How Pakistan Is Promoting Tourism (Updated 2018)

How Pakistan Is Promoting Tourism (Updated 2018)


Conversing about how Pakistan is Promoting Tourism, Pakistan Tourism Industry is taking initiative for promoting Tourism worldwide. Tourism is the most fundamental division of any country that earns foreign exchange and generates trade in the country.

To promote tourism in any country there are some essential steps that should be taken for the welfare of the tourist. Some of the major steps that were taken by the previous government included the CPEC, the double-decker services from Wagha Border, Orange Train Line Project and most importantly the On Arrival Visa for the 24 Countries.

Nevertheless, it is also essential to recognize that tourism doesn’t appear in isolation. Tourism is a joint venture that incorporates the positive advertisement of the tourist spot in the respective country along with the travel-friendly infrastructure in the country e.g. the good transportation, the security, individual tour guide.

First of all, talking about the transportation system, from the air routes to the intracity connectivity, in s this regard the Orange train Line in Lahore is a great step in promoting Tourism. Other than this, the double-decker services from the Wagha Border Lahore was also scored in promoting tourism of interior Lahore.

For the foreigner tourist, Pakistan offers on arrival visa for the 24 friendly countries. On arrival visa strategy surely brings a massive bump in the ratio of foreign tourist. It is expected that on arrival visa can earn $36.1 billion in the coming decade.

Moreover, the mega project of CPEC will bring massive opportunity in terms of promoting tourism. The newly constructed highways make the inaccessible location accessible. Every quarter of this land is now approachable with the high-grade infrastructure of roads. With better infrastructure, more of the tourist will attract to the land and new opportunities generate for the local man.

Finally, the positive advertisement of the popular tourist spot around the globe is very important in promoting Tourism. For this, the electronic media along with the print media plays a pivotal role. The electronic media like e-news and entertainment platforms, movie-like Janaan, Chaly thy Sath and Azadi exhibit the panoramic views of Swat, Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir.

Pakistan is batting hard against terrorism and becoming a safe state on the map of the world. There are various things that help in promoting tourism in Pakistan. Different platforms and survey announce Pakistan as the friendliest state on earth.

All of the Northern areas have abounded with the mesmerizing locations that are filled with adventure and excitement. Additionally, if it comes to promote tourism in Northern areas then the best thing is to add more things of adventurous stuff for the tourist. The scheme of adventurous sport for the tourist will capture more tourist to Northern areas of Pakistan.

Saba Ghani
Saba Ghani

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