Tourism’s Share in GDP is 2.8%: Zulfi Bukhari 

The Minister of Human Resources Development and Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Zulfiqar Abbas Bukhari said that tourism accounts for 2.8% of Pakistan's GDP and 10% of global GDP, and the government is making extensive efforts to increase its participation. Increase to 7%, over […]

23 Locations Identified To Promote Tourism In Punjab

A study commissioned by the World Bank identified 23 selected tourist attractions in Punjab to determine the commitment of youth and women in the tourism sector, which is under-represented in most economic activities and political ideas. Shrine-Of-Hazrat-Syed-Ahmed-Sultan-Sakhi-Sarwar The Pun […]

Alyne Shares How To Spend A Wonderful Holiday In Pakistan For $ 100

Travel Blogger Alyne Shares How To Spend A Wonderful Holiday In Pakistan For $100 Pakistan has recently experienced a renaissance in tourism, with many international travel bloggers emerging that share the country's travel experience with followers. Travel blog Aly Tamir AKA Dear Alyne is trying […]

Travel and Tourism Competitiveness of Pakistan 2019

The PM routinely mentions the potential of tourism in Pakistan, given its diverse topology, immense cultural depth, and rich visual history. Multiple factors, mainly concerning the level of security and economic development, have contributed to the low level of tourism that the country has seen for […]

China’s Travel To Japan Has Reached Record Levels

China's Travel To Japan Has Reached Record Levels, But Tourists Have Betrayed Taiwan, Hong Kong's Protest Coup China's travel to Japan has reached record levels, with tourists avoiding Hong Kong and Taiwan. China's tourism industry is booming in Japan, and people in mainland Japan have avoided prot […]

A Map Of Tourist Attractions Makes It Very Interesting To Find Attractions In Pa...

Pakistani artist paintings provide a novel map that provides all of Pakistan's major tourist attractions to facilitate visitors. A Pakistani graphic designer produced a fascinating map highlighting all the country's most important and famous attractions. Graphic designer Assam said he created the […]

Pakistan Will Host The Meeting Of D-8 Tourism Summit

D-8 Pakistan Will Host Third Tourism D-8 Cooperation Conference In 2021: Zulfi Bukhari The focus of this session is on the development of a new agenda for tourism development in the D-8 countries. Chairman of the National Tourism Coordination Committee Zulfikar Abbas Bukhari said that Pakistan will […]

Dharabi Lake As A Tourist Attraction To Be Developed By Government

Punjab Prime Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar takes a helicopter from Islamabad to Lahore, Lake Dharabi in Chakwal (Chakwal) conducted a surprise search. He discussed the measures taken to promote tourism in the region. CM said that despite comments on the lake, I will create the lake as a tourist at […]

Tourist Arrivals in Iran Increase 24% to Over 5.8 Million

The number of tourists in Iran has increased by 24% to over 5.8 million. According to the data on cultural heritage, handicrafts, and tourism, in the first seven months of this fiscal year (March 21 to October 22), 5,890,952 visitors visited Iran, an increase of 24% compared to the same period last […]

How To Buy Online Ticket For Railway Pakistan

How To Buy Online Railway Ticket In Pakistan? In the past, buying train tickets in Pakistan was a daunting task. The procedure followed in this task is that monotonous people used to line up long, then paid the required money, and then work hard to find the ticket. This seems strange because now pe […]

Safari Tourist Train Will Highlights The Beauty Of Pakistan

Safari Tourist Train: According to public relations sources here on Saturday, the initiative was based on the vision of the government and railway minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed. Its purpose is to highlight Pakistan's history and cultural beauty worldwide. In the first phase, the safari train trave […]

Why Pakistan Tour n Travel Will Be Your Best Trip Planner?

Why Pakistan Tour n Travel Will Be Your Best Trip Planner? What are your criteria for judging the best trip planner for your trip? Does the tour operator meet your travel criteria? What is important to you during the tour? These are the frequent questions that one asks after a trip with any tour op […]

Current Weather Conditions In Northern Areas Of Pakistan

It is expected that most parts of the country will be cloudy on Wednesday (today), while Sindh, northeastern of Baluchistan, south of Punjab, southern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit Baltistan are expected to be rain and thunderstorms. Skardu According to the climate report, yesterday's maximum […]

Pakistan-India Border Tourism: Kartarpur Pass and Sikh Community

Pakistan-India Border Tourism: Kartarpur Pass and Sikh Community In the historical development of religious atmosphere and religious harmony, Prime Minister Imran Khan opened the Kartarpur Corridor on Saturday in response to decades of demands from the Sikh community, without any land. Reaching the […]

Pakistan Tourism Board Will Receive $100 Million Investment By US.

A group of US investors is visiting Pakistan to explore potential investment opportunities in various fields. The organization today called the Federal Minister of Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan Al Amin Gandapur. During the meeting, they announced their intention to invest 100 million U.S. dollars […]

10 Facts About Minar e Pakistan

10 Facts About Minar e Pakistan; Will Revitalize Your Pakistani Spirit One of the most important events in the history of Pakistan is the Resolution Day Of Pakistan. On March 23, 1940, like-minded people gathered under the banner of Pakistan and promised to establish a separate home for Muslims in […]

Explore Pakistan: Your Go-To Religious Tourist Destination

Discover Pakistan: Your Ultimate Religious Tourist Destination Pakistan is a great destination for religious tourism because it has the main site of Buddhist heritage. Myanmar’s ambassador Win Myint made this comment on Saturday at a meeting with reporters at the Taxila Museum. Also present at […]

Prime Minister Says Kartarpur Corridor Is Ready To Accept Pilgrimage

Prime Minister Says Kartarpur Corridor Is Ready To Accept Pilgrimage Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed satisfaction with the arrangements for the opening of the Kartarpur Pass on November 9 and said he had given up the passport of the Sikh pilgrims in order to provide them the largest celebration […]

New Model For Tourism Proposed By PCJCCI

Zarak Khan, chairman of the Pakistan-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI), called for strengthening China’s “rural tourism” model in the country on Sunday. He told the media that Pakistan is known as a tourist paradise and a special destination for tourists from all over th […]

Here Are 5 Signs That You Could Be A Bad Tourist

Here Are 5 Signs That You Could Be A Bad Tourist Negative comments about the place, comparing it with your country, unethical gestures, dealing in the wrong person, might be a reason for your title, "Bad Tourist". You may not be aware of this, but your actions during the holidays may irritate loc […]

Beautiful Beaches Of Balochistan

The Beautiful Beaches Of Balochistan, Unexplored Tourist Treasures Of Pakistan With its stunning mountain scenery, the Beaches Of Balochistan are now witnessing the development of its magnificent extended coastal area to revive Baluchistan's tourism industry. The Balochistan provincial government i […]

Coastline To Become A Major Tourist Attraction

Jamal Kamal CM Baluchistan said on Monday that the provincial government is developing effective policy to develop the province's 700-kilometer coast, bringing huge energy and tourism benefits to the province's people. In a meeting with the Coastal Development Authority, Kamal said that the touri […]

Tourism Growth In 2020

Tourism Growth In 2020; Tourism Continues To Grow In The World When we make long-term expectations for our customers and companies, we typically analyze the research of two leading travel organizations. The World Trade Organization (WTO) or the World Tourism Organization (WTO) is headquartered in S […]

Delicious Dishes Of Pakistan

Some Of The Delicious Reasons To Visit Pakistan Although Pakistan is a relatively small country, the Pakistani Cuisine has been developed for many years and includes elements of neighboring India, Afghanistan and Iran. Each region also means a variety of different foods: from fertile valleys and […]

The PHC Moved Against Relocation of Mansehra Girls College

Residents of Parhana and surrounding areas moved to the Circuit Bank of the Peshawar High Court in Abbottabad against the transfer of the only Girls College. "The college has been working in a rented building here for years, but the Education Ministry recently ordered it to be moved to Shergarh dist […]

Foreign Diplomats Were Taken To The Neelum Valley

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Dr. Mohamed Faisal said in a tweet that Kashmir (AJK) will testify whether the Indian army "destroyed four terrorist attacks" earlier on Sunday. Diplomats were taken to the Nauseri, Shahkot, and Jura areas along the line of control, as well as to the village of Nousa […]

Heavy Snow Hit The Naran Babusar Pass

Heavy Snow Hit The Naran Babusar Pass So far, the Babusar Pass has been covered by five inches of snow and traffic is restricted. In most parts of the country, cold weather began to increase, and snowfall covered Naran and Babusar Top and in the Azad Kashmir Mountains. According to a recent repo […]

Kate Middleton Wrote Her First Instagram Post

Kate Middleton Wrote Her First Instagram Post About Pakistan Royal Tour With Prince William Kate Middleton and Prince William have just embarked on a five-day motoring trip from Pakistan, the most complex security reason in history. It is said that the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge tore up […]

Travel Video By Kensington Palace Of Royal Visits Pakistan Goes Viral

Fans From All Over The World Pay Tribute To Kate And William On The Recent Travel Video Shared By Kensington Palace Kensington Palace released a video to celebrate the trip to Harry and William. Kate Middleton was interviewed during a rare royal visit Someone said: "Very good. I am not British ( […]

Dengue Fever; Protect Your Family With These Simple Precautions

Prompt To Prevent Dengue Fever Symptoms of Dengue Fever Common symptoms include high fever, severe headache, vomiting, pain in the back of the eye, muscle and joint pain and rash. What Is Dengue Fever? Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne virus that infects more than 390 million people every year […]

Kate Middleton Pays Tribute To Princess Diana; Begins Her Trip To Pakistan

Kate Middleton Pays Tribute To Princess Diana And Begins Her Trip To Pakistan Today, Kate Middleton and Prince William landed in Pakistan and landed at the Pakistan Air Force Noor Khan base in Chaklala, Rawalpindi, and Punjab. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will tour the country for five days th […]

Foreign Bloggers Participate In The Revival Of Pakistani Tourism

The tourism industry in Pakistan has resumed its revival, and many foreign bloggers shared their journeys in Pakistan with all followers, from the most primitive landscapes to the main cities. Alyne-Tamir Alyne Tamir, an American blogger, tried to break the stereotype of Pakistan and help Pak […]

The Royal Visit To Pakistan Will Eventually Put It On The Tourist Map

Prince William and Kate Middleton will visit Pakistan from October 14th to 18th, 2019. From the lush modern capital of Islamabad to the vibrant city of Lahore, the mountainous countryside in the north and the border area of ​​the western border, this visit will cover 1,000 kilometres and driv […]

Most Visited Countries 2019-Top Tourist Spots of World

When you're trying to determine the country with the most traffic, it's easier to get an annual tour monitoring. Otherwise, finding the country with the most traffic can be difficult. We will focus on these two variables, the travel price and the number of visitors per year, to decode the countries […]

15 Places To Visit In Lahore

15 Places You Must Visit In Lahore Trip Did you know that Lahore is one of the eight oldest cities in the world?  As per the record,  Lahore came into existence in 982. Are you still thinking? No, you may want to see these treasures in the city for a more exciting pull-up adventure. Have a look a […]

Pakistan Regains Its Status As A Preferred Destination

Enhanced anti-terrorism safety oversight allows us to focus on the country's amazing beauty and cultural diversity. In March 2019, Pakistan launched an e-visa policy. Prime Minister Imran Khan said in his speech at the opening ceremony: "Pakistan is opening its doors to the world, which reflects […]

Foreigners Visiting Pakistan’s Social Places And Exhibition Halls Increased To...

The Explosive Growth Of The Tourism Industry: The Proportion Of Foreigners Visiting Pakistan’s Social Places And Exhibition Halls Increased To 121% In recent years, the number of foreigners visiting social destinations and exhibition halls in Pakistan has increased by 121%. The results of Gall […]

Top 10 Best Attractions in Thailand

Top 10 Best Attractions in Thailand Thailand is a vibrant collection of scenes featuring modern cities filled with scooters, tuk-tuk, Buddhist temples sponsored by orange monks and mountain tribes selling artefacts, lush landscapes filled with traditional agricultural villages, ancient ruins, impre […]

Turkey Visa Policy | Turkey Visa Requirements For Pakistani

Turkey Visa Requirements For Pakistani A Turkish visa is required to explore this long-established country. Turkey is the largest tourist and business center. Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, and Izmir are Turkey's most famous cities. Cappadocia is the best place and is famous for its chimneys. Karsisi i […]

Qatar Airways

Book A Flight With Qatar Airways Qatar Airways serves 150 international destinations in Europe, South Asia, Africa, Central Asia, Far East, North America, Middle East and South America, which compete with Gulf Air, Etihad and Emirates. Qatar Airways has several departments, such as Doha Internation […]

Do You Want To Be A Travel Photographer?

Do You Want To Be A Travel Photographer? Starting With These Five Tips Like A Pro If you have ever opened a bright magazine and want to know how the photographer captures this deep moment: the cheetah rises in the plains; the sunset is striking on the beach. Or a city illuminated by lights at d […]

Turkey Will Support Pakistan In Hotels And Tourism

Turkey Will Support Pakistan In Hotels And Tourism The Turkish Government will soon launch a skills development project in Pakistan to produce skilled labour for local hotels and tourism. Dr Nasir Khan, Executive Director of the National Technical and Vocational Training Council (NAVTTC), said that […]

Government Tourism Policy & Its Challenges

World Tourism Day is held every September. GVS analyzes the PTI government's tourism policy; what are their achievements in 12 months and the challenges facing the Pakistani tourism industry? Tourism is the fastest-growing economic sector on a global scale and has been expanding and diversifying for […]

IHIG And PIA Cooperate To Promote Tourism In Pakistan

IHIG and PIA Cooperate To Promote Tourism In Pakistan International Hotel Investment Group (IHIG) has invested $118 million in the hotel industry in the country and has signed a memorandum of understanding with Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) to promote tourism. PIA CEO Arshad Mahmood Mali […]

Prime Minister Calls for the Enormous Potential of Pakistan’s Tourism Industry

Prime Minister Imran Khan stressed on Monday that the huge potential of Pakistan’s tourism industry needs to be utilized. He said that the development of tourism centres in several tourist attractions can not only highlight the potential of tourism in the country but also create more employment op […]

Punjab’s $50 Million Tourism Project Faces Obstacles

According to a World Bank report released on Saturday, the Punjab Tourism for Economic Growth Project (PTEGP) aims to increase the tourism potential of Punjab, although it has been postponed for more than two years, but has not yet started. The project was approved by the World Bank in March […]

The British Backpackers Society Attracted World’s Attention After Exploring Pa...

A team from the British Backpacker Society completed a two-week Concordia and K-2 expedition, hoping that Pakistan's adventure travel ratio will be recognized again in the influential international adventure travel rating of the community at the end of the year. A team from the British Backpa […]

‘Ring Road To Be A Game Changer For Rawalpindi’

Ring Road Will Change The Rules Of Rawalpindi’s Traffic The Punjab Government hopes to make progress on the loop project to ease traffic conditions in the downtown area, and the government will issue a contract to a company next week to prepare the design and feasibility report in the shortest po […]

Serene Air | A Peaceful Journey With Serene Airline with Big Discounts

A Peaceful Journey With Serene Airline with Big Discounts Serene Air Ticket Booking Serene Air is a superior Pakistani private carrier rivalling Airblue Airline and Pakistan International Airlines. Seren Airlines Headquater is situated in Islamabad. They mean to satisfy consumer loyalty and thei […]

Give A Chance To Pakistan’s Tourist Points Yet Adventure Destination To Me...

Pakistan's Tourist Points Yet Adventure Destination To Speed Up Your Heartbeat Pakistan's new visa strategy has made it easier for visitors to visit the country more recently than ever before. Guests from the UK, China, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia are now eligible to obtain visas […]

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