Turkey Visa Policy | Turkey Visa Requirements For Pakistani


Turkey Visa Requirements For Pakistani

A Turkish visa is required to explore this long-established country. Turkey is the largest tourist and business center. Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir is Turkey’s most famous city. Cappadocia is the best place and is famous for its chimneys. Karsisi in Egypt is the largest perfume market in Istanbul. Turkey has a very rich culture. Cars, buses, buses and taxi tickets are used for transportation within Turkey.

Pakistan’s Turkish Tourist Visa

Turkish Visa Policy

Turkey has four types of visa policies for travel, business, education and work visas.

  1. Turkey Tourist Visa
  2. Turkish Official Visa
  3. Turkish Student Visa
  4. Turkish Business Visa

Turkish Visa Policy

Turkish Visa Application

Applicant fills in and signs VAF visa form

  • Copy of the first two pages of the passport and all copies of the visa and entry stamp pages
  • Travel insurance
  • Wind direction map
  • Bank statement for the last six months.
  • Account maintenance certificate
  • Copy of flight reservation (reservation)
  • A copy of the hotel reservation.
  • Two (2) recent photos of the applicant (white background)

If you have a valid US and UK visa and a Schengen visa, you can find a Turkish e-visa at https://www.evisa.gov.tr

  • All previous visa photos
  • Applicant’s permission
  • Sincere letter (if the applicant is a student)
  • Old holiday in Pakistan or NOC (government officials for their centre)

Turkish Visa application

Now, e-visa is also available to travel Turkey, but the electronic products are for travel and commercial purposes and must be sent before arriving in Turkey, as e-visa and visas come from two different visas, so visitors or businessmen must obtain a visa on time.

The best month to travel to Turkey is April, May, September and October are the best months to visit Turkey. Visitors prefer these seasons because the weather conditions are the best in these months. During these months, visitors can enjoy the beauty of Turkey without being restricted by the weather. The Turkish government allows and promotes visitors to visit Turkey at any time, and during the peak season, it has become a tourist destination in Turkey’s budget.

Tourist buses are bit of expensive there. If you plan to travel by taxi, the Turkish bus is a bit expensive for tourists. If you use the subway, Trump or bus, and you can meet new people when using these vehicles, most people can easily explore the city, but these vehicles are not expensive.

Turkish E-Visa

Turkish E Visa

Now you can easily get an e-visa in Turkey within 24 hours. Turkey’s e-visa can only be used for tourism and business.

Turkish Terms And Conditions

  • A fine will be imposed on the sanctions imposed on the country.
  • Overdue accommodation will charge you more on the first day of the state.
  • The national visa will be changed.
  • Visiting a Turkish visa from Pakistan
  • Also, it offers the opportunity to travel and explore the beauty of Turkey at very reasonable prices.

Pakistan’s Turkish Tourist Visa

The cost of visiting Turkey for Pakistanis who wish to visit Turkey is 20,500 rupees. Apply for a direct Turkish visa here.

Turkey Tourist Guide

  • You should visit Cappadocia
  • Eating Turkish food
  • Visit mosques and museums
  • Learn some Turkish words
  • Explore Turkish culture
  • Buy a Turkish seat
  • Made in Turkey

Tourist Points In Turkey

There are many Tourist Attraction in Turkey, some of them are listed below:

Tourist Points In Turkey

  • Hagia Sophia Museum,
  • Blue Mosque,
  • Topkapi Palace Museum,
  • Galata Tower,
  • Taksim Square,
  • Sultanahmet Square,
  • Suleymaniye mosque,
  • Maiden’s Tower,
  • Mount Nemrut,
  • Duden waterfalls,
  • Rustem Pasha Mosque.

Turkey Travel Package

There are enormous packages in Turkey according to your requirements.

  • Turkish Honeymoon Package
  • Turkish Group Tour Package
  • Turkish Visit With Umrah

Turkey Travel Package

However, it also offers travel insurance and cheap flights to Istanbul.


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