Top Hotels in Naran Kaghan Valley

Top Hotels in Naran Kaghan Valley Region

Top Hotels in Naran Kaghan Valley

Naran Kaghan is one of Pakistan’s most famous tourist destinations because of its scenic views and beautiful landscapes. The valley is located in Manshera, KPK, and is a wonder for trekkers, climbers, photographers, and nature enthusiasts. Numerous lakes, plateaus, and waterfalls will spellbound tourists with their serenity and tranquility.

Moreover, the cold breeze of the Babusar top and the mesmerizing beauty of Lalusar Lake and the world-famous Lake Saif ul Malook dazzle anyone. Undoubtedly, it is rightly said to be a paradise on earth.

Furthermore, tourism is growing every day. So, it’s imperative to find comfy accommodation to spend the night and rest after a long day of excursion and hiking on the Karakorum Mountain ranges.

Naran has numerous hotels and resorts that offer a comfy stay with reasonable packages that are affordable for everyone, varying from economy to deluxe. So for that, we list the top hotels in Naran Kaghan Valley that offer the best of their service in that valley. Here the list starts:


Maisonette Hotel Naran

Maisonette Hotel Naran Valley

Maisonette Hotel Naran

Taking first place, Maisonette is one of the most famous hotels in the city of Lahore. It is now offering its services to the most amazing tourist destination in Pakistan, Naran Kaghan. Maisonette Hotel in Naran offers a luxury, comfy stay with a cozy atmosphere in the harsh weather of Naran Kaghan.

The hotel’s interior is unique, with many rooms ranging from standard to economy to deluxe, as per customer demands. The hotel is located at Jheel Road Naran, which is the district’s center, along with other competitors in town.

Above all, the restaurant’s cuisine varies from Continental to Pakistani and Chinese and is made by expert chefs. It offers mouthwatering food in the ultimate environment on the rooftop.

Moreover, the tourists who stay in Maisonette experience luxurious service from the well-trained staff. The hotel offers all of the services that every room may offer, including access to free Wi-Fi to interact with the other world, Air Conditioning, complimentary toiletries, a fridge, a safety box, a minibar, and a telephone.

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Furthermore, customers will have other advantages in staying at the hotel health center, which has a well-equipped gym, snack bar, conference rooms for the business community, and room service available 24 hours a day at the door.

Pakistan is a safe and sound country; for assurance, CCTV is placed all over the hotel to handle any situation. Lastly, visiting Naran and Kaghan and choosing to stay in the flawless hotel will be a treat; hotel management is looking for guests weather group tours, and couples all are warmly welcome there.

Grey Wall Huts & Cottages

Grey Wall Huts & Cottages Pictures

Grey Wall Huts & Cottages

Grey Wall Huts and Cottages is one of the famous resorts that took the initiative of the hotel in the valley. The wooden cottages and huts are well-planned and built on earthquake-resistant infrastructure.

Grey Wall Huts and Cottages are one of its kind and offer rooms ranging from super deluxe to standard, with cottages for family vacations. Located at 800 meters, Jheel Saif ul Malook Road Naran offers a lifetime rock climbing experience under the guidance of professionals fishing trout in the water.

Moreover, mountain biking will add more twists to this thrilling trip. Cottages offer a comfy stay in a cozy environment with the best scenic views around.

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Furthermore, the huts and cottages are built separately to ensure the privacy of customers with attached bathrooms, and every room has internet service to keep in touch with the other world along with TV and 24-hour room service at your doorstep.

Most importantly, the cuisine made by our experts in the open air makes it more special. Bar B Q experts’ chef will make your stay more amazing with bone fire. Scenes are worth watching at night behind the cottage, where one finds the gigantic snow-capped mountains.

A good choice to stay there while visiting the fairyland.

Hotel DeManchi Naran

Hotel DeManchi Naran Valley

Hotel DeManchi Naran

Hotel DeManchi is the most famous tourist destination in Naran. It is a luxurious hotel with international-standard services. The services vary from standard to deluxe, according to tourist demand. The hotel provides all the amenities and has highly qualified staff to guide you in the best way and make your trip more memorable.

The beautiful hotel was built on the edge of Naran Valley, offering wonderful panoramic views of Kaghan Valley and the sight of Rakaposhi Mountain.

Furthermore, the hotel management is efficient in providing the best services. Undoubtedly, it can be rated as a 3-star luxury hotel with 42 rooms ranging from deluxe to standard, 2 restaurants working under expert chefs mixed with Continental to Chinese, and all specialized Pakistani food.

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We also offer a meeting room for guests and a coffee shop. The business community can take advantage of the conference hall and seminar facilities. Moreover, room services are available 24/7 at the doorstep, and we have all the basic amenities.

DeManchi is ready to welcome tourists, couples, and student groups as well. An outdoor dinner with sensational views of Naran Kaghan adds more delight to the trip.

Trout Lodges Naran Valley

Trout Lodges Naran Valley Region

Trout Lodges Naran Valley

Trout Lodges Naran is fourth on the list of Best hotels in Naran Kaghan Valley. The hotel is located on Saif ul Malook Road, catching attention with its beautiful architectural design. The hotel offers peace and tranquility for tourists who do not want to stay in noisy areas. Serenity and tranquility are available to take a breath of heaven on earth.

Rooms are fully equipped with basic facilities at a reasonable price. The hotel also offers adventure Sports that will add more twist to your holidays, such as Badminton and an outdoor BBQ / Picnic Area. Tourists will also enjoy Camping, trekking, hiking, fishing, and, most of all, rafting in white water.

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Moreover, security is up to national policies, with a large area for car parking. Restaurants there give you delicious food with a twist of continental and Chinese food. There are free satellites and internet services to connect to the rest of the world. So, if you are planning your trip to Naran, then it would be a good choice to stay at Trout Lodges.

Hotel Rose Valley Naran

Hotel Rose Valley Naran Valley

Hotel Rose Valley Naran

Hotel Rose Valley is located at the center of Naran, in Kaghan Valley, and has many sensational views. Naran Kaghan is a growing tourist destination that is heating summers to take a deep breath in the cold breeze of the valley.

For this reason, building more hotels and resorts is necessary to provide tourists with the best services. Hotel Rose Valley offers 48 clean rooms, ranging from double deluxe to single standard rooms. Rooms are well equipped with all the amenities.

If the tourist wants to embrace the beauty of the valley but, at the end of the day, wants to rest in a cozy environment, So the Rose Valley Hotel offers that atmosphere that will make you feel at home.

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Furthermore, the hotel offers appetizing food in its restaurant, a fusion of Continental, Chinese, and Pakistani cuisine. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi services to stay in touch with the outside world. The hotel has a special package for outdoor activities, including rock climbing, trekking, hiking, fishing, rafting, and much more.

Well-efficient and courageous hotel staff and management are ready to serve their best services 24/7 at the doorstep. Enjoy the tour of Naran Kaghan and stay in the best hotel of your choice.

Fairy Meadows Hotel Naran

Fairy Meadows Hotel Naran is one of the largest hotels in Naran Kaghan Valley. The hotel has many settlements to accommodate many tourists to the Kaghan Valley. The Hotel is situated on the main road opposite Jamia Masjid Naran.

There are almost 65 rooms, ranging from standard to Super-Deluxe. Every room is well furnished and equipped with ultra-modern facilities. In addition to standard rooms, there is a family suite that comprises four bedrooms at the most affordable price.

Furthermore, every room has a TV with cable channels, locked cupboards, attached bathrooms, Internet Wi-fi, geysers, and an uninterrupted supply of water and electricity, which are all top amenities. Each room provides a bewitching scenery of the valley. The multi-cuisine restaurant serves delicious food.



Other than the top amenities, many car parking spaces have an up-to-date security system. Hotel staff is efficient and ready to serve their prestigious guests 24/7 at the doorstep. Car hire is also arranged for the expenditure at Ansu Lake, Lalazar, and Lake Saif ul Mulook, and you can witness heaven on earth.

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So, while staying at Fairy Meadows Hotel, you will enjoy the coziest atmosphere and the astonishing beauty of the earth. Plan a trip to Naran Valley and book a stay at Fairy Meadow Hotel to have a permanent experience.

Pine Park Hotel (Shogran)

Within the land of Fairies, an amazing tourist spot called Shogran offers tranquillity at its peak. Kaghan Valley captures thousands of tourists to this wonderful spot, which is why many hotels and resorts are there to accommodate more tourists. Pine Park Hotel Shogran is well known for its amazing location and superb facilities, which are far away from home.

Moreover, it has large accommodations for tourists in this valley as it’s the only resort there. Full of exotic views, tranquility is there to create a feeling of oneness and embrace the creation of the Creator. Pine Park hotels have beautiful lawns and gardens with a variety of flowers, and the air is full of fragrances. There are 40 rooms, all well-equipped and with entirely different views.

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Additionally, there is a playing area for the kids and a sitting site for the adults to have a cup of coffee in amazing weather. Above all, there is a restaurant with international-standard services, a parking area, a tour guide, Internet access, and laundry. Furthermore, you can spend your leisure time in the woodlands, hike to Siri Paye meadows, or just get fascinated by the marvelous view of Malika e Parbat Peak.

Plan your tour of Kaghan Valley and stay at Pine Park Hotel for a refreshing experience.

Arcadian Riverside Resort

Arcadian Riverside is the most luxurious hotel in all Kaghan Valley resorts, ranking among the top hotels of Naran Kaghan Valley.

As the name suggests, the hotel at the foot of the Kunhar River provides an amazing scenic location for tourists and pleasant weather in hot summers. With the efficient hotel management services, Arcadian Riverside Resort is preferable for all visitors who need luxurious amenities in heaven on earth.



Additionally, there are 15 bedrooms in total, including standard, double, deluxe, and family rooms. All rooms are built according to tourist preferences and present pleasant scenic views of the Almighty’s creation. It also includes a Presidential Family room with 3 bedrooms accommodating large family gatherings. It’s like a unit. Conference facilities are also available for the business community.

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The hotel staff is well trained to satisfy its guests and urges them to provide room service from 7:00 a.m. to midnight, along with laundry services. Other facilities are also available besides top amenities, notably hiking, trekking, rafting, live cooking, and much more. An evening bonfire adds more sugar to delight. Tourists retreat their tour at Arcadian Riverside Hotel to make it truly worth remembering.

Green Park Shogran

Considering the list of the top hotels in Kaghan Valley, Green Park is one of the most reasonable and affordable hotels in the valley of Kaghan. The hotel falls in the valley of Shogran, a popular picnic spot almost 5 km from Naran.

There is a wide range of rooms, from standard to double, and extra beds are also arranged here to accommodate more tourists. The hotel restaurant serves delicious food, and complimentary breakfast is served daily. Additionally, the meeting hall and dining hall are also available here.



The hotel offers its tidy rooms at affordable rates and luxurious facilities. Some of the top amenities include an uninterrupted electricity supply, cable TV, a parking area, laundry, live cooking, and a rent-a-jeep.

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Along with the indoor activities arrangement, the hotel management offers outdoor activities for its customers, including hiking, trekking, horse riding, a children’s play area, and whitewater rafting at the Kunhar River.

Parhena Cottages

Last but not least are the Parhena Cottages in Naran Valley. They are located a bit far away from the main city, so tourists can enjoy serenity at its best. They are almost 14 km away from the Naran Valley and elevated at 8,202 feet above sea level.

The cottages offer a wide range of rooms, from standard to SuperDeluxe, along with family suites. In addition, there are 12 suites and 7 standard rooms with en-suite luxurious bathrooms. Each room has a private balcony with a view of the richly green mountains of Karakorum, where you can witness the rushing water of Kunhar.



Furthermore, the efficient staff offers its service 24/7 to their guests. Parhena Cottages also possesses a restaurant that can accommodate 40 people at one time. The restaurant serves delicious desi food with a twist of continental.

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Some of the top facilities notably include a doctor on call, TV cable, hot and cold water, a meeting hall, and a dining hall. In addition to these, renting a jeep, hiking, Trout Pound, trekking, horse Riding, and live cooking can also be arranged on demand.

So, if you are planning a tour to Naran Kaghan, then choose to stay in the above-mentioned hotels to have a luxurious experience in the most amazing place on earth.



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