Top 10 Best Attractions in Thailand


Top 10 Best Attractions in Thailand

Thailand is a vibrant collection of scenes featuring modern cities filled with scooters, tuk-tuk, Buddhist temples sponsored by orange monks and mountain tribes selling artifacts, lush landscapes filled with traditional agricultural villages, ancient ruins, impressive Deep hilly coast, beaches and blue lakes. This beautiful picture shows why Thailand is the most popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia. You can see the Tourist Map Of Thailand here.

Those who wish to spend a few weeks exploring the tropical islands should turn to the image of a perfect Thai island. If the excitement of the capital is in the style, then Bangkok will not only provide an unforgettable experience. In order to reach out to nature and learn more about the various ethnicities in Thailand, Chiang Mai is an ideal starting point for the northern mountain landscape.

A summary of this best attraction in Thailand shows where to find cultural, historical and natural attractions. To find out the most popular islands and beaches in Thailand, check out this list of islands. We have created a list of Unique Places In Thailand, take a look on that first.


Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is the largest city in the country. It is a bustling international metropolis with high-rise buildings, grand palaces, ancient temples, bright nightclubs, bustling markets and street tents full of vendors. Although the city is sometimes described as a concrete forest filled with traffic noise and air pollution, Bangkok has no natural beauty in the rest of the canals, green belts and lush tropical plants. The popular tourist street Khao San Road is a great place to start from shops, restaurants and cheap nightlife. You can’t miss the Wat Phra Kaew Temple that contains the jade Buddha statue, is the most places to visit in Bangkok.

Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai is the northernmost city in Thailand and an important commercial center in the Golden Triangle, bordering Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. This is a busy city, offering something to everyone, and often exploring the surroundings based on Chiang Rai. During the day, the city itself is quiet, most hikers leave during a day trip, but at night, neon lights illuminate, and memorials and restaurants expand.


It is located in western Thailand, enjoying its beautiful scenery and easy access to national parks and waterfalls; it was built under Japanese occupation during World War II. During the Japanese occupation of the 1940s, many museums and war graves provided information about the city and its bridges. There are many national parks outside Kanchanaburi, including Erawan and Srasakira National Park.


Once a quiet town in northern Thailand, Pai has become a thriving city and is part of the Mae Hong Son Loop between Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son. Known for its picturesque valleys and relaxed atmosphere, Pai is a favourite of travelers and tourists who want to explore the area. Pai is located in the foothills, so there are many options for walking and visiting mountain tribes. There are elephant camps, hot springs and beautiful waterfalls outside the city. In addition, Pai River offers adventurous pipes and white drinking water.

Phanom Rung

Phanom Rung is a Hindu sacred site on a dead volcano in northeastern Thailand and is considered to be an outstanding building. Located near the town of Nang Rong, the temple was built between the 10th and 13th centuries by Khmer culture and is a dedication to Hindu Shiva. Phanom Rung is made of sandstone and stone and represents the Temple of Shiva’s Mount Kailash. The complex faces the east and four times a year the sun rises from all entrances to the fifteenth protected area. In these events, the park will extend the timetable for the event, and locals will celebrate the Phanom Rung Festival at the April concert tour, which includes the ancient Brahmin celebrations and modern lighting and sound performances.


Railay or Rai Leh is a small peninsula in southern Thailand. It can only be accessed by boat because the high limestone cliffs block the access to the continent. These cliffs attract climbers from all over the world, but due to its beautiful beaches and relaxed atmosphere, the area is also a popular attraction in Thailand. Almost all of the constructible land in the eastern and western peninsula is occupied by Bangladeshi resorts, and development projects sneak into the forest behind it. But at least there are no tall buildings, and many buildings are hidden between trees or in the middle of the garden.

The Thai island

The islands along the coast of Thailand are famous for their beautiful beaches, others are famous for there beautiful scenery, and some claim to be famous in the atmosphere of the party. There are three major island groups in Thailand. To the east of Bangkok are Ko Samet and Ko Chang, Ko Fa Ngan and Ko Tao in Ko Samui, Andaman Phuket and Da Pippi. Island (Ko Phi). Phuket is the country’s largest and most developed island, and one of the Places to Visit in Thailand with Friends, connected to the mainland through two bridges. Ko Phi Phi is famous for the movie The Beach, while Ko Tao is a diving spot in Thailand. However, there are more beautiful islands to choose from.

Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok National Park is widely regarded as one of Thailand’s most beautiful wildlife sanctuaries, a forest of shrubs, limestone, rivers and lakes in southern Surat Thani. The reserve is home to some of Thailand’s most spectacular wildlife, such as Asian elephants, bark deer, wild boars, Malaysian bears, Tapirs sheep and many monkey species such as gibbons, macaques and pigtails. There are many trails in the park where visitors can stroll through the forest, learn about wildlife, take beautiful waterfalls, swim in the natural pools and enjoy spectacular views from a height.


Ayutthaya was built in 1350 and is located in the Chao Phraya Valley of Thailand. It is located on an island surrounded by three rivers connected to the Gulf of Siam. U Tong King was declared the capital of his kingdom, Ayutthaya, known as Siam. Once a city that was declared the best city in the world, Ayutthaya is an impressive attraction with three palaces, more than 400 temples and a population of about 1 million. In 1767, the Sin Ban was attacked by Permanos, and Ayutthaya and Capital C were relocated to Bangkok. The Ayutthaya site is now a huge attraction for those visiting Thailand. Just 80 kilometres (50 miles) north of Bangkok, it is easily reached by train, boat, bus or truck.

Chiang Mai

Surrounded by mountains in northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is a thriving city that is often used as a base between travellers and tourists. They want to explore lush landscapes, mountain tribes and the culturally significant No Banga, which is Thailand. An adventure that coexists with modern Thai architecture and tradition. Walkthrough the historic centre and enjoy views of the ancient city walls and dozens of Buddhist temples. There is no banjo, the most famous temple Phrathat Doi Suthep is located on the outskirts of Chiang Mai, on the hillside overlooking the city.



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