Top Hiking Trails in Islamabad

Top Hiking Trails-in-Islamabad-

Top Hiking Trails in Islamabad

Hiking refers to walking on foot on more vigorous pathways that could be on a mountain or an uneven road. In contrast to this, walking is usually referred to as urban, whereas hiking in the countryside. Pakistan is so blessed that it contains diversity in its own land. We have a list of “Mountains,” “Deserts,” “Waterfalls,” “Streams,” “Meadows,” and much more.

Pakistan is full of surprises. Hiking is a great benefit to mental and physical health. To maintain your Health and Fitness, do trails once every three months.

It will help relieve pain, stress, and anxiety. Hike with your family and friends or even alone to see a visible difference in your temperament.

There will be a long list of the top hiking trails in Pakistan. CDA (Capital Development Authority) maintained dozens of trails at Margalla Hills.

Notable ones include “Trail 1”, “Trail 2”, “Trail 3”, “Trail 4”, “Trail 5”, “Trail 6”, and “Trail 9”. In between these Hiking Trails, you will also encounter wildlife at Islamabad Zoo.

For that, we have compiled a list of the Top Hiking Trails in Islamabad. As Islamabad is the most planned and beautiful capital of the world, we have some of the amazing hiking trails in Islamabad.

The gigantic mountains of Margalla encircle Islamabad. The CDA assigned different pathways with different names for the assistance of hikers. The most preferred is hiking trail 5 Islamabad, which starts on the opposite of the F5 sector and ends in Pir Sohawa.

Other than this, hikers love hiking at Trail 3 and Trail 6 Islamabad. Have a look at the brief detail shared below:

Trail 3 Islamabad

First and foremost is Trail 3 Islamabad, which starts at a height of 615 m and goes up to 1177 m. additionally, the two-legged Trail 3 starts at the crossroads of Margalla Road and Ataturk Avenue.

Both treks are different; one is difficult as the trek is vigorous and exhausting, but it ends at a panoramic point.

The other one is slightly smoother compared to the first one. It gives major adventuresome goals and ends at Pir Sohawa, where three alluring hotels welcome you.



The view from both ends of Trail 3 is captivating and pleasant. The average distance of both treks is 5.57 km, and the total climbing count is approximately 672m.

Furthermore, it takes almost 30 minutes and 60 minutes to hike both treks, respectively, but it surely depends on your dexterity as well.

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Trail 5 Islamabad



Hiking Trail 5 Islamabad is on the second list of Top Hiking Trails in Islamabad because of its diversity. Trail 5 is not tough as compared to others, but it is a long trek, and hikers find it more adventurous.

Some enthusiastic souls tend to hike all trails, including “Trail 3”, “Trail 4” and “Trail 5”, because these three are adjacent to each other. Moreover, “Trail 5” and “Trail 3” are parallel to each other.

Additionally, the Hiking Trail 5 Direction starts at the opposite of sector F5 and ends at Pir Sohawa. As mentioned above, trail 5 is parallel to trail 3, so you can start from there as well.

The trails start at the elevation of 620m and end at 1129m, covering a distance of 5.08km with total climbing of 534m.

In the first few kilometers, the trail is quite smooth, and after that, you will encounter a freshwater stream and a beautiful sitting area. The treks end at the stunning place of the hill, which is called Pir Sohawa, from where you can witness the whole of Islamabad.

Trail 6 Islamabad



Last but not least is the Trail 6 Islamabad, which is also officially maintained by CDA.

Trail 6 starts from the back of the famous Shah Faisal Mosque, where you can also park your car.

From there, a few steps it’s not difficult to hike, the path will lead you to experience a bit of jungle life with a freshwater stream.

Moreover, it takes 2 hours maximum, and the distance covered in Trail 6 is 8.21km.

Furthermore, the starting elevation is 601m and ends at 995m, with a climbing of 522m. Margalla Hills provides panoramic views at the end of the trails.

A great opportunity to enjoy nature while living in an urban setup.

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