Coastline To Become A Major Tourist Attraction


Jamal Kamal CM Baluchistan said on Monday that the provincial government is developing effective policy to develop the province’s 700-kilometer coast, bringing huge energy and tourism benefits to the province’s people.

In a meeting with the Coastal Development Authority, Kamal said that the tourism and energy sectors will be developed through the implementation of the policy of the Baluchistan Provincial Department of Coastal Areas.


Baluchistan Provincial Department

He said the move would benefit the local economy and added that government departments must reform. Prime Minister Mir Abdul Ralph Linde, Mir Mil Amir Mohamed Al-Hasani, Special Secretary Abdul Rahman Buzdar and Director of the Development Bureau of Baluchistan Province Barbar Khan also attended the ceremony.

Prime Minister Kamal stressed that by ensuring good governance, the overall performance of county-level departments can be improved. He reiterated his commitment and reiterated the government’s plan to transform the coastal area into a major tourist attraction, saying it was both beneficial and economical.

Kamal said, “Gadani, Pasni, Jiwani, Kund Malir, and Haft Talar are the most beautiful places in Baluchi province and need government help.” He said he will Develop tourist attractions on the coast of Baltistan.

Kamal also promised to provide all the facilities for businessmen in the province. The Prime Minister praised the business community, which played an active role in promoting the economy of Baluchistan Province.

On Monday, he met with a delegation of Quetta Chamber of Commerce and Industry (QCCI) led by Senior Vice President Badaruddin Kakar, “The current government is working hard to promote trade and economy in Baluchistan Province.

Quetta Chamber of Commerce and Industry

When talking about employment opportunities in the province, the Prime Minister urged traders and industrialists to take full advantage of the employment advantages of the province’s mineral resources.

Kamal said: “Baluchistan has become the future of Pakistan, so the federal government offers many opportunities to improve the country’s economy by making better use of the province’s resources.”

Jamal Kamal CM Baluchistan

A delegation from the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry informed CM of their problems and Kamal promised to provide a favorable business environment for traders in Baluchistan Province. He also emphasized the use of modern technology in the agricultural sector of the province.

Jamal Kamal also ordered all parties concerned to complete the first arrangements to deal with Hurricane Kyle, which is expected to hit coastal cities in the province. He said: “The cyclone will attack Balochistan province after attacking the Gulf of Oman, so we must be prepared to face any danger.”

Provincial Disaster Management Authority PMDA

He instructed the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PMDA) and the Natural Disasters Department to complete safety regulations and inform people in coastal areas of the precautions they should take.

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