List of Best National Parks in Pakistan

List of Best National Parks in Pakistan

National Parks are immense areas of open land set aside for various species of plants, animals and the spots in which they live. Moreover, it is best to keep the rare spices alive, which are now becoming rare because of global warming.

The national park is home to various endemic species. They moreover guarantee places basic to native people and spots that show how people lived previously.

The question that frequently arises while talking about National Park is why it is so important. The world is changing fast, and animals are dying because of climate change.

To keep them alive, we have taken some precautionary measures so that the rare species of plants and animals are safe for the rest of the world.

In 1971, IUCN declared some of the important points for national parks that include: The land must be of 1,000 hectares in which protection of nature is outweighed. Furthermore, it is to be ensured in any National Park that prohibits exploitation of any natural resource.

The main purpose of a National Park is the assurance of biodiversity. Being naturally, topographically, and socially critical, National Parks likewise serve to provide food for instruction, diversion, and logical purposes for people in general.

List of Famous National Parks of Pakistan

Pakistan is growing in each of its sectors, as is tourism. National Parks also hold signs as tourist spots. Pakistan, being a South Asian country, possesses rare species of animals and plants that are rare in another world. There are some of the Famous National Parks of Pakistan that are the inhabitant of the beautiful creature. We have compiled a list below:

  1.    Hingol National Park
  2.     Kirthar National Park
  3.      Khunjerab National Park
  4.     Chitral Gol National Park
  5.     Lal Suhanra National Park
  6.    Hazarganji-Chiltan National Park
  7.    Margalla Hills National Park
  8.     Ayubia National Park
  9.    Deosai National Park
  10.   Machiara National Park

Hingol National Park

First is the most mysterious National Park in Pakistan, and the largest National Park in Pakistan is Hingo National Park, located in Baluchistan. It is known for its vast plains that cover an area of approximately 1,650 square kilometers.

Moreover, the inhabitants of Hingol National Park are known for 35 diverse types of warm-blooded animals (mammals), 65 types of amphibians (creatures of land and water) and reptiles, and 185 types of Birds (winged creatures).

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Above all, in Hingol National Park, you will encounter an entirely different world that shows the mysteries of stupas and creatures inside.

For instance, from the start of the long road that leads to the park, you will encounter a monument of Princess Of Hope, Makuran, which is almost 740 years old.

While entering the park, you will see the gigantic Blue-Stoned Mountains with captivating Kund Mir Beach. The Hingol National Park preserves some of the most beautiful natural resources with mesmerizing backdrops.

While driving on the roads of the National Park, you will see a number of animals passing by your vehicle, but hunting is strictly forbidden there. This mighty place is one of the main reasons for capturing tourists in Pakistan.

A must-visit park in the National Parks of Baluchistan.

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Kirthar National Park

List of Best National Parks in Pakistan: Kirthar-National-Park


Second on the list is the Kirthar National Park, which is the second largest National Park in Pakistan and the first one to be listed in the UN’s list of National Parks.

This vast plains of Kirthar spread over 1,192 sq miles. It is located in the north of Kirthar Mountains Karachi and some part in district Jamshoro.

Kirthar National Park Tour is the most fascinating tour because of its area and history.

Two rest houses owned by the Wildlife Department Pakistan accommodate tourists. Like other national parks, Kirthar National Park has some rare species, including 34 mammal species, 56 birds, and reptiles.

You can witness the wildlife on the 4X4 vehicle. Additionally, within the National Park, you will encounter the ancient places of Ranikot and Toung. The unique places that connect us to our ancestors and their lifestyle.

Ranikot was the fort for the ruler, and Toung is the buried place of many civilizations.

If you are an explorer and want to know about ancient civilizations and wildlife in one place, then visit Kirthar National Park.

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Khunjerab National Park



On the third, we have the Khunjerab National Park in the most beautiful province of Gilgit Baltistan. The park is located in two districts of Hunza and Nagar.

Moreover, Khunjerab Pass is close to the northwest corner of Khunjerab National Park. It was established in 1975 and covers an area of 876 sq mi.

The primary focus of establishing the Khunjerab National Park was to protect the wildlife for future generations.

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Somehow, the government and different organizations have succeeded in this regard. The National Park possesses 16 species of mammals and 66 different types of Birds and reptiles.

Additionally, it is well known for its Snow Leopards. A few reports say that it may contain the most noteworthy thickness of these rare big cats in the Himalayan biological community.

More than 2,000 Siberian ibex are available in the park, however, they are missing from neighbouring China.

Plan a tour of Gilgit Baltistan and visit Khunjerab National Park.

Chitral Gol National Park



In between the immense mountains of Hindu Kush, there lies a valley Chitral. A beautiful valley with an amazing history. The Chitral Gol National Park is located in the district of Chitral.

The National parks are surrounded by the most beautiful snow-clad mountains and dense trees.

Moreover, it is spread over an area of 7750 hectares and possesses some of the diverse types of plants.

Meanwhile, wandering in the park, you will encounter a calm place for camping and a track to the jungle. The whole national park is covered with snow during winter, making the most eye-catching views for the tourist.

Apart from its natural beauty, Chitral Gol National Park still holds first place in breeding Astor Markhor in the world.

Other than this, the park is inhabited by Snow leopard, Kashmir Markhor, Siberian ibex, Ladakh urial, Black bear, Tibetan Wolf, Red fox, Yellow-throated martin, Himalayan, and otter different birds.

Lal Suhanra National Park



The Desert, water, and ecosystem of Lal Suhanra National Park are the primary factors that make it in the list of Best National Parks of Pakistan.

Located in the district of Bahawalpur, covering an area of 620 km2. Moreover, Lal Suhanra owns watchtowers, catching grounds, tourist huts, rest houses, Motels, camping grounds, and treks for visitors and lovers of nature.

It was established in 1972, but in recent times, the national park was converted into a Safari Park so that visitors can witness the wildlife easily.

There are many species of mammals, including the caracal cat and Indian wolf, along with 160 types of birds.

 Additionally, you can find a river with a rare type of flora and fauna here. 

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Hazarganji-Chiltan National Park



Hazarganji means thousands of treasures, and this national park is the complete shadow of its name.

The Hazarganji-Chiltan National Park was established in 1980 in the district of Mastung in Baluchistan.

Moreover, it is spread over an area of 15,555 hectares and is inhabited by many unique species of animals and birds.

Additionally, the park is surrounded by the immense mountains of the Suleiman range and also possesses a desert.

However, Chiltan Hills and the Hazarganji Range lie in the east and west. While heading forward in the Park, you will encounter a dense forest and its inhabitants.

It is almost 20 kilometers southwest of the city of Quetta. Suleiman Markhor Chiltan Ibex and many others typically inhabit this national park.

In addition, the park is under the supervision of the Pakistan Army because of some security preferences.

Margalla Hills National Park



While visiting the Famous Places of Islamabad, Margalla Hills National Park is one of them.

Margalla Hills National Pak ranked in the Top National Parks of Pakistan because of its diversity and area. The Park covers an area of 17,386 hectares, located at the foothills of the Himalayas.

It is one of the most accessible National Parks in Pakistan because of its location. Visitors can visit the park throughout the year and witness the unique mammal’s Leopard cat and Chinkara gazelle.

Meanwhile, at Margalla National Park, you can also visit the famous Pir Sohawa, Rawal Lake, and Shakarparian in Islamabad.

Ayubia National Park

Considered to be the oldest forest and the best example of a Himalayan forest, Ayubia National Park is located in Murree Hills.

Initially, the area was 1684 ha, but later, it was expanded to 3312 ha in 1998. The best to visit in Murree is Ayubia National Park because of its wildlife, pleasant climate and natural panoramic views.

The national parks own some of the rare plants and animals. Tourists and visitors can do the trek, explore the wildlife, or make wonderful memories in between the natural picnic points.

Moreover, tall pine trees provide shelter for the visitor and inhabitants. Along with the shade, the climate remains mild in hot summers, too. Yellow-throated marten and Masked civet are the rarest species you will find here.

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Deosai National Park



In the extreme north of Pakistan, there lies a valley of giants, Deosai. The immense plains of Deosai are a miracle on earth.

Moreover, in 1993, the Deosai National Park was planned.

The purpose was for the survival of Himalayan dark-colored bears and other natural life that was totally in danger.

It was a need of that hour that some measure should be taken for the survival of their multiplication.

So, in 1993, the coordination of the Pakistan government and WWF World Wildlife Foundation worked to spare the untamed life.

Because of the quantity of dark-colored bears, e.g., 19 increments to 40 relatively following 10 years.

Machiara National Park



Located in the blue gem of Pakistan, Neelum Valley of Azad Kashmir.

Basically, the park is situated in Muzaffarabad and connects to the Neelum River and valley.

It houses a number of rare animals and plants with the most beautiful backdrops.

Some of the notable mammals are western tragopan, melanocephalus, cheer pheasants citrus Wallachia, white-cheeked-tit aegithalos leucogeny’s, and Brooke’s leaf-warbler.

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