5 Places of Sindh To Visit During Winter Season

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Wondering about how to visit the northern areas of Pakistan this winter. You don’t have to worry about now; visit these 5 amazing places of Sindh during the winter season.

It is no secret that Pakistan has so many beautiful places and is one of the most famous countries for tourism. On the one hand, the country has a stunning and alluring northern side, which thousands of people visit every year. But you can’t deny the truth that other regions of Pakistan also have numerous amazing places, and Sindh province is one of them.

Talking about this province of Pakistan, it is the second-largest province which has many historical places and the heart of Pakistan, i.e. Karachi. However, people usually don’t visit the interior of Sindh in summer as it is too hot during this season. But, if you are planning a Pakistan tour or honeymoon package in Pakistan during winter, it is the perfect time to visit the following beautiful and attractive places in Sindh.

Places of Sindh: Gorakh Hill

Sindh used to be known only for historical places, but recently, Gorakh Hill got the attention of tourists. Gorakh Hill station is located near Dadu, Sindh, which is a must-visit place during winter on a Pakistan Tour. In 2008, the beautiful place was covered in snow, and the view was mesmerizing. Apart from that, it is a part of the Kirthar Mountain range, which covers two borders, Sindh and Balochistan West. It has become the top priority of Sindh people when it comes to travel. Today, it is known as the “Murree of Sindh.”

Places of Sindh:  Ranikot Fort

Ranikot is the most famous and largest fort in the world, which covers about 26km of Sindh province. Unfortunately, people who visit Pakistan through Pakistan Tours or honeymoon packages in Pakistan usually don’t visit this place as most people are unaware of this beautiful place.

If you are traveling from Karachi, you can easily visit this place as the roads are in excellent condition. However, the road that takes to Ranikot is rusty, and it is difficult to drive on the road because of its bad condition but it takes only 30 to 40 minutes to reach there.

Places of Sindh: Mubarak Village

Mubarak Village is a famous village which is located in Karachi. The second-largest fishermen’s village is visited by numerous travel lovers annually. As it is bordered by Gadani, it gives away the beautiful combination of turquoise water and golden hills. When you arrive there, you are welcomed with so much love. Just imagine standing on the shore and letting the cold breeze touch your hair.

Places of Sindh:  Kerthar Area

Although it is not completely part of Sindh province, this is a must-visit place so I couldn’t stop myself from adding it. The Kerthar area is the border between Sindh and Balochistan, two major provinces of Pakistan.

The mountain has many beautiful spots, including Kutte Ji Qabar, Gorakh Hill, and Bandu Ji Qabar. The place is famous for its scenic views as well as its rich history. If you are eager to know about Sindh, add this place to the list of must-visit places during the Pakistan Tour or honeymoon packages in Pakistan.


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