Foreign Diplomats Were Taken To The Neelum Valley


Foreign Ministry spokesperson Dr. Mohamed Faisal said in a tweet that Kashmir (AJK) will testify whether the Indian army “destroyed four terrorist attacks” earlier on Sunday.

Diplomats were taken to the Nauseri, Shahkot, and Jura areas along the line of control, as well as to the village of Nousada, which was severely damaged by attacks by the Indian army. The trip was organized so that they could confirm the statement of the Indian Army’s head, General Bipin Rawat.

Inter-Services Public Relations Director General Asif Ghafoor introduced the situation in the region to diplomats and the media.

ISPR General Asif Ghafoor introduced the situation in the region to diplomats and the media. The wreckage of the shells allegedly launched by the Indian army through the control line was also shown to the visitors.

According to DGISPR, in 2018, India violated the ceasefire by 3,038, 58 civilians were difficult and 319 were injured. As of 2019, a total of 2,608 violations of the ceasefire occurred, resulting in 44 civilian casualties and 230 injuries.



He said that the difference between the Northern Army and the Indian army is that the former adheres to military principles and refers only to Indian checkpoints.

DGISPR added that foreign diplomats visited Jora Bazaar, met locals and shopkeepers, and witnessed damage to shops and houses. The Indian launchpad claimed that it was damaged.

Foreign diplomats saw the car being shot and wounded by the Indian army on the other side of the border. He said: “India has attacked all these innocent people.”

Dr. Faisal said that the team that visited the control line today did not have an official of the Indian High Commissioner.

A spokesperson for FO wrote on Twitter: “The Indian side has not joined us in the visit to the LoC nor have they provided coordinates of the alleged ‘launchpads’, India increased the position of the launch pad, it failed to divide the Indian army claimed to destroy things. “‘Claims’ by Indian Army Chief remain just that: ‘claims’,” he added.

Last night, Major General Ghafoor, who asked Indian officials to “provide any foreign diplomat/media to prove [their accusations] on the ground”, also commented on the absence of Indian officials. “What good [is the] Indian High Commission which can’t stand with its army chief?”

He said on Twitter: “Indian High Commission staff didn’t have the moral courage to accompany fellow diplomats in Pakistan to LoC”, “However, a group of foreign diplomats and media is on the way to LoC to see the truth on [the] ground”.

After General Ghafoor challenged the Indian army to prove his claim, progress was made in the morning.

The challenge was issued by General Ghafoor in response to the assertion of Indian Army head Rawat that the Indian army “broken four terrorist bases in the Neelum Valley.” Rawat made the above request after six civilians and a North Army soldier accepted testimony in an indiscriminate “cruel” bombing of the Indian army on the control line on Sunday.

Pakistan immediately regarded the accusation as a “lie.”



Major General Ghafoor said in a tweet on Monday night: “Indians have no grounds to support false claims made by their COAS”, “If they don’t want to go they have the option to share claimed targeted locations with our Foreign Office. We will take foreign diplomats and media tomorrow on those given locations. Let all see facts on the ground.”

He is responding to Dr. Faisal’s tweet. The FO spokesperson said in the tweet that Major General Ghafoor did not respond to the Indian leadership, “Indicates that they have no grounds to support the false claim by their COAS. We expect them to respond soon.”

Massive Shelling And Bombing

On Sunday, six civilians and a Pakistani army soldier were difficult to convert, and at least two soldiers and nine civilians were injured in Azad Kashmir after the Indian army took an indiscriminate bomb attack from the other side of the line. Civilians and military officials said that after midnight, departed from the control line (control line) without any provocation.



Major General Ghafoor said in an appropriate response, the Pakistani army effectively attacked the Indian stronghold crossing the dividing line, destroying two Indian hideouts, killing nine Indian soldiers and injuring several other people.

According to civilian and military officials, since midnight, the Nauseri area of ​​Muzaffarabad and its adjacent Neelum Valley’s Jura and Shahkot areas have been attacked, using field artillery, mortars, and ammunition tracking. , openly attack civilians.

The regional commissioner told that in addition to the victims, 39 houses and 28 shops were destroyed, while 93 houses and 60 shops were partially destroyed by Indian shelling. He said that another 16 cars were damaged, including four motorcycles.

Prime Minister Imran Khan condemned the attack, which expressed condolences to the families of the martyrs and praised the rapid reaction of the Pakistani army.

After the unprovoked attack by the troops, the Indian Army Director claimed that the force “destroyed” the terrorist area of ​​the Neelum Valley.

In response, AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider described General Rawat’s allegations as “rubbish as their claim regarding [the] Balakot attack”.

AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider

AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider

He posted photos of victims of the bomb blast in India, as well as photographs of destroyed stores on Jura’s main road, and asked the Indian Army chief to play the role of soldier instead of playing the role of Bollywood film writer.

Prime Minister AJK said: “Whenever savage Indian troops target and kill non-combatant civilian population along the LoC, they lie through their teeth to justify a serious breach of all international laws, conventions and military norms”.

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