The Royal Visit To Pakistan Will Eventually Put It On The Tourist Map


Prince William and Kate Middleton will visit Pakistan from October 14th to 18th, 2019.

From the lush modern capital of Islamabad to the vibrant city of Lahore, the mountainous countryside in the north and the border area of ​​the western border, this visit will cover 1,000 kilometres and drive Pakistan’s rich culture and diverse communities, the statement of Kensington Palace.



The official statement said that during the trip, the couple will visit plans to empower young people and observe how the Pakistani community responds to and adapts to the effects of climate change.

“This is the main area of ​​focus for His Royal Highness. They are interested in learning more about climate change issues affecting Pakistan and our world, and the positive work is done to address them.”


Also, the couple will take the time to understand the security image of Pakistan. “They will understand the challenges and opportunities of the past and today. The UK has always been an important partner in Pakistan. The Duke and Duchess will meet military personnel from the UK and Pakistan and they will share their experiences in improving safety.”

The couple is expected to meet with “children and youth, government leaders, charities and organizations, inspiring environmentalists, well-known cultural figures and sports stars”.

This will be the first real visit to Pakistan in 13 years. The most recent one was Prince Charles of Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. He stayed in Pakistan for five days in 2006 and visited the area damaged by the 2005 earthquake.


37-year-old Kate Middleton and 37-year-old Prince William will leave Pakistan for the first five-day official visit tomorrow, and Kate will follow the footprint of Princess Diana during her Pakistan’s visit in 1991.

The royal couple will meet with the Pakistani President, Prime Minister and other officials during the visit. They will also visit programs designed to empower young people and understand how society adapts to climate change. This is the first introduction to a new generation of British royal family members in the UK. We welcome you to our great country.

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The visit aimed to strengthen the diplomatic relationship between the United Kingdom and Pakistan.

South Korean expert Michael Kugelman of the Woodrow Wilson Scholars Center in Washington told reporters: “Despite the British colonization, this visit will emphasize the friendly relationship between Britain and Pakistan.”

Some Pakistanis believe that this trip can help improve the country’s tourism prospects. The unstable security situation in Pakistan in recent years has made British and European tourists no longer regard it as a safe destination.

Fortress Food Street

The royal family’s itinerary is full of hope and will convey a message that Pakistan is safe for foreign tourists.

Pakistan has always been the agenda of the royal visit, although the visit was carried out after a period of rest. Like all royal visits, the British used it to have a positive nostalgia for the foreign colonial government. It distracted every day. The attention of trivial matters. The problems of Pakistanis are related to increasingly serious social, economic and political issues.

For security and logistical considerations, participants described the four-day tour as “the most complex tour to date”.

Lahore Fort

Due to cultural needs, in the capital Islamabad to wear moderate clothes, and to reach a high temperature of 88 degrees, Kate can follow the example of Princess Diana, who performed a personal tour of Pakistan in 1991.

The Pakistan Royal Tour begins, for now, people’s expectations for Kate are high, and because Kate will concentrate on seeing what clothes she chose for the tour. Kate is already an expert in diplomatic dress art and will face new challenges when he travels to Pakistan with her husband, Prince William. Also, they will make various commitments to the country, including protection, national security, art and culture, Empowerment issues, today’s women and youth issues in the country. The itinerary is scheduled to end on October 18.


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