Reckoning the Success -Naran, Hunza, Kumrat, Skardu and much more…

Naran Tourism Packages

Reckoning the Success -Naran Kaghan Valley, Swat Valley, Hunza, Kumrat, Skardu and much more…

Pakistan tour and travel believes that efforts of Pakistan Army, Civilian leadership wisdom and unlimited sacrifices of Civilians of Pakistan have paid off. The peace has amazing effects on whole society this year has been best as per tourism business and various pundits related in financial world has also put high notes on pakistan booming economical and tourism activities in Region. CPEC ( Pakistan China economic Corridor ) has been a major morale boosters for Pakistani Economy, society and Tourism Industry of Pakistan.

Naran Kaghan Valley has seen incredible high this year when hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts, tourists visited beauty of lush green meadows, lakes of Naran and waterfalls of Kaghan, Paye meadows of Shogran and casted magic with it unmatched grandeur. Pakistan tour and travel has conducted various tours for Honeymoon Couple by offering honeymoon couple packages, newly married couple packages, Family tour naran kaghan packages, Shogran kaghan tour packages, Naran Kaghan Valley shogran tour prices have been offered in economy, semi luxury and Luxury Naran kaghan tour plans. Naran Kaghan valley is still not fully explored it is said that near 40 lakes are present in Babusar village and surrounding areas. Saral Lake and Dudipatsar has been visited by various tourists this seasons 2016. Naran Kaghan shogran valley has been best selling package for various tour operators in Rawalpindi Islamabad. We feel pakistan tour and travel is already a big name among tour operators of Pakistan competing on great work of Domestic tourism.  Infrastructure needs improvements, hotel industry needs to improve in Naran Kaghan as mostly people found some big issues due to hotel industry hight prices of Jeeps and unskilled Hotel staff adds to miseries of tourists but these things can be rectified quickly before season of 2017.

Pakistan tour and travel offered many tour plans as fusion plans that covered Skardu Valley with Khaplu/Shiger and Hunza Valley till Pakistan China Border covering some of magnificent locations , wonderful culture, sky touching mountains peaks , waterfalls, glaciers and amazing Cultures. Year 2016 has been really successful for Hunza Valley and Skardu Valley . Tourism industry has given the due share and benefits to local people of Shiger Valley, Hunza Valley, Khaplu Valley and Gilgit Agency overall. The misery is only still lack of infrastructure to match international level to host visitors , tourists climbers from all over the world. Things are only going to get good and we should be hopeful for better days are yet to come.


Ejaz hussain is CEO of Pakistan tour and travel operating in Northern areas of pakistan offering honeymoon Packages from Pakistan in affordable rates with good quality services.

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