Famous Places to Visit in Balochistan

Famous Places to Visit in Balochistan 

Baluchistan Tourism: Famous Places to Visit in Balochistan


Balochistan, with an area of 205,344 square kilometres (79,284 square miles), is considered to be the largest province of Pakistan according to the area, and it covers almost 44% of the total mass area of Pakistan. Baluchistan shares its border with neighbouring countries; Iran and Afghanistan. The bigger portion of the area with the population is in Pakistan territory.

Baluchistan has fewer people than other provinces, but it has the majority of plains and desserts that are full of minerals. The Suleiman Mountains dominate the northeast corner, and the Bolan Pass is a natural route into Afghanistan towards Kandahar. Quetta is the capital city of Balochistan.

Moreover, the climate varied with the seasons. Likewise, the climate in the highlands is extremely cold in winter and mild in summer, whereas on the plains, the summer is very dry and hot and becomes pleasant in winter.

It is a rich source of minerals, notably natural gas and coal. The developing projects are completed every single day, and due to them, the infrastructure is getting better. Most importantly, the CPEC project is providing ultimate opportunities for Balochistan in every sector.

Furthermore, there are 26 administrative districts within Baluchistan, several waterfalls, streams, rivers along with gigantic black mountains with sun dunes shall never be fade from the mind if witnessed.


Attraction to visit in Balochistan


There are many attraction in Baluchistan that attracts many tourists, some of them are listed below:


The most important district in Baluchistan, a holiday resort, is 130km away from the capital, Quetta. The valley has gigantic mountains and surrounding juniper valleys offer good opportunities for hiking and trekking, as well as various gorges.

The city is also becoming popular for a taste of snowfall during the winter. Ziarat captures more tourists because of the last residency of founder Quaid e Azam Mohamad Ali Jinnah. Quaid spent his last memorable moment in the valley.

The residency gives more delight to the tourist who is exploring the valley. Many ceremonies are held there on national days every year.  Overall, Ziarat provides a complete package of richly green forests with immense dark mountains, amazing landscapes, magnificent climate g sceneries, and swirling waterfalls.

Ziarat-Famous Places to Visit in Balochistan 

Ziarat-Famous Places to Visit in Balochistan

Hazarganji Chiltan National Park

Another tourist attraction in the largest province of Pakistan is Hazargangi Chiltan National Park. The park was established in 1980 and covers an area of 325000 acres. Almost 25 km away from the main city, Quetta, surrounded by the Sulaiman Mountains, with desert and forest, an inhabitant of many rare species of Markhors.

The forest also has a variety of flora and fauna, notably Pashtun Juniper, pistachio, almond, and ash trees. It is a must-visit place while exploring the beauties of Balochistan.

Hazarganji Chiltan National Park-Famous Places to Visit in Balochistan 

Hazarganji Chiltan National Park-Famous Places to Visit in Balochistan

Hanna Lake

Yet another amazing tourist spot in Baluchistan is Hanna Lake, almost 10 km away from Quetta in the east. The turquoise blue water of the lake makes anyone spellbound with the variety of golden fishes. Tourists thoroughly enjoy their stay within the lake.

There is a Small Island with the flag of Pakistan. Many people enjoy boating and rafting in the lake. The immense and gigantic mountain surround the lake. The lake is best for holidays, is shaded with pine trees and is a loveable destination for hikers and trekkers.

But with climate changes and less rainfall, the water level is deadly low and it is now dried up, cracks appear on the land. That is a very alarming situation for the concern and needs to be resolved at every cost.

Hanna Lake-Famous Places to Visit in Balochistan

Hanna Lake-Famous Places to Visit in Balochistan


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Astola Island Gwadar

Just another enchanting place is Astola Island formally known as Jezira Haft Talar Satadip. Situated on the shore of the Arabian Sea it is located in the port city of Pakistan Gawadar almost 700 km away from the big city Karachi.

The island is a magnificent piece surrounded by seven hills. Camping, fishing, and scuba-diving expeditions are popular there with eco-tourism. A worth visiting place that you will find nowhere in Pakistan

Astola-Island-Gwadar-Famous Places to Visit in Baluchistan

Astola-Island-Gwadar-Famous Places to Visit in Balochistan

Hence, as a concluding fact, it can be said that Pakistan is full of amazing landscapes, and Baluchistan is one of the main provinces that hold awe-inspiring views and landscapes which connect the present with the past. Balochistan, without any doubt, is enriched with the most colourful culture and a strong historical background.

There are many more places that can be witnessed while exploring Baluchistan, notably including Quetta Fort, Bolan Pass, Koh e Cholistan, the monument of Princess of Hope, a mountain range of Chitan and Spain Karez Lake. All the places will make anyone spellbound.

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