Chilam JushiFestival Kalash Chitral 2016

kalash chilam Jushi festival 2016

Chilam Jushi Festival Kalash Chitral 2016

Chilam Jushi festival is normally held in May second week with normally dates being 11 May till 16 May. The dates are finalised by Kalash tribesmen who have been celebrating this festival based on change of weather. This festival has been getting famous by every passing year. Chilam Jushi festival 2016 shall be held in strict Security of police and law enforcement agencies to avoid any mishap.

Chilam Jushi festival in Kalash has been getting attention and visitors have been flocking in by each passing years. Students, families, corporate groups, cultural activists, local government representatives and foreigners from different countries have been attending chilam jushi festival in past few years.

This festival brings great benefit of people of kalash to sell there products and make good use of tourism activities produced in result of chilam Jushi festival. People of Kalash Dance and do various things that make it colorful event. Often there local legends are portrayed and various stories are fabricated but it brings out positive image of Pakistan and tourism industry is all time high in Pakistan.


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