A Map Of Tourist Attractions Makes It Very Interesting To Find Attractions In Pakistan


Pakistani artist paintings provide a novel map that provides all of Pakistan’s major tourist attractions to facilitate visitors. A Pakistani graphic designer produced a fascinating map highlighting all the country’s most important and famous attractions.

Graphic designer Assam said he created the map to help visitors plan to visit Pakistan;Its main feature is the main road and road links to these attractions. Assam said that the map is his efforts to promote tourism in Pakistan, including scenic tourist areas. He added that he expressed his admiration for the beauty of Pakistan in his work.


Share photos of travel maps on Instagram and write a long story explaining their motivation to create real-time maps. Assam regrets that he was surprised to find that there was no map to facilitate foreign tourists entering Pakistan. Eight days of hard work to produce a high-resolution map of Pakistan’s attractions “represents the overall beauty of Pakistan.”

He highlighted the efforts of the current Pakistani government to promote tourism in the country since last year, our visa policy has changed, including streamlining visa procedures for foreign tourists. You’ve also added useful comments to the Echo maps for other country maps. He added: “I hope this map will help many travel enthusiasts like me.”


From Gwadar to Khunjerab Pass, Pakistan is full of incredible sights. From crystal clear lakes to white rivers, from deserts to historical sites, from mud volcanoes to blue beaches.

According to the latest statistics from Gallup, Pakistan’s tourism industry has recorded a significant increase in the past five years. Pakistan’s cultural heritage has attracted many tourism campaigns and has covered the museum sites in Gallup, Pakistan. According to the report, the optimistic figure is that tourism volume has increased by 317%, and Punjab’s tourism volume accounts for 95% of total tourism volume.

Pakistan has a rich heritage and is the center of three civilizations, attracting people from three different religions: Hinduism, Sikhism, and Buddhism. The recent visit by the President of Thailand underscores the importance of Pakistan in terms of culture and world heritage. At present, a Korean monk delegation is also visiting Pakistan’s Buddhist shrine to pay tribute.

Saba Ghani
Saba Ghani

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