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Pakistan, a magnificent country on the map of the world which houses some of the majestic mountain ranges of the world. Mainly, out of the 14 highest peaks of the world, 4 are in Pakistan that notably lies in Karakorum Mountain Range. Additionally, there are hundreds of peaks in Pakistan that are above 7000 meters. Other than the Karakorum, Himalaya, Hindu Kush, and Nanga Parbat are the most famous mountain ranges of Pakistan. All of these mountains add more amazement to the scenic beauty of landscapes and we have listed Top 10 Mountain Ranges of Pakistan, have a look.


1.        Karakoram Mountain Range



First and the foremost in the Karakoram Mountain Range that includes the world’s second highest peak which is K2. Additionally, Karakorum Mountain Range lies in three major countries of South Asia e.g. India, Pakistan and China. Over 60 peaks of Karakorum Range are above 7000 meters and highest is K2 which is 8,611 m. The gigantic glacier of Siachen also falls in Karakorum Range that is the third longest glacier of the world. Other notable peaks include K1 (Masherbrum), K3 (Broad Peak), K4 (Gasherbrum II) and K5 (Gasherbrum I), all of these peaks are 7000 meters above.

2.        Himalayas Mountain Range



Second on the list is the Himalayas Mountain Range that is almost 2400 km long and resides in four different countries Nepal, Bhutan, China, and India. The Himalayas Mountain Range located in the Astore district of Gilgit Baltistan. Additionally, the gigantic mountain also owns the killer mountains of Nanga Parbat in the west. Nanga Parbat considered being the ninth highest peak of the world and second in Pakistan. It is almost 8,126 metres tall.

3.        Hindu Kush Mountain Range



On the third is the Hindu Kush Mountain Range that bestrides both in the north-west of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The highest peak of Hindu Kush Mountain Range is Tirich Mir It is 7,690 metres tall and is located in Chitral Valley.

4.        Hindu Raj Mountain Range

Hindu Raj Mountain Range


Next on the list is the Hindu Raj Range, it is a part of Hindu Kush Range and located in the east part. Koyo Zom is the highest peak of Hindu Raj Range which is almost of 6872 meters. Furthermore, other notable peaks of Hindu Raj Range is Buni Zom, Ghamubar Zom and Gul Lasht Zom. Hindu Raj Mountain Range is less popular in tourist community as it lacks the major peaks that are above 7000 meters.

5.        Safēd Kōh Mountain Range



Safed Koh that means White Mountains borders with eastern Afghanistan and to the west there lies Khyber Pass. All of the major peaks in Safed Koh range up to 4,761 metres above sea-level. All of the mountain ranges play a pivotal role in the climate of the country. Mount Sikaram is the most famous peak in Safed Koh.

6.        Suleiman Mountains Range



Next on the list is the Suleiman Mountain Range located in northern Baluchistan and also shares some of its part in Afghanistan. Additionally, it connects with the border of the Indian subcontinent and Iranian Plateau. The highest peak in Suleiman Mountain Range is Takht-e-Suleiman and it is 3,487 metres above the sea level. Second is Khilafat Hill with 3,475 metres that are in Ziarat District.

7.        Kirthar Mountain Range



Next on the list is the Kirthar Mountain Range that is located in two provinces of Pakistan, Sindh and Baluchistan. The extensive range of Kirthar spread over 300km from the Mula River. The earliest elevation recorded about Kirthar Mountain Range is of 2,151 m (7,057 ft) and the highest peak in this range is Gorakh Hills of 5,688 ft. Gorakh Hills considered as a hill station for the people living in Sindh.


8.        Salt Range



One of the most famous and important mountain ranges in Punjab is the Salt Range. As described by the name, the massive range holds an extensive of salt rock. Some of the famous salt mines in the salt range are Khewra, Mayo, Warcha and Kalabagh that lies across north Punjab along with the Jhelum to Indus River.

9.        Margalla Hills



Resides in the capital of Pakistan, Margalla hills are on the ninth at the list. Located at foot of Himalayan Mountain Range. Maragalla Hills spread over an area of 12,605 hectares and connect with the Murree hills. In between the gigantic hills of Margalla, there is a Margalla National Park along with the tourist spot Pir Sohawa that is famous for the scenic beauty and pleasant climate. The highest peak in Margalla hills is Tilla Charouni at the elevation of 1,604 metres.

10.    Toba Kakar Range



Last but not the least is the Toba Kakar Range that is the southern part of Hindu Kush Mountain Range in Baluchistan. This mountain range gains media attention after the workplace for the preparation of nuclear weapon in Pakistan. Additionally, Toba Kakar Range located at an elevation of 2,166 meters above sea level. This mountain range is more important as it enshrouds minerals in its lap.


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