Beauty of Naran Kaghan Region

Explore Beauty of Naran Kaghan Region

The beauty of the Naran Kaghan Region is the agenda of this post, YES!

The beauty of Naran Kaghan is unmatchable, and you can visit this incredible region in season. It will provide you with incredible heavenly views every time. Naran is a beautiful tourist location just 4 hours from Manshera City. This region has evolved into a leading destination for nature lovers.

Naran offers sublime beauty, the flowing river of Kunhar, a snow-capped mountain, and various crystal-water lakes such as Lake Saiful Malook, Lake Dutipatsar, Saral Lake, Lulusar Lake, and Payala Lake. Naran offers visitors a bunch of locations to visit; some are listed below.

  1. Shogran

  2. Kaniyhan

  3. Naran

  4. Batakundi

  5. Jhalkhand

  6. Babusar Top

Shogran is just spectacular. I don’t have any words to marvel at the beauty of God’s creation. The views seen at Shogren are hard to forget. The nights spent in Shogran can be an epic experience. There are various places to visit if you reach Shogran. Just eight kilometers from the Kewai Area, a small dirt road leads you to Shogran. This road is a jeep track, but small cars can also reach the shogran top easily. There are two famous places to visit in Shogran: Siri and Paye Meadows.


The beauty of Naran Kaghan Region & how to Book a Few Hotels

The Valley of Naran is a three-hour drive from Shogran. As we all know, Naran has various friendly budget hotels. Some of them are below. 

  • Hotel Rose Valley 
  • Hotel Mount Feast Naran 
  • Hotel Northern Retreat 
  • Hotel Millennium Naran 
  • Hotel Maisonette Naran 

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