holidays in Northern Areas?

As a Pakistani it is hard to survive when there is lack of basic facilities. Not being pessimist for this blog but Pakistan is still in the race of growing countries and it is also an open fact that Pakistan is working hard to be recognised in the list of developed country but for now it is little f […]

Top 7 places in Gilgit Baltistan

Top 7 places in Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan is one of the few countries with such a dynamic landscape; rivers, deserts, lakes, waterfalls, springs, glaciers seem to have it all in great abundance and Gilgit Baltistan gives bloom to tourism in Pakistan. Unveiling the charisma of Gilgit Baltistan. We h […]

Vist These Incredible Swat Places With Family

Famous Places of Swat Places With Family The Swat is an area in KPK (Khyber Phatunkhawn), Pakistan. We are offering Swat Tour Packages at nominal Prices. The beautiful valley of Swat, popularly known as the Switzerland of the East, is a holiday-makers' delight and a hallmark of magnificent scenic b […]

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