Travel Video By Kensington Palace Of Royal Visits Pakistan Goes Viral


Fans From All Over The World Pay Tribute To Kate And William On The Recent Travel Video Shared By Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace released a video to celebrate the trip to Harry and William. Kate Middleton was interviewed during a rare royal visit

Someone said: “Very good. I am not British (well, maybe I am in education), but I am honored to meet you both in Pakistan.”

Twitter user Twitter said: “Thank you for embracing our culture and color… We love you.”

Another mentions Princess Diana and how she arrived in Islamabad and London when she traveled to Pakistan twice in 1991 and 1996.

They wrote: “This trip is really great. It reminds us of the good times of the famous Lady Diana.

“A new chapter in the relationship with the Grand Tour has begun.”

When Kate and William drove into a colorful wheelbarrow, the video began to play, which surprised both the guests and the audience. This was a special reception organized by the British High Commissioner in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Kate is smiling, thanks to the person who opened the door, and William determined that Sherwani’s traditional clothing is on the way.

Kate and William 08

The video continues to show the current moments of the trip to Pakistan, including Kate and William’s visit to the Badshahi Mosque and Shaukat Khanum Cancer Memorial Hospital and its colorful clothes.

Many royal commentators also agreed that Kate and William’s trip to Pakistan was a victory.

Speaking of the fascinating aspects of the trip, he said: “The automatic color car to the Islamabad reception, at a meeting William met with his mother’s former cricket player Imran Khan. They told him, this is his political ambition at the 1996 London Olympics and the fun in the cricket field, all these unforgettable touches.

“The bad weather forced him to return to Lahore, where he spent the whole day.

“Then Kate’s clothes look good on any occasion, including greetings from Diana to Catherine Walker.

William is a headline in traditional costumes and went to the night reception in Islamabad.

Later, two people used Chitral’s feather headdress like Diana.

Kate and William with PM Pakistan

“This tour is exciting.

William said that after the melting of the mountain glaciers in Pakistan, there is an urgent need to deal with climate change.

Kate also talked about the importance of the family for giving children a fairer life.

They also visited the Shaukat Khanum Cancer Memorial Hospital and the Diana Research Center, and they were very satisfied with the treatment of the children.


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